julien solomita
julien solomita
julien solomita

i make videos that range from dog birthday celebrations all the way to recklessly cooking in my kitchen. also sometimes featured are my girlfriend jenna as well as our pack of crying doggos; kermit, peach, marbles and bunny

i made pozole rojo (mexican soup)
trying to deep fry ice cream

trying to deep fry ice cream

10 күн мурун

i made a lentil loaf for jenna

i made a lentil loaf for jenna

27 күн мурун

i tried making cheez-its
next stop pies!

next stop pies!

Ай мурун

making cornbread is really easy
i competed in jiu jitsu

i competed in jiu jitsu

2 ай мурун

i tried making a bloomin' onion
i made a better chicken sandwich
two vet appointments in one day
making sushi is really easy
kermit's 9th birthday

kermit's 9th birthday

7 ай мурун

peach's 5th birthday

peach's 5th birthday

7 ай мурун

bunny's first birthday party
making tofu that doesn't suck
trying to make diy lays chips
making a giant aries cookie

making a giant aries cookie

10 ай мурун

aries season (official trailer)
i got a tattoo at a tattoo expo
i got an italian greyhound tattoo
my new animal friends

my new animal friends

Жыл мурун

j&j's kitchen for a rainy day
home improvement

home improvement

Жыл мурун

crying for no reason

crying for no reason

Жыл мурун

my tribute to buttercup

my tribute to buttercup

Жыл мурун

kermit got bit by a spider
we threw a party with glow sticks
stress day

stress day

Жыл мурун

back in the tattoo chair

back in the tattoo chair

Жыл мурун

julien's kitchen - pad thai
a struggle at dinner

a struggle at dinner

Жыл мурун

kermit is an aggressive kisser
what kind of dog is this (cat)
an excited boy

an excited boy

Жыл мурун

an aries in the kitchen

an aries in the kitchen

Жыл мурун

kermit stepped in oil paint
the story behind my tattoo
peach and a pelican

peach and a pelican

Жыл мурун

our car eating show (vegan poke)
coming up for air

coming up for air

Жыл мурун

i got a new car

i got a new car

Жыл мурун

kermit fell into the pool

kermit fell into the pool

Жыл мурун

something fun i'm doing

something fun i'm doing

Жыл мурун

family dinner

family dinner

Жыл мурун

dog massage

dog massage

Жыл мурун

the second part

the second part

Жыл мурун

kermit got stung by a bee

kermit got stung by a bee

Жыл мурун

too thicc

too thicc

Жыл мурун

vegan pad thai *hunger warning*
scratching lottery tickets
our curry eating show (mukbang)
taking care of our cermets
kermit’s 8th birthday

kermit’s 8th birthday

Жыл мурун

peachy's 4th birthday

peachy's 4th birthday

Жыл мурун

mr. marbles 10th birthday

mr. marbles 10th birthday

Жыл мурун

a new chapter

a new chapter

Жыл мурун

we bought a house and moved
our pizza eating show (mukbang)
insecure dog

insecure dog

Жыл мурун

looking at memes with my dad
the most ratchet salon

the most ratchet salon

Жыл мурун

making our (vegan) hot ones
an aries birthday

an aries birthday

Жыл мурун

hey sisters

hey sisters

Жыл мурун

we got tattoos

we got tattoos

Жыл мурун

a tribute to our hamster

a tribute to our hamster

Жыл мурун

  1. Saul Reyes

    Saul Reyes4 саат мурун

    This ain’t it Chief You got somewhat close

  2. Angie Castillo

    Angie Castillo4 саат мурун

    Yoooo Julien, this is so freaking beautiful. I love your spin on it. Thank you for respecting the mexican culture whilst cooking it. I hope you will cook more mexican food soon.

  3. lauren haubrich

    lauren haubrich4 саат мурун

    I love how they all have to take a Break for “doggie birthday month” and it hurts my heart😂😂

  4. janet coronado

    janet coronado4 саат мурун

    So proud 🙌 Thanks for making pozole!!!!

  5. Anna Piekut

    Anna Piekut5 саат мурун

    When I have my own Taurus kitchen, where I will be able to do my own Taurus mess, Imma cook food from your videos at least once a week. You just make me want to enjoy food so much more (not that I don't right now, I'm a foodie af already). I love this show.

