The List Of Celebs With Coronavirus Keeps Growing

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire world, and America is now bracing for the worst. The virus is currently spreading through every state, and no one is safe including celebrities and politicians. In fact, the list of celebs with coronavirus keeps on growing.
On March 16th, 2020, actor Idris Elba announced that he'd tested positive for the coronavirus, tweeting:
"I feel ok, I have no symptoms so far but have been isolated since I found out about my possible exposure to the virus. Stay home people and be pragmatic. I will keep you updated on how I'm doing. No panic."
In the accompanying video message, Elba explained that he self-quarantined and got tested immediately after learning that a person he'd come into contact with had tested positive three days prior. Elba then explained why he decided to share his diagnosis with the world:
He goes on to say,
"If you're feeling ill, or you feel like you should be tested, or if you've been exposed, then do something about it."
Elba ended the video by saying,
"Look, we live in a divided world right now. We can all feel it. [...] But now is the time for solidarity. Now's the time for thinking about each other. [...] Stay positive. Don't freak out."
Watch the video to see how The List Of Celebs With Coronavirus Keeps Growing.
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Idris Elba | 0:16
Daniel Dae Kim | 1:17
Andy Cohen | 2:23
Colton Underwood | 3:25
Harvey Weinstein | 4:35
Rand Paul | 5:35
Prince Charles | 6:57
Boris Johnson | 8:14
David Bryan | 9:14
Sabrina Dhowre | 10:00
Aaron Tveit | 10:43
Laura Bell Bundy | 11:20
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  1. Nicki Swift

    Nicki SwiftАй мурун

    We wish these recently diagnosed celebrities (including previously announced ones such as Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, and Kristofer Hivju) and everyone else affected by this outbreak our very best.

  2. Michelle Davidson

    Michelle Davidson4 күн мурун

    Well of course they are being "affected". Such b.s. of course they have to keep the illusion up. "Transparency", that's amusing. They are as affected as how the blue states are more affected than any one. Illusions. MSM, celebrity lies. Pushing a lie. Makes me sick. Yes, they are as affected by corona as the politicians. Breaking down because they are "forced" to pretend they are in isolation in their big mansions. # were in this together ...NOT!!!

  3. 13th Exit

    13th Exit15 күн мурун

    Hypochondriacs unite! Now is the time!

  4. Edward

    Edward19 күн мурун

    Nobody gives a shit about celebrities anymore.

  5. 13th Exit

    13th ExitАй мурун

    Nicki - Do you remember the Atrocities at Boys Town?

  6. Eman Plays

    Eman PlaysАй мурун

    @Chris Surfcrab Exactly!

  7. James Lasso

    James LassoКүн мурун

    These celebs “sharing their journey” like any one cares . Cohen is a pinhead no-talent asswipe

  8. Jo-Anne Sagiba

    Jo-Anne Sagiba2 күн мурун

    Love Idris Alba love his acting I'm definitely his number one fan get well soon Idris Alba and everybody else worldwide too

  9. MFD kid

    MFD kid2 күн мурун

    Apparently eminem has Corona too let's all stay together but not physically and be strong

  10. Areli Valenzuela

    Areli Valenzuela2 күн мурун

    Prince Charles is going to die😭

  11. ModernMarvel

    ModernMarvel3 күн мурун


  12. Debra O donnell

    Debra O donnell4 күн мурун

    So they think everyone just gets a test not that simple what we should or cry our eyes out cause some so called celebrities have it no I hope the poor and elderly of the world get better

  13. Elvis Lennon

    Elvis Lennon4 күн мурун

    I miss Bette Midler so much not as Bette Midler the star " But Bette Midler as the person ...if you all only knew and put yourself in my place ...When Bette Midler was sitting very close by my side .....I really Believe it was ment for us to meet ....But I was so stupid and screwed up with her ....hey what can I say ? God knows what Happened Between us ...if you dont Believe me just ask him .....

  14. Im a good Boy :D

    Im a good Boy :D5 күн мурун

    You would think no one close to you or famous would get Covid-19 but Coronavirus isn’t gonna pick someone not famous or Close to you it’s gonna get you if you are not careful stay home sanitize your hands and mask if you ever go out and have a good day

  15. Jack Bartlett

    Jack Bartlett7 күн мурун

    "The list of ... " - So what?

