I make videos.

It's been real, but I'm out!

It's been real, but I'm out!

9 күн мурун

My New Car!

My New Car!

12 күн мурун

I hate Lilys Garden and her teeth


12 күн мурун

5/5 Rated Pewdiepie Fan Game

5/5 Rated Pewdiepie Fan Game

14 күн мурун

Designs that will make you MAD!
You Laugh You DONATE

You Laugh You DONATE

16 күн мурун

NINJA is drafted for WW3...

NINJA is drafted for WW3...

17 күн мурун

2020 Memes are gonna be EPIC

2020 Memes are gonna be EPIC

18 күн мурун



19 күн мурун

Happy Wheels is Cancelled

Happy Wheels is Cancelled

22 күн мурун

Answering Very Personal Questions


28 күн мурун

Pigeon Simulator

Pigeon Simulator

29 күн мурун

Jump King - i HATE this game
I hate twitter

I hate twitter

Ай мурун

YouTube is Stinky

YouTube is Stinky

Ай мурун

I Am Fish

I Am Fish

Ай мурун

You Laugh you DRINK - YLYL #0067
The Joker VS Society meme

The Joker VS Society meme

2 ай мурун



2 ай мурун

I DESTROY people at MY OWN Game
Which is my worst CONTROVERSY?
This has to end..  LWIAY #0097
You Haha, You Lose! YLYL #0066
This needs to stop.. LWIAY #0095
Nah. - RL Minecraft - 2

Nah. - RL Minecraft - 2

3 ай мурун

stop the reddit drama LWIAY #0094
  1. MysticRose

    MysticRose9 саат мурун

    Felix you got a lot on your shoulders. A beautiful wife. KGgo. Crazy but amazing dogs. If anyone can do anything, it's you Felix. I believe in you. So does the rest of the world. Been watching you for a long time now. I love you man ❤

  2. Carlo Salatovic

    Carlo Salatovic9 саат мурун

    Day 8: I see him everywhere I go. Is this bad ?

  3. Sean Ronan

    Sean Ronan9 саат мурун

    Who's here before 10 mil likes?

  4. Taschip

    Taschip9 саат мурун

    Let's get this video to 100 million views, boys.

  5. AndreiRO

    AndreiRO10 саат мурун

    Like dacă ești român 👇🏼👇🏼

  6. JazvecGabo TV

    JazvecGabo TV10 саат мурун

    'Felix you gotta warn me before you put on little black babies like that.' -Ethan from h3h3 2016

  7. Jordan S. Cardona

    Jordan S. Cardona10 саат мурун

    Edger nude pics 💀💀😂😂

  8. Repainter The

    Repainter The10 саат мурун

    Make video “pewd sdoes everything”

  9. Диджей Фрэнк

    Диджей Фрэнк10 саат мурун

    Во первых вы искали русский комментарий. Во вторых вы в ах потому что он написал на русском.

  10. Polina Nikolaeva

    Polina Nikolaeva10 саат мурун

    Sven: *0.00001% XP* PewDiePie: EAAAT CHICKEN, DOG!!!! 😂👌🐺🍗❤️

  11. Tyler DuVall

    Tyler DuVall10 саат мурун

    Anyone here rewatching old vids since pewds is on break?

  12. Wacky pixels

    Wacky pixels10 саат мурун

    psychopathic kid gets viral on the internet Dr Phil: ah shit here we go again

  13. aldi hyuga

    aldi hyuga10 саат мурун

    T series or Pewdie

  14. The User

    The User10 саат мурун

    India should to what China did to deal with this overrated, talentless piece of dog S KGgor.

  15. Кирилл Оглезнев

    Кирилл Оглезнев10 саат мурун

    я на английском нихуя не понимаю

  16. Crazy Cat

    Crazy Cat10 саат мурун

    2020 anyone? Just me? Ok

  17. one wan

    one wan10 саат мурун

    i hate waiting, but if its waiting for you i will wait.

