kermit fell into the pool


  1. Melanie Vang

    Melanie VangКүн мурун

    Imagine if they were upstairs

  2. Joe Vids

    Joe Vids2 күн мурун

    I genuinely thought this would be a Kermit commits suicide meme

  3. love like

    love like2 күн мурун

    Do not let your cermet fall in the pool it will not help him groaw

  4. Camille Arseneau

    Camille Arseneau4 күн мурун

    My childhood cat fell in our pool the night before Halloween..... it was a miracle we found him just in time..... he was minutes away from drowning cause he had been swimming for so long in such cold weather (I live in northern Ontario Canada)

  5. Wonted ranger

    Wonted ranger5 күн мурун

    I think you 2 shood have kids

  6. Maria Del Pilar Dejesus

    Maria Del Pilar Dejesus6 күн мурун

    To this point. I think he wants to KERMIT suicide... Too soon..? 😂

  7. Honeybaked Ham

    Honeybaked Ham6 күн мурун

    Where the hell is the squirrel ever??

  8. Teresa Matys

    Teresa Matys6 күн мурун

    This reminds me of the time our dog fell through the ice on a lake. That was horrible.

  9. talkbirdytome

    talkbirdytome6 күн мурун

    Jenna and Julien "Kermit almost died" ... Cermit "I got wet and then an apple and lots of pets... I'm hopping back in there soon."

  10. Paige R. Hackett

    Paige R. Hackett7 күн мурун

    Julien straight up like, throws his phone on the ground to run out there, that's a dedicated as fuck dog owner.

  11. Johanna Draws

    Johanna Draws7 күн мурун

    But...dogs can swim...

  12. Bear that's a Dave

    Bear that's a Dave9 күн мурун

    A while back my ex's dad had gotten a new dog, making 3 dogs total, 2 shih tzus and the new palmeranuan. Well the male shih tzu was horny and wanted the palmeranuans muff so he would chase her around the backyard by the pool. Apparently one day my ex's day came home fro work early and found the horny shih tzu in the pool on the top step freezing. It was very apparent that the shih tzu must have fallen in while he chased the palmeranuan trying to rape her. Anyways he pulled the poor thing out and took no actions to fence off the pool or do anything to prevent such a thing happening again. And well a few days later early in the morning they found that same shih tzu at the bottom of the pool semi frozen. Horribly said and yet so preventable.

  13. kawaii Doki

    kawaii Doki10 күн мурун

    No one: Not a SOUL: Kermit : 360

  14. Carol Delso

    Carol Delso10 күн мурун

    At least he didnt fall head first in

  15. Ready Spaghetti

    Ready Spaghetti11 күн мурун

    kermit back at it again with his shenanigans

  16. Mama Pie

    Mama Pie11 күн мурун

    Prime dad sprint*- <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> "When we have kids"- <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="174">2:54</a>

  17. Pancake And Lefty The fox bros

    Pancake And Lefty The fox bros12 күн мурун


  18. Merseal 99

    Merseal 9913 күн мурун

    I just realized Julien said "when" we have kids...does this mean they're more than friends?

  19. Shelby Dively

    Shelby Dively13 күн мурун

    Kermit: did a full 180 crazyyy

  20. Krista H

    Krista H13 күн мурун

    this is so sad, do you guys have a pool cover. My old dog fell into the pond outback and didn't make it. The most heartbreaking thing.

  21. Vroom vroom Car fast

    Vroom vroom Car fast14 күн мурун

    Bay blade Bay blade let it yip

  22. Smol Fluff

    Smol Fluff14 күн мурун

    i shouldnt laugh at this but his little drift fucking ended me

  23. young dog63

    young dog6314 күн мурун


  24. Braveha

    Braveha15 күн мурун

    I feel bad for saying this but IT LOOKS LIKE THE DAMN POOL JUST SUCKS HIM IN

  25. • h o n e y d e w •

    • h o n e y d e w •15 күн мурун

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="116">1:56</a> Marbles is no squirrel

  26. Brandy Sage

    Brandy Sage15 күн мурун

    I feel bad for Kermit😥😥

  27. Daisy Martin

    Daisy Martin15 күн мурун

    Dang Julien is fast af

  28. Bonnie Koo

    Bonnie Koo16 күн мурун

    the fact that it's ALWAYS kermit has me rollingggg

  29. Cesar Ostolaza

    Cesar Ostolaza16 күн мурун

    *Kermit drifting into pool* Me:[tokyo drift song plays in my head]

  30. kohljackal

    kohljackal16 күн мурун

    Good Daddy!