  6. Alex Mendoza D

    Alex Mendoza D5 саат мурун

    Damn I’m hungry af now😩

  7. Eve Aldin

    Eve Aldin5 саат мурун

    I didn't notice how high your apron was until I did and it stresses me out

  8. ashiteru93

    ashiteru935 саат мурун

    Ok you too are cute! Also you're my new fav chef mukbanger. Such a serene calming video. I mean there was a point where I thought you messed up, but you pulled through. 👍

  9. ashiteru93

    ashiteru935 саат мурун

    Guaranteed .. maybe 😂

  10. Itzel Martinez

    Itzel Martinez5 саат мурун

    You know the Chile’s good when you choke on the smoke 💨

  11. yesenia is average

    yesenia is average5 саат мурун

    As a proud Mexican I can say that my mom makes a pot of this for every holiday and you can NEVER have too much pozole! She’ll usually make so much that for a family of 5 we will have enough to last an entire week in which we are eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner😂😂

  12. Jordan Ortiz

    Jordan Ortiz5 саат мурун

    Julien: should I half this recipe? Me a seasoned latina: yea if you're not planning on feeding at least ten people XD

  13. Ja Ju

    Ja Ju5 саат мурун

    I’m so proud that you say it right, this is one of my favorite things to make and a lot of New Mexicans I know don’t even say it right😂

  14. Adree

    Adree5 саат мурун

    Please make a Thai pad see eww dish!! ✨

  15. Grey Berndt

    Grey Berndt5 саат мурун

    not your birthday!!

  16. Kirra

    Kirra5 саат мурун

    i really like the head camera situation. i feel like it be easier for you to film and edit

  17. S C

    S C5 саат мурун

    Your mum is gorgeous. The quiet confidence, the power, the elegance, the beauty. I aspire to be like her. ❤️

  18. Ms. Gabriela

    Ms. Gabriela5 саат мурун

    You should make Patacones or Arepas, those are venezuelan dishes

  19. Tara

    Tara5 саат мурун

    Make golumpkis! I can send you my polish grandmas recipe!

  20. kayla varela

    kayla varela5 саат мурун

    Amazing job Julien! You should do a series of international dishes! The way you make the chilis is kinda the same way you make tamales! We always used the leftovers to repurpose new food!

  21. Kate Kursive

    Kate Kursive5 саат мурун

    I dig chipped nails look on people. Just so bomb for some reason

  22. Leslie Morales

    Leslie Morales5 саат мурун

    i hope they finished the soup in the bowl, otherwise they can’t leave the table

  23. Valerie Luna

    Valerie Luna5 саат мурун

    Green salsa on top and 👌

  24. Lilly Gallagher

    Lilly Gallagher5 саат мурун

    my dad always used to make cream of hominy soup when we were little, you should try it since you really liked the hominy!

  25. Iris Nadine

    Iris Nadine5 саат мурун

    Dude pozole with some tostadas🤤 He should make menudo next

  26. Duchesse de Berne

    Duchesse de Berne5 саат мурун

    Bowl: BIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMM Julien: Calm down

  27. Annamo Carter

    Annamo Carter6 саат мурун

    As a "Mexican Mama," as you so sweetly put it lol you did an amazing job, carino. I'm proud of you. Obviously, it's not authentic, and thinks would be done differently in a Mexican household, but you did so good. And I was just WAITING for the lime to come in, and I was almost disappointed, but then YOU CAME THROUGH AND DID THAT. 👏🏽😭 This Mexican Mama is proud of you. Amazing job! 🖤

  28. Kylie Killss

    Kylie Killss6 саат мурун

    Leave it to white people to create a white people spin and use fake meat 😂

  29. Kelsey Shaw

    Kelsey Shaw6 саат мурун

    Researching this video, recently got a google nest.... he set it off & it scared the crap out of me 😂

  30. rossieq1

    rossieq16 саат мурун

    Posole is my all time favorite thing... I could and have eaten it for a week straight.. lol i add cucumbers 🥒 to mine it soaks up the lime and makes it sooo good.

  31. Leah Harlan

    Leah Harlan6 саат мурун

    "Oh yeah? What else you got?" Office reference.

  32. MidnightAmythest

    MidnightAmythest6 саат мурун

    I'm actually so proud and happy you guys like it!!! I love posole!

