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  1. Yazan Farkh

    Yazan Farkh2 саат мурун

    She works with rocks everyday?? 😐😂

  2. Mikeyy12 C.Lennz

    Mikeyy12 C.Lennz2 саат мурун

    Pus just pass out what the worst that can happen. An I don’t wanna here the science behind a once an a lifetime opportunity. I’ve went 210 on a motorcycle without a seatbelt. Unbelievable

  3. Dona Harrell

    Dona Harrell2 саат мурун

    Gonna go back and watch the other components in this series! I loved the comment about the troll's goals to simply cause chaos and discord. And I appreciate your antidote being kindness! Thank you!

  4. Jeff S

    Jeff S2 саат мурун

    What a waste of money

  5. DJ Sickey

    DJ Sickey2 саат мурун

    Pffff ,he went like what ? over 343.2 m/s to break the speed of sound ? Astronauts are going 7.66 km/s on a daily in nothing but spacesuits when they spacewalk XD lmao

  6. Danny Morfenski

    Danny Morfenski2 саат мурун

    You should go to a civil war reenactment and do this with the muskets. As a reenactors I found this video so interesting

  7. Jami Boothe

    Jami Boothe2 саат мурун

    The friction stir welding is very fascinating. That was the first time I saw the end point of one of these welds, and the chaperone also mentioned the end point of the circular weld ends with a hole. I had wondered at how they dealt with connection points and end points in the process. Also, the many references to stress and the countermeasures they used in the manufacturing was wonderful.

  8. You Don't know!!! What You Don't know!!!

    You Don't know!!! What You Don't know!!!2 саат мурун

    What make you think bring rocks spending a lot of money on rocks??? Bring alien 🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is totally useless and bigger joke.

  9. Matt The mii

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  10. CheckDead

    CheckDead2 саат мурун

    Sound likes ENEMY AC-130 ABOVEEEE!!!!

  11. 10,000 Subscribers with two videos?

    10,000 Subscribers with two videos?2 саат мурун

    Pft, rookie, I do this all the time in gta5

  12. Rocky Patel

    Rocky Patel2 саат мурун

    Looks at 24:47, Flat Earther : Earth is still flat

  13. Jeremiah Southworth

    Jeremiah Southworth2 саат мурун

    Total internal reflection is also a great way to explain and demonstrate quantum tunneling.

  14. Pratyush Jha

    Pratyush Jha2 саат мурун

    why are there vortexes at the front of the revolver?

  15. Makor01

    Makor012 саат мурун

    Fun fact: Thunderbird 5 has its number painted on the jet upside down because it usually is...upside down.

  16. BoiEli

    BoiEli2 саат мурун

    Why’d I get this 8 years later

  17. dave koh

    dave koh2 саат мурун

    Just by watching the video I already dizzy :)

  18. ItsWoody

    ItsWoody3 саат мурун

    So if you can break Mach 1 (the speed of sound) at high speed/low altitude but can also break it at lower speed/high altitude then how do we know the correct speed of sound. Is it measured at sea level or...???

  19. Joshua Lee

    Joshua Lee3 саат мурун

    the one thing I learned from this: *Tre and Clay harvested their hay to bring you food to eat today.*

  20. daniel me

    daniel me3 саат мурун

    When you call general knowledge "especial". This dude is overrated and how he can say that understanding the theory and natural lays is the same as experience them.

  21. Nightstalker 1

    Nightstalker 13 саат мурун

    I love the idea of farming. But, in reality, unless you’re born into it or marry into it, good luck finding decent land to buy today. And if you did, that combine alone is $250,000. That doesn’t count the tractor, seeder, cultivator, swather, bailer , grain trucks, augers, sprayer, and the list goes on. Maybe with land, 3-5 million could get you into the business. Plus 2 years at a community college if you’ve never been around it.

  22. Falcon Power

    Falcon Power3 саат мурун

    I always thought static pressure increases across a shockwave and if that’s the case, wouldn’t the altimeter show lower altitude in supersonic flight regime? The altimeter clearly showed a higher altitude when the F-16 broke the sound barrier, and according to the video this is due to lower static pressure inside the Mach cone. Can someone please clarify this for me and explain why exactly the altimiter read a higher instead of a lower altitude since static pressure incrases across a shockwave?

  23. Dona Harrell

    Dona Harrell3 саат мурун

    You had such a wide grin on your face for not only the entire tour but I imagine for hours thereafter! Thanks for this amazing tour!

  24. Put That tongue up

    Put That tongue up3 саат мурун

    Imagine goin on a real heist to steal precious rocks and the nerd planing the whole thing was watching this video

  25. Brian Tapia

    Brian Tapia3 саат мурун

    This is awesome!! Thanks USAF!!!

