Michigan Dam(s) Fail! Tittabawassee River.

Overview of the Boyce Hydro System and What we know so far.
Drone Footage from 19 May:
Tittabawassee River Flood Stage:
FERC vs. Boyce Hydro:


  1. cbale2000

    cbale200013 күн мурун

    According to Midland County officials as of ~3pm (EST) 5/20/2020, the Sanford dam may still be somewhat intact but they can't tell because it's underwater (they're using the term "failed" because it's spilling over, not necessarily because the structure has collapsed). Latest images of the Sanford dam appear to show overflow limited to the emergency spillway area. The current hope is that the dam itself will hold long enough for the upstream flow from the Wixom lake breach to recede. If the Sanford dam fails, areas downstream are looking at 500-year flood levels. Local and state police have already begun staging in a number of downstream areas, presumably to facilitate evacuations if the dam fails.

  2. Angus Beef

    Angus Beef8 күн мурун

    What no one seems to be paying attention to is how the dams work you see what happens is when the storm comes in the lake gets deep the alarms go off did you hear that part of the alarms go off and when the alarms are ignored you create a flood and a problem for the news to switch subjects! The problem I’m seeing is no one is mentioning about the people working at the dams letting the alarms run or shutting the alarms off without opening the doors and letting the lake out! Am I the only one who has ever seen how Adam works or do you just say the word damn a lot and you think you know about damns dammit!!!You’re all still leaning towards accident or natural wake the fk up🙏🙏🙏 WWG1WGA

  3. MrDavidelliottjr

    MrDavidelliottjr8 күн мурун

    Lmfao @ 500 year flood levels.

  4. William R Coffey

    William R Coffey9 күн мурун

    @Mark W It is spelled MUSSELS, graduates!

  5. William R Coffey

    William R Coffey9 күн мурун

    @hay woods it seems to me that buildiing permits on the flood plains should never have been issued. Supervisors eager to increase the tax base must bear some responsibility. But greed turns a deaf ear to common sense.

  6. Michael Stover

    Michael Stover9 күн мурун

    @gravelydon he will find a way

  7. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouКүн мурун

    Thank you, this was very educational for those outside MI trying to understand and keep up with this story. Praying for all those impacted.

  8. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouКүн мурун

    Ahhhh damn it!!🤦🏻‍♂️

  9. garrisonaw

    garrisonawКүн мурун

    Great pictures and overall story. But what the pictures don’t tell is that when the Edenville dam ruptured, the water didn’t go over the TOP of the earthen berm, but rather the water pushed its way THROUGH the MIDDLE of the berm, and the top of the berm simply collapsed. So that section of the dam was completely gone within a matter of roughly one minute. One of the most incredible statistics of the whole thing is that there were zero casualties as a DIRECT result of the flooding (there have, however, been a few casualties involving people who suffered medical complications while evacuating, so I am loathe to say that there have been no casualties at all). That says A LOT for our emergency services here in Midland County. FYI: I grew up and live just two miles from the Edenville dam.

  10. Gabe PL

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    2020 is delivery all the apocalypse we need for real

  11. When Death Declares War

    When Death Declares War2 күн мурун

    Why earth filled?

  12. Michael Duggan

    Michael Duggan2 күн мурун

    Thanks for the best report I have seen on those dam failures. I am shocked see the cascade failures. It seems to me that the failure of one dam should not lead to the failure of the next one downstream. The whole world should learn a lesson from this. I live in Ireland but I am addicted to all the news from the US.

  13. Squarehead Coughlin

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    ZEEKUPP3 күн мурун

    My wife and I lost our home in the Umatilla river flood of February 6 through 8 2020. We will NEVER EVER live in a flood plain again. We were there for a about 19 years. It seemed fine at the time , but now, in retrospect, it's hard to see why we even considered living there in the first place.

  15. Kasumi Kojiro

    Kasumi Kojiro3 күн мурун

    Who the hell named this river ?

  16. Matt Gembarowski

    Matt Gembarowski3 күн мурун

    Isn't there a dam on Dow property also?

  17. louis mason

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    Best overview I’ve seen...good job

  18. Miriam Rodriguez

    Miriam Rodriguez3 күн мурун

    Why do people build homes next to dams sooner or later this would happen🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    He knows dams, he knows airplanes. What the heck else does he know???

  20. Paul Yano

    Paul Yano4 күн мурун

    Not related to this terrible event but did you hear about the crash of Wings of Fame's crash of the N9M? I am fully aware that you can't cover every genav accident but knowing your a bit! of a aviation history buff I am surprised that you didn't devot an episode that this loss of a very significant part of aviation history.

