Daniel Radcliffe Reacts to Harry Potter Memes

Jimmy gives Daniel Radcliffe a chance to react to some popular Harry Potter memes, and The Lifespan of a Fact star reveals how he's going to manage Fantasy football leagues while doing Sunday performances on Broadway.
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Daniel Radcliffe Reacts to Harry Potter Memes


  1. Maria Chiara Tassoni

    Maria Chiara Tassoni3 саат мурун

    Unpopular opinion: these are boomer memes

  2. MU

    MU5 саат мурун

    4 memes Then 5 mins of harry talking bout homself

  3. Queen of Random Things

    Queen of Random Things6 саат мурун

    Emma Watson should see that Hermione video!

  4. Nimrah Ali

    Nimrah Ali9 саат мурун

    Daniel’s voice hasn’t change 🤗😍🥰

  5. kek

    kek12 саат мурун


  6. Melanie Magdalene

    Melanie Magdalene14 саат мурун

    Not a meme, but Dan's hair looks so rad in this video.

  7. the MARVELous girl 24

    the MARVELous girl 2417 саат мурун

    He sounds like harry!🤣

  8. MythicalMate

    MythicalMate20 саат мурун

    i miss harry's old face :(((

  9. Seagull

    SeagullКүн мурун

    My favourite meme is: Voldemort: So I just have to lie? Pinocchio: Yup!

  10. Carz the Killer

    Carz the KillerКүн мурун

    Harry to Umbridge: "Roses are red, Violets are blue, I have five fingers, And the middle one is for you" I read this once, and yeah, I call this humor :-)

  11. Melanie Laime

    Melanie LaimeКүн мурун

    jimmy: you're pretty cool! daniel: *awkwardly fixes sleeve* ME TOO BUD

  12. What's in a name

    What's in a nameКүн мурун

    It's cool to see how the comment section is filled with harry potter jokes and stuffs....feels nice to read

  13. Becoming Dr. Delucien

    Becoming Dr. DelucienКүн мурун

    It’s so weird cause you would expect the character and the individual to be like two different distinct people but.... he really embodies Harry Potter in real life like it’s crazy 😭😭

  14. Rayah Kurdi

    Rayah KurdiКүн мурун

    they werent even funny

  15. YEET Skeet

    YEET Skeet2 күн мурун

    At least their not Facebook memes

  16. Sean Bullock

    Sean Bullock2 күн мурун

    Fallon is so unfunny in this interview, but he keeps trying


    MON LY GAME TV2 күн мурун

    I love Daniel

  18. Jajingerzii San

    Jajingerzii San2 күн мурун

    Sarap nya sis hahahaha

  19. XXAvery_catXX

    XXAvery_catXX2 күн мурун

    I think it would be cool if they remade Harry Potter and recasted it with the old actors kids if most have them

  20. Murtaza

    Murtaza2 күн мурун

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a> the fuck ??????

  21. Iram Habib

    Iram Habib2 күн мурун

    This is how many people are scrolling through the comments for memes ¦ ¦ ¦ \¦/

  22. Rosa Bay

    Rosa Bay3 күн мурун

    ive been to harry potter world 2 or 3 times

  23. HappinessEqualsLaughter

    HappinessEqualsLaughter3 күн мурун

    Awesome channel 👏

  24. LeFrosto

    LeFrosto3 күн мурун

    It's so cringe it hurts

  25. Roblox Clips

    Roblox Clips3 күн мурун

    These are the most facebook memes I've ever seen!

  26. Sara Fusero

    Sara Fusero3 күн мурун

    Sono il commento Italiano che cercavi?

  27. Gabriella Willow

    Gabriella Willow4 күн мурун


  28. Marko Stojkovic

    Marko Stojkovic4 күн мурун

    Its kinda cringy when someone else resds out the memes for you. Anyone feel me?

  29. Aatos Heimola

    Aatos Heimola4 күн мурун

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="138">2:18</a> Hermione: Hold my beer.

  30. Waldi501

    Waldi5014 күн мурун

    Uhhh private Aufnahmen aus Papaplattes leben. Schöne Bilder

  31. Hermione Granger

    Hermione Granger4 күн мурун

    Harry~ Where is Hermione? Ron~Wingardium LeviosaAaAaAaA Harry~How is that helping- Hermione~It's Leviosa! Ron~Found her! Harry~

  32. josh Punton

    josh Punton5 күн мурун

    nagini is only a human so it shows diversity

  33. captain mcnugget

    captain mcnugget5 күн мурун

    this is just...too painful to watch poor Daniel

  34. IcyPopsicle

    IcyPopsicle5 күн мурун

    He looks so different... are you sure that’s Daniel Radcliffe?

  35. Ivan May

    Ivan May5 күн мурун

    Daniel Radcliffe should play Robbie Robertson, guitarist for The Band, if they ever make a motion picture about the Band

  36. Lo liita

    Lo liita5 күн мурун

    Harry 😢😢 I just already finished watching the movie

  37. Ella Tayhon

    Ella Tayhon5 күн мурун

    Daniel Radcliffe is always that one energetic person in every interview.

  38. Justin Singh

    Justin Singh5 күн мурун

    Is Daniel Radcliffe part Norwegian, just wanna ask - from Totoro

  39. Zayan S

    Zayan S5 күн мурун

    Danial radcliffe for meme review

  40. Asia Chorąży

    Asia Chorąży5 күн мурун


  41. Gurgel

    Gurgel5 күн мурун

    He never got past Harry Potter it was his peak just like elijah wood never got past over the garden wall.

