Reacting To My Own Birth

NOT GRAPHIC. Safe to watch at work. Safe to watch at home. Safe to watch on a first date. Not safe to watch while driving though. I'll call the Po Po on you if u watch while cruisin.
Please show me YOUR birth! I'd love to see it.
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  1. The Real One Okay

    The Real One Okay2 саат мурун

    You should make something out of alexander Henry's fabric, I'd 100% watch that.

  2. Polina Krutous

    Polina Krutous2 саат мурун

    Weird thing to ask here and very unrelated, but are you ENFJ?

  3. Denise Wilson

    Denise Wilson4 саат мурун

    💗💗💗💗 your dad singing broke me.. My eyes won't stop dripping.. 💗💗💗💗💗

  4. Kristi g

    Kristi g5 саат мурун

    Please make a new video so then I have something to watch😀😗

  5. Kristi g

    Kristi g6 саат мурун

    Love the 90's outfits

  6. Kristi g

    Kristi g6 саат мурун

    My mother wishes she would have given birth like your mother did😆

  7. Electra

    Electra16 саат мурун

    I laughed so hard at the biblical costumes that I had to use my asthma inhaler. Thank you, I haven't laughed that hard in a long while!

  8. Trudy

    Trudy17 саат мурун

    Micarah, you need to make a kilt, please, I am begging you, make a kilt, and not just a pathetic little pleated skirt, a proper kilt using the whole 8 yards.

  9. Neon Starts

    Neon Starts18 саат мурун

    I am so aware of chewing gum while giving birth 🤰🏻 I feel like I would choke 😵

  10. British girl 2004

    British girl 200418 саат мурун

    This video is interesting xD. Edit: I was born in 2004

  11. Shanoriya Robinson

    Shanoriya Robinson19 саат мурун

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="645">10:45</a> 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm fucking dying!

  12. Shanoriya Robinson

    Shanoriya Robinson19 саат мурун

    Nurse after abuse.... "Don't be pinching me girl" Me: bitch that's self defense!"

  13. Shanoriya Robinson

    Shanoriya Robinson19 саат мурун

    Are we allowed to leave our houses yet?" Almost June nope

  14. River Flame

    River Flame21 саат мурун

    No, sorry, Micarah, we're still stuck (( <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="12">00:12</a>

  15. Mai Pastry

    Mai Pastry22 саат мурун

    Micharah sense you’re gluten free, are you doing to be “trendy,” or have you been gluten free all your life? Because of this autoimmune disease called celiac in which it effects your small intestine from absorbing the nutrients it needs such as gluten, I should know this because I have Celiac.

  16. Kahmiya Patnett

    Kahmiya Patnett23 саат мурун

    The fact that her mom didn’t look affected at all like... what?! I would scream at the top of my lungs

  17. Alijah Atkinson

    Alijah AtkinsonКүн мурун

    You should do a "my first diys" video

  18. Fuck You

    Fuck YouКүн мурун

    Seeing you that close to your father is making my heart MeLt

  19. Moonlight Fam

    Moonlight FamКүн мурун

    I can’t stop smiling!

  20. Riley’s Dog House

    Riley’s Dog HouseКүн мурун

    This is how many times macirah’s dad kissed her head: | ¥

  21. Riley’s Dog House

    Riley’s Dog HouseКүн мурун

    *chapter 3-abusive nurse* The nurse: *pries eyes open, rips the bottoms of her feet, shoves stuff up her nose*

  22. Neon Jellyfish

    Neon JellyfishКүн мурун

    My grandma was so pretty.. She still is I'm just saying I look up to her younger self bc she was so pretty! 💖

  23. Vas ELAYO

    Vas ELAYOКүн мурун

    When you sneezed 7856 times i startsd crying that was so wholesome UWUUU

  24. Kaitlyn Smith

    Kaitlyn SmithКүн мурун

    Hey Micarah So I know you probably wont see this, but I was wondering if you do commissions. And if so how much do you charge. So my bestfriend is getting married but it's hard to find the right plus sized dress. She isn't stuck on a style but she does want a fairy whimsical outdoor wedding with flowers and such so something light. Also she wants sleeves that get bigger as they go down your arm. Like picture an old time fairytale sleeve. Also she big busted so she wants it to hide her arms, shoulder can show, but right under the bust it can be cinched slightly but then she wants either an A-line or a smaller ball gown style. I've never sewn a day in my life but I watch you do it all the time, so maybe I picked up on a few things. So if u would make a video or if you do commissions you can email me at sorry for the super long comment. Ps I LOVE YOUR ANIMAL FAMILY!!

