Cool idea! Don't throw away pieces of wood!

Bro, I hope you like this idea!
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  1. HandCraft

    HandCraft12 күн мурун

    How do you like this idea? Put like it if you like it

  2. Bob Haltom

    Bob Haltom6 саат мурун

    I love the creative projects, just glad they are in fast motion 😀😀

  3. Dan Pfeiffer

    Dan Pfeiffer19 саат мурун

    I like this. Don't understand why somebody complains.

  4. Richard Marcosek

    Richard MarcosekКүн мурун

    Amazing work! Thanks for posting, it inspires me to make things out of wood 😎🙋‍♂️ - one thing tough: after I realized that you intended to use it on the beach, it was obvious that it didn’t matter whether the base of the legs are level or not, but what interests me is, how you would go about making sure they are straight enough for an even surface, given the fact that the table is round ....🤔

  5. Luca Pelati

    Luca Pelati2 күн мурун

    Khai Yote I completely agree

  6. Holy Beef

    Holy Beef2 күн мурун

    @犬のふしだらな女 I'm white I think

  7. Ashly

    AshlyСаат мурун

    That’s 10 minutes I’ll never get back. 🥱🤨🧐

  8. Wanderley Santana

    Wanderley Santana2 саат мурун

    Olá, gostaria de saber que máquina é essa que vc faz o corte circular?

  9. Weped Rider

    Weped Rider2 саат мурун

    Why do all that work when I can get pretty much the same thing at Walmart or wherever for like $10

  10. Robert Lopez

    Robert Lopez3 саат мурун

    Wow, not only is it crafted masterfully, it's a clever design too! While I'm splitting support beams on my children's tree house because I didn't drill pilot holes, I will be thinking about how much I hate you.

  11. Antonio Jose

    Antonio Jose4 саат мурун


  12. Deosdete Jesus

    Deosdete Jesus4 саат мурун

    Muito bom na ocupa muito espaço pra poder guardar e fácil manejo parabéns valeu

  13. Robert Pour

    Robert Pour5 саат мурун

    Show what you are making FIRST!

  14. Ehab Soliman

    Ehab Soliman6 саат мурун

  15. Bob Haltom

    Bob Haltom6 саат мурун

    I love the creativity, just glad it is fast motion

  16. Bodsche 108

    Bodsche 1087 саат мурун


  17. GinoKaneki Sasaki

    GinoKaneki Sasaki9 саат мурун

    Just living a simple and happy life at the end of the vid... Without worries.. So relaxing

  18. Patrick Chang

    Patrick Chang11 саат мурун the end, it’s all about the kids and there is nothing wrong with that......there’s a lot of love in that table.......GREAT JOB!

  19. Brian Komerska

    Brian Komerska12 саат мурун

    So what your saying is that my three warped leftover pine furring strips and a rusty ol' mitre box saw isn't enough to make this table?

  20. Cliff's Creations

    Cliff's Creations12 саат мурун

    I love this idea for the kids. Thanks for the cool idea.

  21. James Yale

    James Yale13 саат мурун

    nice work and good job's nice to see somebody doing craft work by hand..

  22. rosa D'Elia

    rosa D'Elia14 саат мурун

    Need the handy an first. Is he married

  23. Ferreira 5

    Ferreira 515 саат мурун

    Great very thank you ill do it to beach

  24. King Arif

    King Arif16 саат мурун


  25. 68Craft

    68Craft17 саат мурун


  26. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast18 саат мурун

    Or you could just take a cardboard box and a throw to the beach..

  27. BoxFollow plaza

    BoxFollow plaza19 саат мурун


  28. Alex

    Alex20 саат мурун

    Great vid man!

  29. Jonathan Green

    Jonathan Green20 саат мурун

    Awesome, now all I need is about 2k worth of tools and equipment, space to put it, and be far enough from neighbors to not bother them with the sound of woodworking, then I can have myself a fine scrapwood table.

  30. Claudio Espindola

    Claudio Espindola22 саат мурун


  31. Radika Indrajaya

    Radika IndrajayaКүн мурун

    You should use dow-el on each boards

  32. Enz# home

    Enz# homeКүн мурун

    nice job buddy. beautiful. lol

  33. Rick Jones

    Rick JonesКүн мурун

    Split boards, glue them back together.

  34. Vin D

    Vin DКүн мурун

    Very nice piece of handcrafted work!

  35. Gonk Droid

    Gonk DroidКүн мурун

    y would i keep a slab of wood

  36. Gasgiant

    GasgiantКүн мурун

    What a beautiful little table, just right for a 🧺

  37. Azam Syed

    Azam SyedКүн мурун

    Great job. Great video.

  38. Michael Luce

    Michael LuceКүн мурун

    Not exactly scrap wood

  39. Peter PeterC

    Peter PeterCКүн мурун

    No guard on the bench saw, very very dangerous one mistake and good bye fingers or more?

  40. Buttercup&Aba Spoknik

    Buttercup&Aba SpoknikКүн мурун

    This is a project for someone who has a lot of tools and skill, which I have neither

  41. keepsteddy

    keepsteddy2 саат мурун

    Alas! You are without hope!!

  42. A Banks

    A BanksКүн мурун

    A LOT OF EFFORT...end product...WORTH THE EFFORT...beautiful

  43. Microbiologie

    MicrobiologieКүн мурун

    Intik bellastik.

