trying to make homemade chinese food

egg rolls:
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  1. Leah L

    Leah LКүн мурун

    Dis boy has got it going on!

  2. Katie Pattee

    Katie PatteeКүн мурун

    boy you better drop the link to the fly killer gun thing

  3. Jalyn Johnson

    Jalyn Johnson5 күн мурун

    I dont like eggrolls

  4. Stories by Brittney

    Stories by Brittney6 күн мурун

    ahhh... I get it now. the reason Peach owes Jenna so much money is cause she was fired from her job as a susan chef. it's all coming together *nods profoundly*

  5. Andy Ryan

    Andy Ryan9 күн мурун

    Julen @ 5:21: and then one egg Me, watching this for the millionth time and somehow forgetting they're vegan: oh no Julen: *measures out normal amount of egg replacement*" Me: oh thank god

  6. bleebleeblahblah

    bleebleeblahblah9 күн мурун

    The way you cook is inspiring. 👏 Edit: I'm not kidding

  7. 2CentsBear

    2CentsBear9 күн мурун

    Why haven't you married your girl yet Julien. Seems you're pre-occupied with some sort of eboy phase

  8. Jada

    Jada12 күн мурун

    I don't like egg rolls.. I think we need to talk

  9. Cat-A- Tronics

    Cat-A- Tronics13 күн мурун

    Julien I’m sorry but that hat all I can see is Luigi XD

  10. Sydney Gowen

    Sydney Gowen13 күн мурун

    I knew Julien watched parks and rec but never had confirmation until now

  11. katie bee

    katie bee16 күн мурун

    But Julien, I don't like eggrolls

  12. Delaney White

    Delaney White16 күн мурун

    I love Jenna getting legitimately angry about how good this is

  13. Kaylee Bentley

    Kaylee Bentley17 күн мурун

    Fly: *exsists* Julien: *pulls out tha shotty on ‘em*

  14. Katie Cakes

    Katie Cakes17 күн мурун

    I have always watched your videos, but recently have had to switch to gluten free, and have had to come rewatch your stuff for ideas

  15. emily klimok

    emily klimok17 күн мурун

    Julien: *is vegan* Also julien: kills fly with fake shotgun with a scope 😂

  16. MediocreHaddie

    MediocreHaddie17 күн мурун


  17. Brenna Spaulding

    Brenna Spaulding18 күн мурун

    My 4 year old son... doesn’t like eggs rolls. I’m going to tell him to take it up with Julien. 😂

  18. Cheyenne //

    Cheyenne //22 күн мурун

    Oh shit we got an audience

  19. not_a_shorty

    not_a_shorty22 күн мурун

    Also try using rice paper (spring roll wrap) as gluten free egg roll wrap.

  20. not_a_shorty

    not_a_shorty22 күн мурун

    soak glass noodles in cold water until pliable if you want them pre cut. Glass noodles are made from bean starch which makes them clear.

  21. Noel Robertson

    Noel Robertson26 күн мурун

    4:26-4:53 WTF just happened???

  22. Squalls

    Squalls27 күн мурун

    try making indian tacos, itd be cool to see someone make something like that lol, maybe you could make a gluten free one, even though ive never heard of it lol

  23. MostLikelyDreaming

    MostLikelyDreaming27 күн мурун

    i've been feeling so shitty and binge watching a lot of yours and jenna's videos lately, and i just want to say thank you for making me smile. your cooking vids are always very soothing to me because i am also vegan and love cooking and it inspires me to try making more things instead of just eating the same few meals that are super quick to cook, especially when i get really into my depression like i am right now and don't want to eat at all. i know this is an older video, but i just had to say something because i also grew up eating a lot of chinese takeout as a kid and i really want to try making these once i feel okay enough to eat normally again. thank you for making me laugh and smile when i don't feel okay. you guys truly mean so much to so many people

  24. Chase Schoon

    Chase Schoon28 күн мурун

    1:17 my dude. Idk what that was but the sound effect cracked me up lol

  25. Kiwi MC

    Kiwi MCАй мурун

    Did he say satan meat? 😅😅😅

  26. Hammy Technoid

    Hammy TechnoidАй мурун

    Really enjoy Chinese food.... but MAN.... you need the meat! Teriyaki Beef at least!

  27. zm rh

    zm rhАй мурун

    the 'retard' coming out of me

  28. Payton Mogg-Roberts

    Payton Mogg-RobertsАй мурун

    should of used bread crumbs to help the ground beef keep its shape

  29. Claudia Huggins

    Claudia HugginsАй мурун

    julien! make ramen like traditional Japanese ramen please. you’d do so good. please and thanks.

  30. RavenHawkTech

    RavenHawkTechАй мурун

    As a recent had to go Gluten Free you give me some good ideas I was laughing though, you said "Soy sauce" and I'm like wait that has Gluten in... Oh nm red lid it's the gluten free one lol

  31. Riley Crow

    Riley CrowАй мурун

    Rectangle Beef Pieces band name, called it

  32. KENDRAndom Lee

    KENDRAndom LeeАй мурун

    “No one can tell me anything” well I can bc I think you made spring rolls and not egg rolls lol

  33. Janine Gagnon

    Janine GagnonАй мурун

    thank you julen for making aries kitchen so special to me.