  25. Daniel

    DanielКүн мурун

    Hey Micarah! Nobody has ever really attempted this but I think you could pull it off; would you ever consider making a 1959 version Maleficent costume? Maybe even a historically accurate one?? ;D I have some ideas going and I drew out 3 layers of sketches and it’s a BIG project that requires a lot of space.

  26. Abby Rose Jenkinson

    Abby Rose JenkinsonКүн мурун

    Okay I cried watching your dad sing to you

  27. Beatrice Bianca

    Beatrice BiancaКүн мурун

    Absolutely love it!! You were/are so beautiful!! xoxo ❤

  28. Arline Fermin

    Arline FerminКүн мурун

    The end had me crying, your dad is the sweetest 🤗💕 and your momma is a rockstar!!

  29. my channel RnY

    my channel RnYКүн мурун

    Came back memory....

  30. Yulisa Cruz

    Yulisa CruzКүн мурун

    can your dad adopt me

  31. J

    JКүн мурун

    dude ive got baby fever now wtf thanks

  32. Kaedee Valerie

    Kaedee ValerieКүн мурун

    Be being born before 2008: I feel like I missed out I was a flat 2D image Also nurses are supposed to be rough with the baby when they like “rub” it. To get the blood flowing through but the lady was rough with your poor eyeballs

  33. Kaitlyn Marie

    Kaitlyn MarieКүн мурун

    May 19 is my best friend's birthday too!! And mine is literally 2 days after on the 21st lol

  34. Saltyfingerprints

    SaltyfingerprintsКүн мурун

    Please do a collab with karolina zebrowska! Make her a dress!!!!!

  35. Drew Olivia

    Drew OliviaКүн мурун


  36. Hana Tekle Tekle

    Hana Tekle Tekle2 күн мурун

    I have the same birthdayyyy as you :)

  37. Hana Tekle Tekle

    Hana Tekle Tekle2 күн мурун

    May 19, 1998

  38. Diam0nd D0llie

    Diam0nd D0llie2 күн мурун

    you became birth beautifully I tried completing you

  39. Alice Lidén

    Alice Lidén2 күн мурун

    Omg we have the same birthday!!😱

  40. myFElovemimi

    myFElovemimi2 күн мурун

    This was so nice

  41. Sydney Johnson

    Sydney Johnson2 күн мурун

    You should make a Teuta Matoshi inspired dress! They're gorgeous!!!

  42. Akelly

    Akelly2 күн мурун

    My least amount of sneezes is 8. So I understand you❤

  43. hen ko

    hen ko2 күн мурун

    Aww this was very sweet.

  44. Lauren McNamara

    Lauren McNamara2 күн мурун

    Next week can you react to your own death

  45. Cait Blanchard

    Cait Blanchard2 күн мурун

    Oh wow, the scenes when your dad was singing 💕💕

  46. hen ko

    hen ko2 күн мурун

    When I met my little sister for the first time (I was 2), I pulled her ears and gleefully said "Dumbo!" 🙃

  47. radhe krishna

    radhe krishna2 күн мурун

    can you please make a prom dress for me☺️

  48. Noémi Pap

    Noémi Pap2 күн мурун

    I'm literally crying from laughter on those church costumes xD Genius. This whole video is a blessing

  49. LaFleur

    LaFleur2 күн мурун

    It´s so cute that her dad was singing to her!

  50. Mallows the Malshi

    Mallows the Malshi2 күн мурун

    micarah i was playing akinator and you were my character akinator guessed you just wanted to say that i dont know why help my im getting crazy why did a dog say this whats akinator whats what what am i WHAT ARE CHOPSTICKS [btwloveurvideos....beproudthatadogsaidthis]

  51. Nicole Wong

    Nicole Wong2 күн мурун

    I’m not crying

  52. Tushita Arora

    Tushita AroraКүн мурун


  53. Stargazer TH

    Stargazer TH2 күн мурун

    Loved it. Very funny.

  54. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre2 күн мурун

    Read this as “Recreating my birth” and I just went along with it.

  55. Ashley Lowe

    Ashley Lowe6 саат мурун

    Why did I do the same thing, though-

  56. Zoe Katsirma

    Zoe Katsirma2 күн мурун

    Is anyone else going to mention that Micarah's dad looks like young Matt Damon in a wig with a mustache?

  57. Gille Hambursin

    Gille Hambursin2 күн мурун

    I absolutely adore you!! Please make a Giselle from Enchanted costume, i just know that would be magical!