  44. Matej Rauch

    Matej RauchКүн мурун

    Bravo...masters of sand dunes...

  45. James Zura

    James ZuraКүн мурун

    Hi. I’m a video producer in the United States, and I have to compliment you on the quality (as well as the content) of this video. I’ve seen many poorly produced videos on KGgo, so it was quite a relief to see your high standard camera work, lighting, and editing. Your video was clear and instructional without wasting the viewer’s time. I do many woodworking projects in my workshop as well and look forward to seeing more of your videos. Just curious, what part of the world are you from? ---JimZ

  46. Ennio D'elabbo

    Ennio D'elabboКүн мурун

    WTF !!!???

  47. Jaran Torab

    Jaran TorabКүн мурун

    Well, most of the cabinet makers in my country threw all those pieces away. I think he knows who is talking to. I gathered and used some of those pieces too.👍👌

  48. Oan Simit

    Oan SimitКүн мурун


  49. kamaroway günther

    kamaroway güntherКүн мурун

    cool idwea

  50. kamaroway günther

    kamaroway güntherКүн мурун

    Cool idea

  51. James Teeter

    James TeeterКүн мурун

    Absolutely awesome! Great craftsmanship!

  52. Rps Rawat

    Rps RawatКүн мурун

    Simply two words .....f..u

  53. adorema dore

    adorema doreКүн мурун

    amei parabéns

  54. Saleem Khan

    Saleem KhanКүн мурун

    1000 likes from Pakistan

  55. Gl Nassa

    Gl NassaКүн мурун

    Interesting. BTW, are you an Indian? What's your address and contact number is? Kindly share. Thanks. Best regards, Nassa

  56. Federico Moschetta

    Federico MoschettaКүн мурун

    Please... What is that first machine ??? 🤔 Name, model...

  57. Ma. Nathalie Mae S. Rugayan

    Ma. Nathalie Mae S. RugayanКүн мурун

    Super amazing!

  58. Angelika Merker

    Angelika MerkerКүн мурун

    How come the dislikes?

  59. Hasan Foyejul

    Hasan FoyejulКүн мурун

    "pieces of wood"? you are kidding

  60. Rottie

    RottieКүн мурун


  61. Alex ReHe

    Alex ReHeКүн мурун


  62. Oliver S Daniel

    Oliver S DanielКүн мурун

    These are not pieces of wood that you throw away.

  63. Latoda 48 DESIGN PRO

    Latoda 48 DESIGN PROКүн мурун

  64. Parker Baroni

    Parker BaroniКүн мурун

    yeah what else can you do with wood that looks fresher than the strawberry you picked 2 minutes ago

  65. David Carpenter

    David Carpenter2 күн мурун

    Too cool ,,, I love it ... D

  66. Karen S.

    Karen S.2 күн мурун

    Amazing skill, creativity and ingenuity!!!! New sub👍🏿


    LIBERTY POP2 күн мурун

    even though i have none of these tools, i appreciated the video and inspired me to get some ideas of my own.


    LIBERTY POP2 күн мурун

    strange all the negative comments. all those complainers should get off their butts and make videos improving on ideas rather than just whining like overprivileged self entitled brats.

  69. Fernando Arévalo

    Fernando Arévalo2 күн мурун

    Hola!!. Excelente diseño y excelente trabajo!!.😁👍

  70. Geoff Gitinyah

    Geoff Gitinyah2 күн мурун

    Good stuff!

  71. soiung toiue

    soiung toiue2 күн мурун

    You’re going to throw out a lot of wood after turning a square top into a round table............

  72. Wesley Rattray

    Wesley Rattray2 күн мурун

    No way would I be throwing away those boards that just came from Home Depot.

  73. Daniel Hicks

    Daniel Hicks2 күн мурун

    Ausmus Brad style.

  74. David Shepard

    David Shepard2 күн мурун

    I haven't thrown away a piece of wood.. yet... small pieces are great for the kids to mess with, making stuff.

  75. Charles Zhou

    Charles Zhou2 күн мурун

    it's amazing.

  76. dox5573

    dox55732 күн мурун


  77. Jacqueline Mcalinden

    Jacqueline Mcalinden2 күн мурун

    Fair play. All that kit and it was shite.

  78. David huddart

    David huddart2 күн мурун

    Shocking working practice !! no guard on Saw and fingers passing close to Saw .Accident waiting to happen .Just hope no amateur Woodworkers think that's how you use a Circular Saw.

  79. Peter P.

    Peter P.2 күн мурун

    good father !

  80. Hashm Mzere

    Hashm Mzere2 күн мурун🤩🤩😘

  81. L4WNY

    L4WNY2 күн мурун

    What happened to just putting a blanket down on the floor!!!

  82. Alisa Bennet

    Alisa Bennet2 күн мурун

    Я всегда ,с восхищением ,смотрю на то,какую красоту делают умелые руки мастера! Спасибо!

  83. Christian Illuzzi

    Christian Illuzzi2 күн мурун

    Nice job! Im curious, what saw did you use to cut the table top in a circle? And what brand is the cabinet table saw? Thanks!

  84. Wooden scraps DIY

    Wooden scraps DIY2 күн мурун


  85. sfmike711

    sfmike7112 күн мурун

    I got dizzy just watching this guy move at such a frenetic pace.

  86. Richard Leonard

    Richard Leonard2 күн мурун

    There's 10 mintes I won't get back.

  87. nelo le chef

    nelo le chef2 күн мурун