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    I need the whole story







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    ' come on americans people... time to work up, clean up, done up, finish up... do it now and soon to be summer season time... wonderful weather

  25. Copper Aboriginies

    Copper Aboriginies4 күн мурун

    500 year flooding, this looks like something written in the scriptures that would happen in the future from those writings back then. those are man made lakes unnatural to the creator, something isnt being talked about of why this broke. flooding just does'nt happen, everything was fine the day before this flooding happened, i am sure a warning of a malfunction in those systems those engineers would have known something wasnt working properly way sooner then to neglect it as if it looks ok. this is something else cause this flooding is happening faster then anyone can get a handle on, people will be flooded out of the communities much will be destroyed and much lost due to this mysterious unexplained flooding. 500 years and all of a sudden its flooding!!!!!! did the Almighty Creator cause this with the wave of his hand, and the question is why? does this go back to Tecumseh and the wars here in the 5 lakes, we all know that the universal laws were'nt created by religion or the order of Man over Man like its Now, something big is happening thats is out of the control of Man strange things are going on people, much suffering is happening on a slow movement and Man isnt in control of these movements of the Earth...500 year flood levels, sounds like the mud floods dont it....

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    Ahhhh damn it!!🤦🏻‍♂️

  27. sam watt

    sam watt5 күн мурун

    I believe the first failed dam is at Edenville and not the dam parallel to the Second Road. The two are over 18 miles apart.

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    Seriously....most excellent coverage, explanation, visuals concerning this unfortunate situation 👍

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    Would you mind if I spread your vid on my channel giving you all credit or course. thanks

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    Get a real rain gauge. www.cocorahs.org

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    If i could post pics i would

  33. Mike Adams

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    Yeah i stood a foot from the edge. On ther bridge of edenville. My dad lives 3 miles away from that bridge that is completly destroyed now.

  34. D. League

    D. League5 күн мурун

    We've known for over a hundred years that earthen dams are unstable when the water rises, and yet they are being built today.

  35. MissN Perfection

    MissN Perfection5 күн мурун

    Didn't people learn anything about earthen dams from the hard lessons my town of Johnstown,Pennsylvania had to learn! Get rid of these God awful dams already! Nothing but heartbreak and disaster come from them!

  36. TopSecretVid

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    Such a shame. Glad no one died from this..but those towns will never be the same

  37. Curlyanne B

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    What good is an earthen spillway? As you said, if it overtook, it will go eventually.

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    damn, you know everything!

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    Juan, You the go to guy for interesting technical details. Also love the new mic and the COVID-19 hair too.

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    interesting. Very educational. Thank u.

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    I'd say those folks are in for a hard time.

  42. Atricia Cannon

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    Water weight on Mississippi River likely could trigger New Madrid EQ zone. See the future US Navy map for what would result.💀🌊😣

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    need a Geo map overlay .. its all flat there ...

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    Thank you for the info

  45. detcat312

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    yes the owners of the dams have been trying to get the ok to lower the water level but since the state didn't give them the go a head they had to raise the water level back up, they were and are suing in federal court to get to lower the water level for the past few years.

  46. wheeping willow2 4U

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    what happened to the nuke plant?

  47. wheeping willow2 4U

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    Would you mind if I spread your vid on my channel giving you all credit or course. thanks

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    USA is in decay and yet we go to. Mideast and Central Asia to spend TRILLIONS waging war. Krazy

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    Dams failing just like their governor

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    Ins, co, know your in flood danger?? They prob, know all dams odds n conditions? U ask bout flood ins, salesman walks out laffing,

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    Imagine watching the nightly news today 30 years ago ,,, massive pandemic that's keeping people Inside unable to go to church , massive flooding forcing you to go outside where the virus could kill you , a sitting president abusing his position by overruling govners ( which the Constitution clearly states you can't do ) ... Dems & Republicans trying to secretly trying to sabotage one another .... Massive storms destroying homes & family's like nothing .... Read the book of REVALATIOS .... OWKARD!!!!

  52. David Stevens

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    This will go in history books. Maybe not as bad as the St. Francis Dam Disaster, but it's up there.

  53. The Raisin

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    This is all Trump's fault. He should have acted earlier to stem these overflows. Now our esteemed Governor Whitmer has to clean up the mess the Administration made.

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    The Raisin- And you are dumber than a box of rocks!!! It's YOUR fault, not Trumps!!

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    Raisins are yummie

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    Somebody stole that money from you to fix that dam/levee. They spent it on a security system. Infasteucture does not include security systems.

  57. Victor Jeffers

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    Spillways are not big enough in the first place ! Somebody is negligent !