  18. Aleksa Mišović

    Aleksa Mišović10 саат мурун


  19. Sky Hoshi

    Sky Hoshi10 саат мурун

    Sven or jabba the hut? You can choose both

  20. MriPro

    MriPro10 саат мурун

    Don't quit pls I just can't stand if you quit pls can t series quit you don't quit pls I beg you bro Im your biggest fan😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  21. Lucho Martel

    Lucho Martel10 саат мурун

    08:46 *how dare you*

  22. NotFaizan

    NotFaizan10 саат мурун


  23. Polina Nikolaeva

    Polina Nikolaeva10 саат мурун

    Я одна тут раша пьюпл? 😂😂👌 Русские, отзовитесь 🤣🇷🇺 ПьюдиПай, ты как всегда супер)))00)0) PewDiePie, you is perfect 😂👌❤️❤️❤️

  24. YT Astro

    YT Astro10 саат мурун

    This was made in my birthday, does that mean congratulations to me too :)

  25. Peridot but also Jayden

    Peridot but also Jayden10 саат мурун

    Why is this been recommended to me three years after it was uploaded

  26. Niz Goemkar Update

    Niz Goemkar Update10 саат мурун


  27. AGG Light

    AGG Light10 саат мурун

    Jokers arch enemy=Belle Delfine

  28. Sandun Deemantha

    Sandun Deemantha10 саат мурун

    Big pp Can anyone describe meaning???

  29. Laura VanStaden

    Laura VanStaden10 саат мурун

    😭 bye pewds hope to see you again.

  30. zesty-gamer XD

    zesty-gamer XD10 саат мурун


  31. YT Astro

    YT Astro10 саат мурун

    If this isnt the best, I will raid KGgo during WW3

  32. PumpingBlastoise

    PumpingBlastoise10 саат мурун

    Ive been starting watching u when I was 4 yrs old

  33. Bryan Aguiar

    Bryan Aguiar10 саат мурун

    7:16 I rot the geference

  34. Jahseh Onfroy

    Jahseh Onfroy10 саат мурун

    COPPA cant touch this

  35. graeme

    graeme10 саат мурун

    Come back soon Pewds! Have a fun break though. Hope you guys do some traveling and some nice downtime somewhere cool

  36. Caedmon McCart

    Caedmon McCart10 саат мурун

    Yo I’m just happy when my mom will occasionally pay for my gas 🤦🏻‍♂️

  37. Ardi XD

    Ardi XD10 саат мурун

    PewDiePie: says some shit about Minecraft PewDiePie 2020 : *Minecraft veteran*

  38. Helping poor Join with us

    Helping poor Join with us10 саат мурун

    How to approach you for a fund rising???

  39. ross dela pena

    ross dela pena10 саат мурун

    Who watching in 2020? :)

  40. XD plays YEET

    XD plays YEET10 саат мурун

    You bully

  41. PumpingBlastoise

    PumpingBlastoise10 саат мурун

    It's been a long time pewds

  42. Paige S

    Paige S10 саат мурун

    it is for ANKLES

  43. Matthew

    Matthew10 саат мурун


  44. The Soapers

    The Soapers10 саат мурун

    After u see this u will gay

  45. Huzaifa Ghouri

    Huzaifa Ghouri10 саат мурун

    Who the fuck liked 1.1m likes😾

  46. julia ɐᴉlnɾ

    julia ɐᴉlnɾ10 саат мурун


  47. Pro Gamer

    Pro Gamer10 саат мурун

    out of all the cabins you choosed the weakest one

  48. Foki Iván

    Foki Iván10 саат мурун

    I wonder where will he put his tongue next 😏😏😏😏😏

  49. M.A .A.F

    M.A .A.F10 саат мурун

    3:14 I catch snow without wearing gloves

  50. Chirag Singh

    Chirag Singh10 саат мурун

    Man now you said you have to play Last of Us 2

  51. Luukku YT

    Luukku YT10 саат мурун

    1,5 million comments!

  52. Yank ee

    Yank ee10 саат мурун

    God dammit i was tearing so bad but im so happy for you two very much. :')

  53. elmerimc

    elmerimc10 саат мурун

    I watched on 0,25

  54. 1k subscribers Challange trying to grow on youtube

    1k subscribers Challange trying to grow on youtube10 саат мурун

    10 years? I was born on 10 years back

  55. #arrowverse /star wars

    #arrowverse /star wars10 саат мурун

    I agree

  56. Michhil Ahmed

    Michhil Ahmed10 саат мурун

    love iiiiiiiit

  57. Just B0TI

    Just B0TI10 саат мурун


  58. Shush Kats

    Shush Kats10 саат мурун

    Anyone else here to satisfy their need of Pewds while he's on break?

  59. Angelica Nieto

    Angelica Nieto10 саат мурун

    No you do not

  60. MAHER_TP

    MAHER_TP10 саат мурун

    What do you speak arabe i am arabi

  61. Joey Oden

    Joey Oden10 саат мурун

    He’s still alive

  62. MuushyRoom

    MuushyRoom10 саат мурун

    Sees this in my recommendations i thought pewdiepie is back but when i saw the thumbnail saying shes ok meme.