  33. Solania Blackhiden

    Solania Blackhiden6 саат мурун

    Look I know it's weird but I literally cried when Julien went to "hug" the camera. I recently moved abroad and I'm feeling lonely, and because I've been watching Jenna and Julien's videos for so long... I feel close to them and idk it was just so nice 😭 sorry if it's strange

  34. maritza

    maritza6 саат мурун

    this recipe is great i’ve made my own version of veggie pozole but never thought of using the beyond brat. my only complaint is that pozole pairs better with tostadas than with tortillas (they don’t get soggy!)

  35. Killer Tokyo

    Killer Tokyo6 саат мурун

    There was this ticking sound at one point in the video and it threw me off. I thought it was the stove clicking. X3

  36. Andrea G

    Andrea G6 саат мурун

    Probably my favorite episode! I’m trying this soon :) Just one note: the Chile is pronounced “gua-hee-yo”

  37. Ceci Hernandez

    Ceci Hernandez6 саат мурун

    TRY IT WITH LIME!!! It’s soo good with lime

  38. Joel Kennedy

    Joel Kennedy6 саат мурун

    Everyone is flipping about "when we have kids" but guys, dont freaking pressure them!!!! They might change their mind! It's not a promise! Things change, they might have kids they might not, they have their reasons and it's Their Business. They have four fur babies and a million plant babies and we should appreciate what we get.

  39. Big Daddy

    Big Daddy6 саат мурун

    Never eaten posole with tortillas Always tostadas

  40. Lulu

    Lulu6 саат мурун

    I love pozole

  41. Ileana  Alicea

    Ileana Alicea6 саат мурун

    The taco break got me- liked and subscribed (the king pao tofu helps)

  42. faithdanielle

    faithdanielle6 саат мурун

    bunny said: sike this wasn’t my birthday at all

  43. cynthia c

    cynthia c6 саат мурун

    that looks so bomb

  44. Danni Balderrama

    Danni Balderrama6 саат мурун

    *HI MEXICAN PERSON HERE!* huge fan of pozole as well lmao, my abuela has a recipe really similar to Julien's so i asked her to give some advice! -add cumin and pepper to the adobo part (for more flavour, toast the spices as well on a pan, just a little), also, de-seed the chiles first, it's easier than dee-seed them already hydrated -instead of cabbage as a topping, you can use some lettuce, and radishes in cubes help too! -try to use tostadas instead of tortillas, crunchy helps with texture and also flavour (you can use totopos) we don't put cilantro but will try next time, sounds delicious. It's really nice to see somebody who doesn't usually eats autochthonous food try it, Pozole is really old in mexican and mesoamerican history, it was made by the mayans for the rich people when they sacrificed people to the gods and they actually used the meat of the tribute, so it uses pork now because apparently pork meat resembles nice to human meat. im really looking forward to Julien's next recipe!

  45. Aneesa Castellanos

    Aneesa Castellanos6 саат мурун

    hey man just wanted to let you know your recipe would be so amazing if you replaced that disgusting out of place sausage (i say this with love) , with very similar seasoned and cooked jackfruit

  46. lucid f1nnz

    lucid f1nnz6 саат мурун

    Dipping dots but deep fried .

  47. Katherine Orellana

    Katherine Orellana6 саат мурун

    I’ve had to help my mom prep this and she usually makes me take the top and inside off the Guajillo chili, before boiling it, and I would have also take the top of the onion off too just cause

  48. Taylor Collins

    Taylor Collins6 саат мурун

    Popped Hominy sounds like a fifth harmony cover band.

  49. Megan Daley

    Megan Daley6 саат мурун

    At the end I thought he was wiping the counter with a tortilla...

  50. Zainab Q.

    Zainab Q.6 саат мурун

    did you ever get your stove back?

  51. Christina Kelly

    Christina Kelly6 саат мурун

    You should get a sodastream and make chili la croix with your chili water

  52. lely

    lely6 саат мурун

    pozole is my favorite Mexican dish every time my mom makes it i make sure i have enough for like the next three days lmao but its so nice see how julien makes it, makes me wanna try it!

  53. ukulai

    ukulai7 саат мурун

    Shrek : SOMEONE BETTER BE DYING *kermit : **0:10*

  54. Iris Dixon

    Iris Dixon7 саат мурун

    just seeing all of this makes me a lot more aware of the fact that crashes can happen no matter the circumstances and it just really makes me think, “i’m pretty reckless when it comes to wearing my seatbelt, but i’m so glad that my parents force me to, especially when my brother’s driving.” and since seeing this video i’ve always worn my seatbelt so the lesson learned is: always wear your seatbelt, kids

  55. armysister125

    armysister1257 саат мурун

    JULIEN, you should make a vegan MENUDO with TVP!!!!!!