  16. john lumus

    john lumus8 күн мурун

    Oh come on. Agenda spokes person's. They'll try to sell you everything for baby flavored Pepsi ™ to foreskin facecream to the end of the world ✓

  17. Myles Harper

    Myles Harper9 күн мурун

    Wow corona virus has also almost cured cancer and heart attacks to. Apparently it does not increase death rates to. Good thing for the professional oppinions of the actors.

  18. nat

    nat11 күн мурун

    i'm a huge fan of musical theatre so im a fan of aaron and laura, i hope they have been having a swift recovery.

  19. Remmogo Mmopele

    Remmogo Mmopele11 күн мурун

    I am so sorry for all the people that have the virus

  20. Roberto Brown

    Roberto Brown11 күн мурун

    Thanks have not get stete yet can't fric out seriously ?

  21. Low Enzo

    Low Enzo14 күн мурун

    All humans die even the ones with money

  22. charles coleman

    charles coleman14 күн мурун

    Yeah, sure you have it.

  23. Xstreamaudio

    Xstreamaudio14 күн мурун

    All celebrities that get the covid 19 are child predators....they going to Gitmo

  24. Michael H

    Michael H16 күн мурун

    They look so miserable in their million dollar mansions. Quit showing this crap

  25. Robloxionnight Gaming

    Robloxionnight Gaming16 күн мурун

    He said stay positive as if he wants us to get tested positive for covid

  26. Theresa

    Theresa17 күн мурун

    wow you mean they really are human?

  27. Rosendo Cabrera

    Rosendo Cabrera17 күн мурун

    Why This Video.Celebs Bleed,Shit And Eat Just Like Everybody Else.Its Not Like They Are Superhuman!

  28. aggie bar

    aggie bar18 күн мурун

    Celebrities are being paid to say they have the virus, just like they are being paid to sell products..

  29. Madeleine Madeleine

    Madeleine Madeleine19 күн мурун

    No sympathy for the Devil's club

  30. Logan DeBroux

    Logan DeBroux20 күн мурун

    Sad that this is posted on April Fools but it's not a joke

  31. searcherT

    searcherT21 күн мурун

    90 +% of the music made today belongs in a toilet besides a slim few the same can be said about the movie industry. The truth is it is our fault these individuals live in their big homes with multiple expensive cars and money out the ying yang. Hopefully we WTFU in mass and kick them to the curb. Ever since Trumps election all of that demon infested tub aka hollywood has repeatedly attacked our choice for president and as I see it is an attack on us. The only ones to blame if this starts back up is us. Save your money spend it on the people you love and care about the most. It is more than obvious they don't need anymore. Everytime they insult the president they insult us . Evertime they get another dollar the potential for more pizza gate crimes increase. Think about it.

  32. Terrence Malbrough

    Terrence Malbrough22 күн мурун

    Elba is quarantined but someone is behind him?

  33. ifyouknew thenyouknew

    ifyouknew thenyouknew23 күн мурун

    They are not sick. It's another fad for them! The pretend they get sick and preach to normal people to stay home. And most of the brain washed are eat their story up easily. Nah I'm pretty sure tom hanks never had the virus neither did Cuomo fredo.

  34. XFlawless Queen

    XFlawless Queen23 күн мурун

    Omg this is so sadd😢😷😭😭

  35. Vega Licious

    Vega Licious22 күн мурун

    relax-they-re sodomites pushing the agenda

  36. XFlawless Queen

    XFlawless Queen23 күн мурун

    The first two actors said I really love there shows like movies they acted

  37. My NewPhone

    My NewPhone23 күн мурун

    Dont take the tainted adenochrome 😂😂😂

  38. Roman Korvinus

    Roman Korvinus25 күн мурун

    Stop trusting these idiots! The N95 mask stops particles down to .3 microns. The Coronavirus is between .05-2 microns. The N95 mask does not work on CORONAVIRUS!!! The Coronavirus is not FVCKING AIRBORNE!!!