  42. Tuğba Naz Kama

    Tuğba Naz Kama5 күн мурун

    Adamı rezil etmek için uğrasiyolat

  43. Sal's Gaming

    Sal's Gaming6 күн мурун

    Dumbledore: A part of Voldemort lives inside him (Harry). Me: What? His nose?

  44. Andrew M

    Andrew M6 күн мурун

    Yikes these are very 2010

  45. Skyla Santos

    Skyla Santos6 күн мурун

    Harry: Ron have seen m- Ron: NO I HAVE NOT SEEN DRACO MALFOLY EVER SINCE YOU HAVE STARTED DATING DRACO YOU HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT HIME EVERY SINGLE DAY! Harry: but- Ron: nONONOooOooooooooo Harry:.... Harry: (pulls up one sock) I was going if seen my sock Hermione laughing in the background Ron: HERMIONE BE QUITE!!!! Draco:??????

  46. Swathi Bakeeru

    Swathi Bakeeru6 күн мурун

    We want Harry back😫😫😫

  47. lexie Linfield

    lexie Linfield6 күн мурун

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="161">2:41</a> Draco singing....

  48. Yixin Huang

    Yixin Huang6 күн мурун

    Hermione, Draco and Ron playing while Harry has an addiction to the grass

  49. The Half-Blood Prince

    The Half-Blood Prince6 күн мурун

    People: ‘Harry Potter, you have your mother’s eyes.’ People Again: ‘Delphini Riddle, you have your mother’s nose.’ Harry: ‘Yeah, your father’s nose was pathetic, probably why he was immortal. I shall call him the man with no nose instead of “He Who Must NOt Be Named” ‘

  50. _Aesthetic_ Queen_

    _Aesthetic_ Queen_7 күн мурун

    Bro imagine him reacting to *your meme*

  51. Tiffany Tan

    Tiffany Tan7 күн мурун

    Umm ummm ummm ummm ummm ummm ummm ummm

  52. Hui Shan

    Hui Shan7 күн мурун

    that British accent drives me crazy😍😍😍😍😍

  53. The Hero

    The Hero7 күн мурун

    Voldemort:why are you still alive Harry:no one nose Voldemort:not cool bro ☹️

  54. Makosana Lepuru Akinloye

    Makosana Lepuru Akinloye7 күн мурун

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="139">2:19</a> my last 2 brain cells during the test

  55. Hermione Granger

    Hermione Granger7 күн мурун

    Harry: *Why is the Ravenclaw symbol an eagel?* Umbridge: *Well what else would you want it to be?* Harry: *Oh, I don't know maybe, a raven?*

  56. Matthew Baker

    Matthew Baker7 күн мурун

    has anyone seen the thomas the tank engine one with the flying car

  57. Olliwciak

    Olliwciak7 күн мурун

    Most of these memes are horrible oh my god.

  58. Trender

    Trender7 күн мурун

    These memes are just sad.

  59. José Martucci Malpica

    José Martucci Malpica7 күн мурун


  60. ꧁『ThįsÁPërsøñmīńdBlòwïñgRíght?』꧂

    ꧁『ThįsÁPërsøñmīńdBlòwïñgRíght?』꧂8 күн мурун


  61. haseeb je weet zelf ali

    haseeb je weet zelf ali8 күн мурун

    I miss Harry Potter 😂😭😭

  62. Hanne Luijendijk

    Hanne Luijendijk8 күн мурун

    I love HP

  63. _rarw ndbxk

    _rarw ndbxk8 күн мурун


  64. Jayali wijewardane

    Jayali wijewardane8 күн мурун


  65. Nella Törnroos

    Nella Törnroos8 күн мурун

    Knock knock Who's there? You know You know who?! AVADA KEDAVRA

  66. Nella Törnroos

    Nella Törnroos8 күн мурун

    Sirius In the 5th movie:We have something voldemort doesn't Harry:What is it? Sirius:A nose!

  67. Shamaila Islam

    Shamaila Islam8 күн мурун

    I love his accent❤

  68. XxGachaFun LoveYouxX

    XxGachaFun LoveYouxX8 күн мурун

    Harry to Voldemort : Harry : do you think my hair is ugly? Voldemort : .......dont ask me...

  69. M -Mey

    M -Mey8 күн мурун

    He saw kelsey elison (dancing hermionie)

  70. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto Todoroki8 күн мурун

    **that is awesome**

  71. - Daniella V

    - Daniella V8 күн мурун

    Cuando hablas español no entiendes una mierda pero sonries :)

  72. Sam Sam

    Sam Sam8 күн мурун

    tf is going with that hair

  73. demonman 666

    demonman 6668 күн мурун

    I actually watched one of his plays In the old Vic

  74. Alexis Markowitz

    Alexis Markowitz8 күн мурун

    RON HOLD ON!!!!! ... ARE THOSE SHOES ON SALE??????!!!!!!

  75. Jacob Finkel

    Jacob Finkel9 күн мурун

    If Voldemort was thanos Voldemort to Gamora: Reality is often disappointing, that is, it was. Now... reality can be whatever I want, like having a nose.

  76. Višnja Pavlović

    Višnja Pavlović9 күн мурун

    dan: we need to remake the films in musical form jimmy: LIIINNNN

  77. Anna Shearer

    Anna Shearer9 күн мурун

    *says we need to remake the harry potter movies as musicals* Me: heyyyyy ever heard of starkid? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  78. Isabella Wilt

    Isabella Wilt9 күн мурун

    Is anyone else wondering if Daniel Radcliffe is acually reading these lol

  79. Masky and Hoodie

    Masky and Hoodie9 күн мурун

    how do Draco get in to Bed He’s slitherin

  80. IgnaBape 04

    IgnaBape 049 күн мурун

    Why all comments are memes 😭😭