  56. Sheldon John

    Sheldon John7 саат мурун

    you should add water chestnuts

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    ximena hdz7 саат мурун

    2:16 as a mexican that loves julien im so nervous

  58. Hunter Burns

    Hunter Burns7 саат мурун

    Julien: “I’m not good at cooking” Me: cutting a potato with a butter knife and no cutting board

  59. Nia

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    This makes me so happy as a vegan Mexicannn :)))) Yay Mijo Julian represent

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    The hominy IS the pozole, I mean like it's the real name. Now I want one but can't afford one.

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    Canab Maxamuud7 саат мурун

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    Jesus Christ7 саат мурун

    PLEASE make a cook book! i have celiac disease and having a ton of cool recipes in one place would be great!

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    Kaye Burfoot7 саат мурун

    As soon as she stepped in the shallow part I got a sudden, vivid image of a prehistoric herbivorous dinosaur wading in the watering hole

  65. maddy

    maddy7 саат мурун

    make sancocho next 🇩🇴

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    Reaper The Raptor7 саат мурун

    Kermit is the derpiest dog ever

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    Angel Vaz7 саат мурун

    I think you should make fried chips out of flakes to add to the ice cream or make a bowl out of the flakes

  68. Jessica

    Jessica7 саат мурун

    We had a whole manners unit in 8th Grade, whole classes about eating properly and polite conversation. It ended in a lunch at a Chinese restaurant.

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    the king of the void7 саат мурун

    Are you sure the dogs are only things that are high

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    Gloria Garcia7 саат мурун

    Julie!!! U should make huaraches using the tortilla press. You fry it and everything omg its sooo gooood.

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    I can had pozole?

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    Jay Eli7 саат мурун

    Wow great job!! Did he cook the tortillas? Pozole is no joke he tackled it well!

  73. Anitaa Chann

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  74. Jennifer Bell

    Jennifer Bell8 саат мурун


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    Shabby Cat8 саат мурун

    What kind of chemicals are inside that egg substitute to make it taste like egg???

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    My mom says she is very proud of you. It looks perfect.

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    Please My Plants8 саат мурун

    I was a little worried that he was handling chiles with his bare hands, but he wasn't crying, so I guess he didn't touch his eyes. Good boy

  78. Mizzzy90

    Mizzzy908 саат мурун

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  79. spiggyo

    spiggyo8 саат мурун

    I cannot believe you missed the golden opportunity of puns. When Julien poured the coconut oil into your palm, I 100% believed with all of my being that he was going to say "now it's palm oil"

  80. LO

    LO8 саат мурун

    Omg hah I always tear up corn tortillas and add it to my posole hah

  81. LO

    LO8 саат мурун

    Aw I have always been intimidated to try making posole rojo but thanks to my favorite Aries, I feel excited to try this. Also, it looks delish! My gram would be proud 🙌🏼😭 🇲🇽

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    Rebecca Rodriguez8 саат мурун

    This looks bomb af!! Definitely gonna try

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    lauranorwar8 саат мурун

    I love the different relationships that Bunny has with Jenna and Julien. She clearly loves and trusts both of them, but with Jenna it’s about gentle cuddles and soft conversation, while with Julien it’s zoomies and full on Aries madness.

  87. Matthew Delgado

    Matthew Delgado8 саат мурун

    I don't know about y'all but I've only ever had pozole rojo I wanna see him attempt Mole know

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    Cadence The Sloth8 саат мурун

    Has Julien been watching the good place tho

  89. lonelyjokers 4

    lonelyjokers 48 саат мурун

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    This has been my dad’s specially dish since I was a little kid, when I became a vegetarian I couldn’t eat it anymore but julien just gave me my childhood back.

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    Tiara Ariel9 саат мурун

    6:42 "That's like the perfect amount, I didn't even measure it" - we know Julien, we know.

  93. Martha Hinojosa

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    Christina Arreola9 саат мурун

    Ohhhh I’m excited to watch this! Pero like, when I would make vegan pozole, I’d use jackfruit to maintain the pulled pork texture bc when I make it regular I use pork shoulder or neck

  99. maddi

    maddi9 саат мурун

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