  63. Teh Epic Duck

    Teh Epic Duck10 саат мурун

    Tabloit or whatever it's called xd

  64. th04 gaming

    th04 gaming10 саат мурун


  65. Mr. Hammad

    Mr. Hammad10 саат мурун

    I am not quiting media Felix: This my last video Us: Helps us

  66. Mila Leila

    Mila Leila10 саат мурун

    My dad is a Republican who likes watching fox news, but my dad loved you since I was a child because you make me smile. I'm an OG 9 year old from the alice madness return days.... Please finish the series.............

  67. Eve crybaby

    Eve crybaby10 саат мурун

    Que tipo de Luba é esse??

  68. doda radi

    doda radi10 саат мурун

    Soka blyat

  69. Isaac Plumbo

    Isaac Plumbo10 саат мурун

    so how much money does he really have?

  70. HelperisYTF- Игровой канал Хэлпериса

    HelperisYTF- Игровой канал Хэлпериса10 саат мурун

    Lol good idea

  71. Hacher Unfriended

    Hacher Unfriended10 саат мурун

    Can I pay in subscribes?

  72. Unkncwn

    Unkncwn10 саат мурун

    The first one is obviously photoshopped.

  73. Zyxx XCeed

    Zyxx XCeed10 саат мурун

    I play it in 0.25x and its like taking forever

  74. PumpingBlastoise

    PumpingBlastoise10 саат мурун

    The ending is like in minecraft story mode a pig has to sacrifice to save his owner

  75. Ever Gamer

    Ever Gamer10 саат мурун

    Obrigado pewdiepie Obrigado por existir

  76. aryan bhingarde

    aryan bhingarde10 саат мурун


  77. Una

    Una10 саат мурун

    She's cute :)

  78. Samantha Rowsell

    Samantha Rowsell10 саат мурун

    “We’re not being mysogynetics here”

  79. Fred Castellon

    Fred Castellon10 саат мурун

    FaZe Brian 💀💀💀

  80. Кирито Мистик

    Кирито Мистик10 саат мурун

    Лол на русском название

  81. Mamadou Charo

    Mamadou Charo10 саат мурун

    Nice pp

  82. #ALI# Reza#

    #ALI# Reza#10 саат мурун

    With im from iran

  83. ben_deus

    ben_deus10 саат мурун

    Who else is watching and pretending that it's the first day after he took a break, to make this shorter ???

  84. Lucky the Duck

    Lucky the Duck10 саат мурун

    Wtf its says 6 months and i blink now its 9 months old please stop

  85. Reychelle Mae

    Reychelle Mae10 саат мурун

    I miss u already:(

  86. J Kabuto

    J Kabuto10 саат мурун

    1:42 Wasnt that Norways flag guys?

  87. Esked

    Esked10 саат мурун

    O Luba saiu do Crossfit?

  88. Sub you won’t

    Sub you won’t10 саат мурун

    She wants ur money :)

  89. Jojo FFG

    Jojo FFG10 саат мурун

    Le français on est la ou pas

  90. Mike UwU

    Mike UwU10 саат мурун

    Yes it is

  91. Jessica Jenkins

    Jessica Jenkins10 саат мурун

    Everytime I have a bad day I come back to this just to see Elon laugh at that deer. What is wrong with me!!

  92. Tuấn Vượng Vũ

    Tuấn Vượng Vũ10 саат мурун

    2020 ?

  93. mr Sagna

    mr Sagna10 саат мурун

    He already has 100 million subscribers.

  94. Juliana Cintra

    Juliana Cintra10 саат мурун

    4:29 r/that's not how girls work Yes, I'm that person who mention subreddits in other platforms.

  95. Thomas Ardizzone

    Thomas Ardizzone10 саат мурун

    I feel like Elon copied apple when the glass broke, he had it weakened on purpose to get people to talk about it, like when Apple had the facial recognition that didn't work. Otherwise the truck would have just been a weird looking electric truck.

  96. Jgaming Cod mobile

    Jgaming Cod mobile10 саат мурун

    I feel old this was in 2018

  97. SyannaEmrys

    SyannaEmrys10 саат мурун

    I won't lie; watching these people saying "you shouldn't subscribe to him, if you do you're stupid" made me subscribe to this channel, just on principle... xD

  98. JBderEchte YT

    JBderEchte YT10 саат мурун

    How long are you gonna be gone master Pewds?

  99. Gul. 100 mill

    Gul. 100 mill10 саат мурун

    The graphs guy is a genious. a comedy genious

  100. unique faith

    unique faith10 саат мурун

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