How to Setup the Sony a7S II for Cinema or Video Shooting

In this demo, I show how to set up the Sony a7S II for shooting cinema, movies, or video.


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    is there a reason why my iso goes no less than 1600

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    @chinfat Yeah. I caught when you said it later in the video and I said out loud,"Thanks bro. This guy is the F*#*ing man!" Thanks👍

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    If you turn the gamma settings to Cinema 1 or 2, you'll be able to lower your ISO below 1600.

  7. chinfat

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    Do you have the a7Sii? It is likely because you have the picture profile set to s-log. For some reason, s-log needs to be at 1600 to achieve a higher dynamic range. If you're shooting outside, you'll need ND filters for your lens.

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    How to set clip number in a7s2 sir...

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    How do you get the camera to recognize external audio? Need it for movie making for clean reference.

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    I have a zoom lens and it doesn't let me film in 4k without getting a vignette. What would be the Record Setting be for XAVCS HD be, as they are totally different record settings.

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    @chinfat Thank you!

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    Realize that you need to have a lens that is built for full frame. 4K on the Sony uses the full frame, so only lenses that are full frame will not vignette on the sensor.

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    I was under the assumption that S.Gamut was only useful for Log profiles and not Cine profiles. Am I missing something here?

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    You are correct. I didn't realize I said that. Oops... must correct.

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    Enjoyed the video, very thorough. Question...unfortunately my computer doesn’t support 4K or the HD strangely. So, I’m using AVCHD/24P 24M (FX) should I change that setting or any that you mentioned in your video for filmmaking? Thanks!

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    Just transitioned from Canon to Sony. That was super helpful. Thank you!

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    I've been struggling with my Sony RX10 ii... trying to figure out all the sub menu's and their best settings. Thank you for your detailed and clear explanation!

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    Hi, I was wondering what lens this is. I'm guessing Samyang or Rokinon. I spotted the "made in korea". also focal length and T stop?

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    This is a Rokinon Cine lens. I believe it is a 50mm FL. The T-Stop is 1.5 (fairly fast lens). Here is the series of primes:


    МИХРАЧ ВИДЕОЖыл мурун

    супер видео

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    What brand matte box is that

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    It's a Redrock Micro. I prefer Tilta. Much better quality.

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    Great video, just unboxed my a7S ii and skimmed through the manual and was still lost, your video explanation helped a lot.

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    whats the thing around the lens called...that big black square thing

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    The Matte Box?

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    What micro Sd card is best for this set up?

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    Thanks for the video, but I'm shocked that a filmmaker with this setup doesn't turn off AWB. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="263">4:23</a> and other times.

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    Yes. It will do that while in auto. I changed it to manual and dialed in the Kelvin temperature. So... we're settled here?

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    I watched all but the last few minutes. But at 4:17 (sorry, off my a few seconds) your camera (that is shooting the A7sII) clearly changes from a cold white balance to a warm one.

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    I do shut off AWB every time. My mantra? "Manual everything. Auto NOTHING." At 9:38 and 14:55, I show how to change the color temp. I am shocked you did not watch the entire video before leaving your comment.

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    Hey what a great video and such an excellent camera. Im on a budget and had to settle for the a7ii for now. i understand i cannot shoot 4k, but if i tried to implement this as much as possible on the a7ii do you think it would still shoot decent orrr am i just fucked?

  51. chinfat

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    Most Sony mirrorless cameras are very similar in the way the menu and setup are concerned. I'd recommend shooting some test footage and color grading it first, if you're using S-Log. Especially before you do a big shoot.

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    Great info! I have a A7s but in PP7, there are no further settings I can choose. In custom setting, there is no Movie option I can set in the center button. Damn!

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    While I was doing all this my battery died and when I put a new one in all the settings I had changed were reset and I had to change them all over. This is my first sony. Why doesnt it save settings? Is there some magic button to press after this is all done or do I need to do this with every new battery? Other than this issue your video helped a lot.

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    Man, this guy is very familiar with his camera and information! Thankfully my 10 years as a photographer and recent dabbling in video has given me some knowledge of the terminology or I'm pretty sure I'd be left in the dust! Great info! Tx for sharing!

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    Save some time? How about save some money? An FS7 body costs near $7,000. That would double the amount I put into this setup. And the FS7 (as great as a camera as it is), does not have the low-light capability that the a7sII has. I use this camera for low-light film and documentary shooting. I use the RED Helium 8K camera for the shoots where there is significantly more lighting being done and we need the higher resolution. Look ridiculous? Yes. Does it work? Incredibly well. So who gives a crap about how it looks.

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    what is this atmos he keeps talking about? Just curious if someone can post a link.

  71. chinfat

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    It's an external recorder which records higher color bit depth and gives an increased dynamic range. The internal card compresses the footage and you lose color information. It also works as a large HD viewing monitor.

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    NIce video! Just I was wondering do you think the cine profiles are usable without atomos? Grading with premiere I found very hard to get a decent result, especially in outside footage they came up with weird colors. Thanks

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    Hey, thanks for this video, really helpful. What lens was on the camera? You might have said it in the video, but I haven't finished it yet.

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    I do have the full kit. I would recommend a couple of zoom lenses for documentary, instead of primes. Something in the line of a 25-70 and a 70-200. Then you won't be swapping lenses with primes. Primes are better for slowly composed shots, while zooms are much better for being on the run. Primes are good for doc, if you are shooting interviews, since there's not a ton of moving around.

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    Do you have the whole kit? (24, 35, 50, 85) and what lenses would you recommend under 1200 dollar. I will primairly use the lenses for documentairy's and (car) event video's. So for the car video's an AF lens would be nice, but for the documentairy I would rather MF. I am going to a big car event in Norway this August, would you buy the A7 III for that event or wait a little longer for the A7s III? ( I have a Canon 80d, but I don't like the low light and the bad dynamic range). Thanks for your time :)

  81. chinfat

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    Not sure on the focal length. It may be 50mm... but it is a Rokinon Cine DS lens that is made for the full frame Sony.

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    I have not tried to mix those cameras. What software are you using to color grade? You can put a chip chart in front of the cameras (often times on the back of a slate) and it makes it easier to match-- especially in Resolve.

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    Good information, I am newcomer in this camera shutter speed is automatic set with iso

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    Would you recommend this camera for a documentary, verite format, with concerts and bands in lowlight settings? I have a Redrock shoulder rig that I could use and possibly even an external monitor. But would this be better than something like the C100 which is kind of a documentary staple?

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    It would be fantastic at concerts and places with low light. C100 has the advantage of balanced audio with phantom power. You can plug a shotgun into the XLR port and get much better brill audio. You could the same with the Sony, but you'd have to accessorize it to get balanced audio.

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    Fairly similar menu on the a7 rii. Yes.

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    The battery life is decent. I believe a lot of people are comparing to the Sony photo cameras that have a better battery life.

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    chinfat good to know, ive been looking to purchase this camera for a while and hear a lot of people complaining about poor battery life

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    No, it did not. I had the camera on for over an hour while I recorded. I edited the video down.

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    It's called a donut. If you have an ND glass in the matte box, sometimes light will enter from behind the camera and cause reflections on the glass. The donut eliminates that possibility.

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