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    no wonder , state run by money stilling demonrats , money for illegals no money for infrastructure

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    interesting. Very educational. Thank u.

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    It’s all China ‘s fault !

  61. robert bryant

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    Was this one of the dams that nazi Gretchen was "supposedly" to have repaired, just like all the bad Mi highways?

  62. Paul Smith

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    It’s nice to see the river return to its natural state. Would be better not to rebuild the dams.

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    @ TWO dams.. SMMFH..!!!!!!!!! past pittiful

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    Thanks for the information!

  65. Tim Walter

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    i live on Lake Michigan and the water level has been the highest its been in years, so much erosion happens every day, i walk daily along the lake and see mudslides constantly and the water is brown because of all the mud going into the lake from the waves crashing the shoreline. I think there is more flooding to come this year for the Great Lakes area and the rivers in the Midwest.

  66. brad polmateer

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    Holy crap that's brutal God bless all those affected

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    I dont give a damn about no dam. see what i did there?

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    earth filled damns... mmmmk ive heard enough lol...

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    Seriously....most excellent coverage, explanation, visuals concerning this unfortunate situation 👍

  70. sehhi vooty

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    This dam was lowered last fall. I wonder if allowing the earthen portion of the dam to dry out and then soak water back up had any affect to the destabilization? How about with

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    Heart breaking for family's effected..I can't even imagin

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    Great coverage! Please tell me, is flint also affected and evacuated? Everyone is in my thoughts!

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    Get your facts straight if your going to post a video I’m a local.

  74. Justin W

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    Edenville did not have an emergency spillway you don’t know what your talking about!!!

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    Maybe them idiots can use their ar 15 to float with,haha dumbass dotard supporter the lord has the last word racist dipstick

  76. Sally Bridges

    Sally Bridges8 күн мурун

    I'm from this area in Michigan, my daughter lives within half mile of Wixom Lake. I heard that the reason for all the water in Wixom Lake is because the upper two dams were breached. Can anybody confirm this?

  77. DA62 Owner

    DA62 Owner6 күн мурун

    Sally Bridges I hope your daughter came through the event safely. The problem was a court order preventing the lake levels from being lowered as was the usual procedure prior to a significant rain event. The levels in the upper two lakes compounded the problem when they started to spill over the spillway. The upper two dams were not breached though and are still holding water. There were four dams in all and it was the lower two dams which failed.

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    Global warming?

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  80. Anthony DaGuanno

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    I heard the State of Michigan forced the dam owners to keep the water high for the wild life, and the home owners on the lake. They (the State of Michigan) should be in part responsible for this mess. It seems as though we always want to blame the owners and not the government.

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    Why am I getting an alert for this video five days after the fact. Come on KGgo.

  82. dansw0rkshop

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    Boyce had their licenses pulled (some years back) to generate power, but were forbidden from lowering the water levels in these reservoirs, as it would have impacted the waterfront property values, and therefore property tax revenues. There is a lot of finger pointing right now.

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    Brilliant , I’m from Bristol.UK. I wanted a birds eye view of the damns and rivers etc . Can’t picture it otherwise !

  85. Władca Wymiaru

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    We shouldn't dam the rivers, when they fails, they fail BADLY! Nothing on this planet is stronger than raging flood!

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    Same things gonna happen with lake Cumberland we've just been lucky

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    Intersting and scary!

  89. Noah Holsworth

    Noah Holsworth8 күн мурун

    Interesting video!! I’m located about 2 miles from the Sanford dam

  90. Donavon Robbins

    Donavon Robbins8 күн мурун

    This dam was lowered last fall. I wonder if allowing the earthen portion of the dam to dry out and then soak water back up had any affect to the destabilization? How about with the lowering of the water level over the winter changing to a lower frost line? Could either cause enough heaving to affect the core of the dam before it had a chance to stabilize with the recent (within days) refilling of the dam?

  91. DA62 Owner

    DA62 Owner6 күн мурун

    Donavon Robbins an earth dam will fail if overtopped. An earth dam will also fail if the water is too high causing a hydraulic gradient greater than the dam designers intended. This will cause seepage which leads to piping which leads to catastrophic failure. Once the water level reached the height it did, the failure of the earth dam was inevitable. The dam actually lasted much longer than people thought it would. It was solely the water level in the lake that caused the dam failure.

  92. Susan Heckman

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    Saginaw, MI resident . . . .thank you for explaining and showing. Prayers to all.

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    The Governor should just decree that water to stop flowing, you know like she did the economy.

  95. Anti-WBD

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    The emergency spillways should be contructed in that way, that they are not washed away by the water. And they should be wide enough, to prevent the water rising higher, keeping it under the level of the earth build dam area.