  39. Dianna Hill

    Dianna Hill26 күн мурун

    Sit down queenie

  40. no stress

    no stress26 күн мурун

    Guilty, Guilty, Guilty it's going down

  41. Jeff Evans

    Jeff Evans26 күн мурун

    So are we to think there specialno. They should save every dime they have sell their ridiculous homes move to America small town USA because nobody's going to any movie houses say in the next.....welcome to the real life.If I had there big bucks I'd have a construction grew of say two hundred hire road making crew go do west of Cooper peddy australia about 1200km lay all the plumbing lines,electrical lines cable satellite and load up about twenty road trains of supplies and start a town named Nowheresville....

  42. TheZimma

    TheZimma28 күн мурун

    Nearly everybody has a bit of corona virus in thier bodies left over from a cold or flu so they will test positive

  43. christine adamitus

    christine adamitus28 күн мурун

    They are lying, the 'celebs' are helping to fudge the numbers, sorry, dont buy it, WAKE UP PEOPLE, WE ARE BEING LIED TO

  44. Zika n Fina

    Zika n Fina28 күн мурун

    Tobacco kills more than 8 million people yearly. They need to shut down smoking companies.

  45. Hollis Hall

    Hollis Hall29 күн мурун

    Celebs getting the virus..I seriously doubt it..,they are scared because of the indictments being sent to them in the mail..they are sicker than usual..and so sinful and sick POS!! Hopefully they will jump off a ledge

  46. Hollis Hall

    Hollis Hall29 күн мурун

    The virus we know is a planned power pack from the demorat party..they knew the nut was sick from China and knew he was going to spread the disease..that way the country would be feared into staying locked away,.and hoping america and thr universe would GO broke..then the filthy rich would step world order and control everyone...our 2 aces..God almighty! and his helper Donald Trump as President...Trump has put the one world order on a way of God..the universe will see what is happening when their blind eyes open..

  47. Grandma Dynomite Grandma Dynomite

    Grandma Dynomite Grandma DynomiteАй мурун


  48. Micah Singer

    Micah SingerАй мурун

    Aww...give me money

  49. villan sitoe

    villan sitoeАй мурун

    Tainted adrenechrome 👍and house arrests

  50. Killsocialmedia

    KillsocialmediaАй мурун

    Cough cough...bullshit. Solidarity is such an empty word these days. Its like watching these stupid commericals that talk about how they care. Notice how none of these people seem actually sick. If this was serious we wouldn't see so many asymptomatic individuals. Take note they never appear on video as sick. Coronaviruses have been around forever. The test does not test for just COVID 19

  51. Acg blah

    Acg blahАй мурун

    When i see the obituaries of the jack actors then i will give a damn. Nah, i still won't give a damn.

  52. Roger Moore

    Roger MooreАй мурун

    Why doesn't Boris Johnson comb his hair?

  53. Piano And Guitar Lover

    Piano And Guitar LoverАй мурун

    I will believe the privileged people only after I see their antibody test results. Otherwise. IT NEVER HAPPENED!

  54. Ashirion Sirius Alpha

    Ashirion Sirius AlphaАй мурун

    Q... follow the rabbit...

  55. Pc

    PcАй мурун

    Prince Charles caught it from Prince Albert of Monaco

  56. Muffy Margarita

    Muffy MargaritaАй мурун

    This is 🐃 💩 I want to see real news, not these disgusting people.

  57. Maverick Life

    Maverick LifeАй мурун

    If you’re a celebrity you’re ten times more likely to tell us you have the Corona virus.

  58. The Greatman

    The GreatmanАй мурун

    The list of celebs paid to say they’re sick with a fake virus keeps growing to reach a broader more gullible audience Plan-demic

  59. Sharptooth100

    Sharptooth100Ай мурун

    This is the modern Great Plague of London of the world to me.

  60. Kenneth King

    Kenneth KingАй мурун

    Who cares!

  61. awsome mom

    awsome momАй мурун

    🤔why don't I know anyone who has this. Yet all the rich and famous have it. Why is this????

  62. sportster davidson

    sportster davidsonАй мурун

    Hmm how many have died from it ,,,,,,none wow amazing , midea fear mongering and now they have the celebs on board ya haw good times .

