Best CINEMATIC Camera Settings 🎥 Sony a7sII + a7rII - Filmmaking Tutorial

Those are my usual settings for videos with the Sony a7sII.
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Camera and Edit: Timothy Edwards
Production and Director: Benjamin Jaworskyj
Easy learn Photography with Photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj
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    h.264 is pretty standard, adaptive high rate as well. 4k or 1080 depending on what your sequence is set at. The rest can remain, a lot of the render at maximum or 2 pass won't help as the camera doesn't have a high enough bitrate for it to do anything. You'll have to colour correct it as it's shot in slog, there's a few great free luts that can get you started or download and learn resolve it's FREE! Lumetri will work as well it's just not as easy or powerful as resolve in my opinion. You have to export the final cut xml out then import it to resolve. Lots of extra steps but it'll make it shine. That's my 2cents!

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