The Sony A7S ii in 2019 // Still worth it?

Basically.. If you can pick one of these up for £1500 or less, it's still an incredible camera. Any questions please be sure to leave a comment! **Original Review: **
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Red Scarlet-W
Sony A7sii
Canon 5D MK3
Canon 6D
Canon 24-70 f2.8
Canon 85mm f1.4
Canon 17-40 f4
Canon 50mm f1.8
Sigma 35mm f1.4
Zeiss Otus 55mm f1.4
SmallHD 701
SmallHD 501
DJI Phantom 4 Pro
DJI Mavic Pro
Zhiyun Crane
Iphone 7 Plus
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  1. kiddonline504

    kiddonline5047 ай мурун

    Still using mines I do professional wedding videography still awesome quality especially if you know what you’re doing only looking forward to the A7sIII or RED lol

  2. Nick Bogushevskiy

    Nick Bogushevskiy7 ай мурун

    I was sold after the first 18 seconds.

  3. Nikhil

    Nikhil8 ай мурун

    BBC planet earth uses this camera

  4. Joshua S. Peck

    Joshua S. Peck8 ай мурун

    100% worth it. been using it for like 4 ears and definitely wouldnt go back to canon for video. theres a lot to master but once youve got it down it works incredibly well.

  5. L J

    L J9 ай мурун

    Is low light capability the only reason to purchase this camera?

  6. L J

    L J9 ай мурун

    @CamWard I take it you mean video quality. Am sure for stills it's ok if you don't crop. Personally I've been using a four year old camera called Samsung NX1. If you don't know what this camera is capable of doing, still in 2019, I highly suggest some digging. However, yes the a7s ii is a good camera.

  7. CamWard

    CamWard9 ай мурун

    L J No the image quality is definitely one of the main reasons!

  8. Jonathan Coleman

    Jonathan Coleman9 ай мурун

    Amazing video. I’m getting my own Sony A7S soon! What focal lengths do you use most often?

  9. Zach Cooper

    Zach Cooper9 ай мурун

    i'm gonna say yes it is, as my main camera even if I do upgrade IMA KEEP THAT THANG ON ME

  10. Nathan Simpson

    Nathan Simpson11 ай мурун

    A7iii is almost as good in low light.

  11. Them Ones

    Them Ones11 ай мурун

    Got mine today for £1000 ❤️

  12. Tokyo Ame Productions

    Tokyo Ame Productions11 ай мурун

    i got mine for 500 pounds best perchase ever. but you should mention the price of the sony glass, its just crazy! I just have just been using vintage glass for video.

  13. Vlottje

    Vlottje11 ай мурун

    I make video's with this camera and I gotta say. It's gorgeous and works like a charm. Really recommend it

  14. Ali Mukhtar

    Ali Mukhtar10 ай мурун

    Thank you mate

  15. Vlottje

    Vlottje10 ай мурун

    @Ali Mukhtar hey dude, the Sony A7sii just crushes it in low light. I don't know any camera that performs better

  16. Ali Mukhtar

    Ali Mukhtar10 ай мурун

    Any other option in your opinion? Which model of sony works great in low light situations like a7sii or will you recommend to buy my first a7sii camera as i am Nikon user, want an upgrade for filming thanks!

  17. dottorcarlone

    dottorcarloneЖыл мурун

    Guys i ve never used sony but i m finding the menu quite confusing. How do you select photo mode on the a7s II and also when i use lenses with metabones i can t get the camera to focus in af...i don t see the focus points working and the camera doesnt focus whereas in video mode in continuos af the lens does focus automatically. Any clue?

  18. Incee Netinai

    Incee Netinai11 ай мурун

    there's this mode dial up top that has a bunch of letters M A S P Auto.... you should probably put it on auto maybe P for Pro mode jk

  19. Cody Davis

    Cody DavisЖыл мурун

    Would love to get your color grading technique for as7ii

  20. BK42 Channel

    BK42 ChannelЖыл мурун

    Very nice video. I love your footage and editing style! I got me in the first video!!! New friend in Warsaw

  21. CamWard

    CamWardЖыл мурун

    BK42 Channel Thank you!

  22. felipe olvera

    felipe olveraЖыл мурун

    Is the Glide Cam HD Pro still worth it in 2019?

  23. CamWard

    CamWardЖыл мурун

    felipe olvera If you’re on a budget a glidecam for cinema cameras is still worth it, for smaller DSLR’s and mirrorless definitely get a gimbal

  24. Cadan Palfreeman

    Cadan PalfreemanЖыл мурун

    Got mine for £1400 with just a scratch on screen :D

  25. Cadan Palfreeman

    Cadan PalfreemanЖыл мурун

    MediumBall haha it may be a few years :D

  26. MediumBall

    MediumBallЖыл мурун

    when you're done with it... let me buy it for 1100?

  27. Video Upskill

    Video UpskillЖыл мурун

    Cool video thanks.

  28. gillynova

    gillynovaЖыл мурун

    Thanks for the video cam!