  63. verelk1

    verelk1Ай мурун

    Who cares? I care more about health care workers without PPE getting it than these no marks

  64. milton ritfeld

    milton ritfeldАй мурун

    illuminati puppets. Do you know that allmost all of the male A list celebraties are butthandled by old jewish excecutives. It's mandatory if you want to become a member of the luciferian A list family. It's a sodemite society. that'll keep your mouth shot (as a matter of speech). Best way to keep secrets.and obey orders. Women have to use other female member's faces as a toilet bowla.THAT'S fame ffor you.

  65. Dre Walton

    Dre WaltonАй мурун

    You celebrities will start dropping soon the prophecy swine flu killed 50 million people what do you think this quick acting virus will do the next 3 weeks we should be at 5 million by then go to work if you want to you dropped dead I'm going to work increase your chances is it money or your family or your life two of those three twos. You should you should choose

  66. Tony Midyett

    Tony MidyettАй мурун

    The sheer amount of hate in Rand Paul's bloodstream will probably kill the virus.

  67. DebYah Ysrael

    DebYah YsraelАй мурун

    probably took tainted adrenachrome.

  68. 13th Exit

    13th ExitАй мурун

    Do you remember the Iran-Contra affair?

  69. Dean Bodnar

    Dean BodnarАй мурун

    Maybe they can give an award for the best pandering or virtue signaling during an epidemic.

  70. Roddy MacChlerich

    Roddy MacChlerichАй мурун

    Harvey Weinstein sang like a bird... Find a place to run I guess

  71. Ruth Buck

    Ruth BuckАй мурун

    Lol when are government bucks against the system I guess they end up getting the Coronavirus and Harvey Weinstein karma really bit you in the ass



    The storm is here WWG1 WGA

  73. James Bond

    James BondАй мурун

    Note to all celebrities. If you are on a journey we don't want to hear about you. Keep walking.

  74. Maurice Cardinal

    Maurice CardinalАй мурун

    Liars. All of them. Liars, just like their daddy/Lucifer. Lie away. Your time is short.

  75. Robert. Hansbury

    Robert. HansburyАй мурун

    I like to say thanks to the Academy and to Harvey Weinstein and the writers association and the people- ya sure why not for making this happen... we are millionaires and billionaires and i will throw you a can of corn and a box of oodles and noodles that was in my pantry for 2 years...OMG this ankle monitor is killing me...I'm out..✌✌💰✌✌

  76. 354 HEMI

    354 HEMIАй мурун

    Because we all have the genetic material they are testing for. The virus has never been isolated or seen under a microscope. The RNA they test positive for is present in 90% of the population. Wake up and research. Doctors all over are coming out against this scamdemic on humanity. This is beyond criminal.

  77. Praxy M92

    Praxy M92Ай мурун

    When it doesn't discriminate

  78. Haole Joe

    Haole JoeАй мурун

    We don’t give a flying f......

  79. John haworth

    John haworthАй мурун

    These washed up celebs are just looking for attention.

  80. Matthew Bishop

    Matthew BishopАй мурун

    Awwww didums

  81. Emilia Lucyy

    Emilia LucyyАй мурун

    Excuse me but it’s not teenagers that aren’t talking this seriously. It’s the elderly !

  82. mcdonald Cantor

    mcdonald CantorАй мурун

    Embracing for the worst??? ... Hey thank u for promoting the fear that attaches to the virus. Maybe saying it has affected the whole world but wel overcome it

  83. Aaron Mun

    Aaron MunАй мурун

    these people are sick!!! #17

  84. Mark Porter

    Mark PorterАй мурун

    David Bryan- “This will be over soon, with the help of every American.” The insularity of the U.S. never fails to astonish me.

  85. Elvis Lennon

    Elvis LennonАй мурун

    ( To Bette ) A long time ago you walked in to our life , And told me , you just bought a home ... Then we were talking about all kinds of things , And then you asked me where are you from? Oh Bette , I still can't Believe , you started talking to me ....I didn't see you as a Star " Just a nice Lady spending time with me , And as the years go by , I still Keep asking my self why ? Oh God " Why Didn't i just Sing ? ....Because Bette , Somethings you just can't forget , even if you tried ..... From the song , Bette Somethings You Just Cant Forget . Copyright 2016.. ..all rights reserved........

  86. Jacob Clark

    Jacob ClarkАй мурун

    I think because of the special circumstances special laws apply , I think all people that want to protest in a large group should first have to get a permit from a doctor and tested for the covid virus.