This video is about Satire


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    Yo mason what’s up nigga

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    Something irrelevant Edit: Thanks for all the likes! Edit: OMG 😱 GUYS THANKS FOR 1k likes!!!

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    I'm going to show it to my class....they will love it.

  4. Janice Betian

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    This is a good example to share satire with students. I like how it shows them the different elements. My students were able to discuss and explain what was happening in this video. Thank you for this useful tool.

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    I just watched this in reading class

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    i was forced to watch this in class

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    What are the creators making fun of?

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    The whole movie is making fun of fairy tales and Disney's movies as a whole

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    This was very well explained. Thank you for making this video! :)

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    thank u sir

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    this isint it chief

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