  31. Soroush Teyfouri

    Soroush Teyfouri16 күн мурун

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="30">0:30</a> Did he stole trump’s wig ? WhAt’S tHaT ?

  32. Genie B

    Genie B16 күн мурун

    Dunno what I did, but I’ll have more of that apple Ma!

  33. erich krikawa

    erich krikawa16 күн мурун

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="175">2:55</a> DID YOU HEAR THAT?!?! JULIEN SAID "WHEN WE HAVE KIDS"

  34. SaintYoru

    SaintYoru17 күн мурун

    Is it bad that me and my brothers were laughing the entire time

  35. O K

    O K17 күн мурун

    I'm really happy for the safe and secure lives their kids are gonna have...

  36. Ur Gae

    Ur Gae17 күн мурун

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> *speed*

  37. Sophus Grauen Fisker

    Sophus Grauen Fisker18 күн мурун

    damnit he is still alive

  38. No One

    No One18 күн мурун

    The thumbnail looks like a bigfoot sighting

  39. Working Hands

    Working Hands19 күн мурун

    Dogs can swim... BUT CERMET IS A SPECIAL DOG

  40. maazi-moo😀😁

    maazi-moo😀😁19 күн мурун

    If they ever have kids: Jenna and Julian: don’t run past the pool or you will do a Kermit. Kid:What did Kermit do? Jenna and Julian: ...............

  41. Sophia Suchodolski

    Sophia Suchodolski19 күн мурун

    Julien says when we have kids ... Me oop... Jena ... Avoids what he said goes on some thing different ... Lol

  42. Hentai_Senpai198

    Hentai_Senpai19820 күн мурун

    Your dog chases squirrels? Ha, my dog chases Flys that randomly fly past its face lmao

  43. Brenda Fulkerson

    Brenda Fulkerson20 күн мурун

    I literally got up and got an apple in the middle of watching this

  44. trinity and star

    trinity and star20 күн мурун

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> assumes we have dogs that chase squirrels in texas u don’t see squirrels until you’ve gotten to the fourth dimension

  45. Rob Tallman

    Rob Tallman21 күн мурун

    IS THAT KERMIT?!?! 😍😍😍😍😍😍💝

  46. miss._. gacha

    miss._. gacha21 күн мурун

    Me when i saw this vid: KhErMit nHoOOOoooOo

  47. Alexandra Su

    Alexandra Su21 күн мурун

    Its actually the same for small children. They are so small that if you are not staring at them. They can silently fall into water and drown. And you wouldnt know it. And even if you see them fall into the water. You still might not even hear them. Thats how small they are. And its really sad. But it happened/s so often. We are lucky now we have regulation laws about pools. But those laws can only do so much. So keep an eye out when in water for other people in addition to the people you are with. Because you can never really know what will happen.

  48. Ericka Knapp

    Ericka Knapp21 күн мурун

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="98">1:38</a> I may be a lesbian but damn, that dad sprint tho.

  49. Emma G.

    Emma G.21 күн мурун

    Kermit: *drifts into pool* *DEJA VU I’VE BEEN FEE-*

  50. Melody Moo moo

    Melody Moo moo21 күн мурун

    My dog sinks in water he is fat! XD

  51. Melody Moo moo

    Melody Moo moo21 күн мурун

    I like you’re banana hair =3

  52. T C

    T C22 күн мурун

    Did you see how fast they ran? Their gonna be great parents!!