  58. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre2 күн мурун

    people think your lips are fake? would someone with fillers stick a needle right through their lips??

  59. Lisa Mackilligan

    Lisa Mackilligan2 күн мурун


  60. nikki

    nikki2 күн мурун

    ok but i can’t be the only person that thinks you look like a mix between rachel mcadams, renee rapp, mariah rose faith, and ariana grande

  61. Gen D.G.

    Gen D.G.2 күн мурун

    Your dad tho 💙💙💙

  62. Ellyssa Evans

    Ellyssa Evans2 күн мурун

    When I met my little sister for the first time (I was 2), I pulled her ears and gleefully said "Dumbo!" 🙃

  63. Dominique Nikki87

    Dominique Nikki872 күн мурун

    Aww this was very sweet.

  64. Paola Murphy

    Paola Murphy2 күн мурун

    Your dad singing made me cry!

  65. Caroline Eaton

    Caroline Eaton2 күн мурун

    when micarahs dad counted her sneezes he sounded like the pacer test guy

  66. traczebabe

    traczebabe2 күн мурун

    That was the easiest birth I have ever seen! Not all births are like that! 😳

  67. Xinyi Wang

    Xinyi Wang2 күн мурун

    This makes me want to appreciate Christian values.

  68. Xinyi Wang

    Xinyi Wang2 күн мурун

    Please make the Jenna Marbles ft. 5 Minutes Craft Denim Jeans Chair but a good version.

  69. Jesus*is*Love

    Jesus*is*Love3 күн мурун

    My second child was born in the dr office bathroom, my husband completely missed it! So our last #5 he delivered her. And a funny side note ive only had the dr make it in time for 2 of my 5 births.

  70. Rabbit

    Rabbit3 күн мурун

    Holy sh*t, this is homeschooled as f%ck

  71. emma m

    emma m3 күн мурун

    i. love. your. dad.

  72. 6yza

    6yza3 күн мурун

    i envy your life

  73. Liesl-Ann Vaz

    Liesl-Ann Vaz3 күн мурун

    Can you make a video reacting to this video, please?

  74. Goomy

    Goomy3 күн мурун

    people think your lips are fake? would someone with fillers stick a needle right through their lips??

  75. Messya Mommy

    Messya Mommy3 күн мурун

    May 19/1989 my birthday 🥳🤩

  76. Courtney McCall

    Courtney McCall3 күн мурун

    This is crazy my birthday is 1 day before your birthday

  77. Andrea Nijssen

    Andrea Nijssen3 күн мурун

    Did I see this in your Instagram story? Yes. Did I expect you to actually do it? Well I can’t say I’m surprised.

  78. Cassie

    Cassie3 күн мурун

    Chewing gum while giving birth is the most badass thing I'm aware of.

  79. Ava Jacqueline

    Ava Jacqueline3 күн мурун

    My dad is EXACTLY like yours while filming.

  80. iStalkMyEx

    iStalkMyEx3 күн мурун

    You look like Audrey from The Descendants. You should dress up like her from the song "Queen of mean". That would be awesome.

  81. Jake Cacao12

    Jake Cacao123 күн мурун

    I like how your voice is quiet but sound effects is so loud

  82. Cassie

    Cassie3 күн мурун

    I sent you pictures on Instagram of my grandparents. I hope you see them. Thanks

  83. SunnyDayz011

    SunnyDayz0113 күн мурун

    K so I had the weirdest dream about micarah last night. Act one: So I was at WallMart for a sale with my dad and my brother was the cashier for some reason. My dad came up to me and he was like "oh you know micarah tewers right?" (Beacause aparently our dads were bffs) And I was like "yeah I love her videos!" MY dad told me that micarah was PREGNANT and I was like "say what now?" And my dad as like "yeah but she doesn't know who the father is." Act two: micarah pulled up in the rv and she was like "you want a ride?" So I got in the rv and micarah took me to that McDonald's with the self playing piano and we started dancing and she went into labor. Act three: we got yo the hospital, micarah gave birth but before she picked s name I woke up. THE END

  84. Cait

    Cait3 күн мурун

    i voted on this poll and yet i did NOT expect this video

  85. Navajo Flower

    Navajo Flower3 күн мурун

    What was the contraption that the brick with the label with your name was put into??

  86. Andrews Auto

    Andrews Auto3 күн мурун

    ''PrEtTy KyEwT'' Had me cackling!

  87. im different than average people

    im different than average people3 күн мурун

    heres your daily dose of 2011... No oNe AsKed but YoU mAY HAVe iT: HEy JessIe whoOoaOOOOi