  34. DizzyChick Awa

    DizzyChick AwaАй мурун

    I don't like egg rolls. For some reason every since I was a kid it feels and tastes like cat or reminds me of cat when I eat it. To me. Not that I know what cat tastes like but it just reminds me of cat or like cats in it.

  35. Paul Dee

    Paul DeeАй мурун

    Bunny at 19:53 : "how dare you make beef and bonkly in my house. I'm calling the police"

  36. Alex Atkins

    Alex AtkinsАй мурун


  37. kaitlin.

    kaitlin.Ай мурун

    I need to stop binging these I'm getting so hungry

  38. Gizmo Dawn

    Gizmo DawnАй мурун

    You should do seitan next time for the beef! The vegan place near me uses that for mongolian beef and it's soooooo good. I've only been vegetarian for 2 years and it freaked me out how close to the real thing it was.

  39. Louis Buckmeier

    Louis BuckmeierАй мурун

    Julen: "Why are you crawling around like a dog?" Jennnnnnnaaa: "No OtHeR pLaCe To LaY dOwN" Julen: "Then I'll stAnd on your back"

  40. Allie Kat

    Allie KatАй мурун

    I have been watching a lot of Julien's cooking videos lately and was wondering if having celiac disease and being vegan was difficult because many of his gluten free ingredients seem to be vegan as well? As a person with celiac I have been curious.

  41. Jordan Steed

    Jordan SteedАй мурун

    Goes vegan because eatting/ killing animals is cruel. Shoots fly with salt gun and kills it.

  42. maddie nutella

    maddie nutellaАй мурун

    i tried this recipe and added a shit ton of red chili flakes and it was so good

  43. Noah Van Leeuwen

    Noah Van LeeuwenАй мурун

    julien: k guys so we got some pretty dope ingredients also julien: pulls out some water

  44. Cake Gamu

    Cake GamuАй мурун

    Tag urself I'm Julien saying "Hello?" to the noodles

  45. Jessica Gohring

    Jessica GohringАй мурун

    I’m “I love it when you cook and I do nothing.”

  46. Because I feal like it 0.0

    Because I feal like it 0.0Ай мурун

    20000 IQ Julian! It's over 9000!

  47. Jade Soriano

    Jade SorianoАй мурун

    I don’t like egg rolls, let’s talk Julien

  48. Sally Foreman

    Sally ForemanАй мурун

    Dogs bark Julien: I'm sorry I'm sorry was anyone talking to you Julien: do a cooking here okay don't you come up in my kitchen like that Julien: i don't think they like Julien: what oh there's a fly right there hold on hold on yeah yeah idc if dogs get mad i got a fly shotgun with a ACOG scope on it and i will defeat this fly because he's coming up to my kitchen wile I'm cooking he Gun shot Julien: boom headshot nothing but net Me: thanks a lot Julien now u made the dogs bark how pleasant 😾🐶🐕🐈🐱🐺

  49. Islam Deeb

    Islam DeebАй мурун

    Keep the filling in a strainer and put a pot or bowl under it to cleanly drain the liquid so that it’s not dripping wet

  50. Katie King

    Katie KingАй мурун

    I can’t eat egg rolls, do I get a pass?

  51. elfie42

    elfie42Ай мурун

    Julien: steps on jenna’s back Jenna: stands up Julien: covers his balls “please don’t hurt me”

  52. Spencer Allegra

    Spencer Allegra2 ай мурун

    Daaaaamn that looks good

  53. Metalhead 1966

    Metalhead 19662 ай мурун

    I checked out your photo prints. I'm so proud of you!

  54. Rebekah Wilkinson

    Rebekah Wilkinson2 ай мурун

    I vote that julien makes he own cook book

  55. Alex Mercil

    Alex Mercil2 ай мурун

    Best intros on the internet

  56. angie castro

    angie castro2 ай мурун


  57. Rachel Bowes

    Rachel Bowes2 ай мурун

    4:56 I’ve never seen a bag with Velcro closure??

  58. Danielle Rodgers

    Danielle Rodgers2 ай мурун

    If you want beef, then why don’t you eat beef? Or I guess I’m asking why are you vegan?

  59. Danielle Rodgers

    Danielle RodgersАй мурун

    abcd efgh oh he thinks it’s more environmentally friendly and healthier? Ok thank you for replying. 🙏

  60. abcd efgh

    abcd efghАй мурун

    Danielle Rodgers more environmentally friendly, healthier

  61. john

    john2 ай мурун

    it's so sweet that he's willing to make that just for her again friendship goals

  62. Ruthanne Hubsmith

    Ruthanne Hubsmith2 ай мурун

    Please give this man a Netflix cooking show!

  63. 严琳炯

    严琳炯2 ай мурун

    oh! that cooking wine is from my hometown Shaoxin. so happy seeing julien holding the bottle