  53. Maggie Wright

    Maggie Wright23 күн мурун

    Take her and take her man did you take a little dip and a little unexpected death take her and take her man did you take a little dizzy and a little unexpected death take her take

  54. TehArgento

    TehArgento23 күн мурун

    I thought animals just knew how to swim naturally, my little brother once threw all the kittens in the pool and all of them just swam and got out

  55. Bunny Bomb

    Bunny Bomb24 күн мурун

    When you realize that this video is 6.9 minutes long

  56. Hungry_and_ Tired

    Hungry_and_ Tired24 күн мурун

    I like how you just looked at Kermit struggle to get out so you’re like “OH A TUMBNAIL!!” “Let me take a picture..”

  57. celestial squirrel

    celestial squirrel25 күн мурун

    At least dogs can swim!!! Most, atleast

  58. Zoe Shaw

    Zoe Shaw25 күн мурун

    Julien's dad Sprint

  59. Furrio

    Furrio25 күн мурун

    When Jenna shot up to get Kermit I felt my heart just explode. It made me wanna cry so much

  60. Memes

    Memes25 күн мурун

    *That’s actually hilarious..* 😆

  61. Angel Crowley

    Angel Crowley25 күн мурун

    Daddy energy

  62. Cosplay Clown

    Cosplay Clown26 күн мурун

    I fall into pool so Jenna and Julien pay attention to me

  63. l e m o n

    l e m o n26 күн мурун

    marbles: squirrel? Kermit: SQUIRREL OH SNAP HERE I GO, WOAHH.

  64. Arelia's World

    Arelia's World27 күн мурун

    Kermit's just like~ :P

  65. BaseBall Ortiz

    BaseBall Ortiz27 күн мурун

    When I saw it on the KGgo page I literally yelled “No Kermit!”

  66. Antonio Fontes

    Antonio Fontes27 күн мурун


  67. winterblxssom `

    winterblxssom `27 күн мурун

    Omg, I love Kermit! I hope he didnt get hurt! :((

  68. Febe Fox

    Febe Fox28 күн мурун

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> Julian just scoops Kermit out so effortlessly- my full grown (100lbs~) Doberman took an unexpected swim and my weak 12 y/o self had to get in to shove her out.

  69. Richie Tozier

    Richie Tozier28 күн мурун

    Man Julian dropped his phone while rushing to get Kermit What a good dad

  70. Autumn Lawson

    Autumn Lawson28 күн мурун

    I can't wait until you guys have a baby. You two are gonna be such good parents. I'm happy Kermit is alright. I know I'm late watching this video and I don't care. Lol

  71. Die Die

    Die Die28 күн мурун

    Kermit should’ve been in Tokyo drift

  72. SkadiPlays

    SkadiPlays29 күн мурун

    I get how scary that is. My puppy fell into the pool and I had to pull him out and cradle his wet self in my arms. Lol he was fine but it was really scary when it happened. Like you worry about the dogs around the pool all the time after that. It’s like traumatizing 😂

  73. The DawgVlog

    The DawgVlog29 күн мурун

    Jenna&Julian: * cares and spoils Kermit * Kermit: * LITERALLY tries every dangerous thing to get attention *

  74. Amelia Howell

    Amelia HowellАй мурун

    the dead one tries to kill the stupid naked cement

  75. Amber Nightflower

    Amber NightflowerАй мурун

    Cermet should not fall in pool, will not grow.

  76. Say WhatNah

    Say WhatNahАй мурун

    Got to get them little shark fin floaty thingys. And build up a few fun pool and water experiences to get rid of any fear. Thank goodness you both were close by to get them out quickly.

  77. Olive

    OliveАй мурун

    Jenna: Worrying on how Kermit almost died Comment section: Marbles is trying to assassinate Kermit

  78. Skyblane231

    Skyblane231Ай мурун

    Leaving your cermit outside and drown does not help them groooow

  79. dxmb_ mxngo

    dxmb_ mxngoАй мурун

    me: *laughs about kermit doing a tokyo drift and reading the comments*

  80. pony wxrld

    pony wxrldАй мурун

    👁 👁 🕳 👄