  26. The Bower Brothers

    The Bower Brothers3 саат мурун

    This is how you know humanity is reall good

  27. Zeke Zambesi

    Zeke Zambesi3 саат мурун

    How much can I pay you to bring in all my groceries at once lol

  28. Joe Gar

    Joe Gar3 саат мурун

    Going super sonic with an F-16 made me subscribe.

  29. Joshua Manasye

    Joshua Manasye3 саат мурун

    it's sad how a lot of people on instagram say that this is fake

  30. Malcolm Mackinnon

    Malcolm Mackinnon3 саат мурун

    my covid 19 brain is watching this like "that's not six feet" smh

  31. Bomber Memes

    Bomber Memes3 саат мурун

    Who knew 2 guys in 1 chopper would be fun to watch

  32. Yvette Sullivan

    Yvette Sullivan4 саат мурун

    You are so cruel to your cat

  33. BlameItOnGreg

    BlameItOnGreg4 саат мурун

    Probably the coolest murmurations I've seen were in Minnesota. Also, when I was living just outside Seattle, I'd see thousands of crows that would follow a river into Seattle every morning, and go back out along the river in the evening.

  34. caden malone

    caden malone4 саат мурун

    Who else felt like they wanted to be a rocket engineer after watching this 😂

  35. Sami Haidar

    Sami Haidar4 саат мурун

    its called a pedo tube for what it looks like.

  36. Fredrik Carlén

    Fredrik Carlén4 саат мурун

    Do I want to know what a "pedo tube" is?

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  38. Isaac Hatch

    Isaac Hatch4 саат мурун

    I watched for a few seconds and my Alexa installed KGgo on Roku, idk anymore

  39. Christian Sanchez

    Christian Sanchez4 саат мурун

    don't lie to yourself Destin you are awesome

  40. Collin Sanderson

    Collin Sanderson4 саат мурун

    I wanted to draw attention to how the pilot breathes while under G. That 'Khuh' sound. Why do they do that?

  41. dead chris bounce

    dead chris bounce4 саат мурун

    Very cool. They flew over my area during the quarantine. Cool that you got to do this. Experience it and fly it... Amazing. And great video as always

  42. Cosas Chatarra

    Cosas Chatarra4 саат мурун

    I want to be a fighter pilot when I grow up and I learned a lot of this, thank you!

  43. AKM- Acknowledge Music

    AKM- Acknowledge Music4 саат мурун

    If you let the chicken go does it's head stay?

  44. gray man

    gray man4 саат мурун

    3:51 ... those circles trailing the bullet are cause by the bullet spin as it travels through the air ... because the surface of the bullet as it rotates also causes drag.

  45. Brad Schneider

    Brad Schneider4 саат мурун

    Pretty doggone cool. Doesn't that make y'all proud. It would me.

  46. itstymeforcats 505

    itstymeforcats 5054 саат мурун

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  47. Depressed_ Richie

    Depressed_ Richie4 саат мурун

    dad:whatre u watching me:uhh im watching three grown man dance to some weird sounds

  48. Tony H

    Tony H4 саат мурун

    Wow. Ed Stewart is a great guy. We worked as counselors together at Space Camp 17years ago.

  49. Jon Miller

    Jon Miller4 саат мурун

    Hey Destin, REALLY enjoy your channel and appreciate all of the work you, OBVIOUSLY, put in on this to produce such GREAT and invaluable content. Thank you SO very much Sir. Destin, I DID have one very weird and (excuse the pun) "Off the wall" question... what is that "gadget" on the wall behind you in the upper right corner of the map? It is blinking, apparently randomly, and I just can't make out what the HECK it's doing! Would you mind satisfying my curiosity and help me to be even smarter today by educating me on what that is? Thanks again Destin

  50. Daniel

    Daniel4 саат мурун

    I mean that’s cool but I didn’t understand.

  51. Pedro Henrique

    Pedro Henrique4 саат мурун

    the way he says "this is insane, we are just like learning like important stuff" made me want to give 100 likes lmao

  52. Raúl Vazquez.

    Raúl Vazquez.5 саат мурун

    Boy, i used to ride bikes like this when i was younger since the bikes we had were always screwed up.

  53. W4RD1N8ER

    W4RD1N8ER5 саат мурун

    Don’t beat yourself up 7.2 g’s is way more than any of us ever do and you took it like a champ!

  54. Gunnery 383

    Gunnery 3835 саат мурун

    I think USA should be more like Canada it takes long to get a gun in canada in USA it takes 10 minutes

  55. Billy Scarbrough

    Billy Scarbrough5 саат мурун

    Totally wicked! Ahh! I sat between the speakers of a 700 watt component system! At times it sounded like people were behind me! Fricken coool! Totally thunderous launch!

  56. crazycrafter 7841

    crazycrafter 78415 саат мурун

    3:19 it looks like he's reading a script or something like that

  57. Marvel Fuentes

    Marvel Fuentes5 саат мурун

    Luke 14:11 For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

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    Santiago Ardiles González5 саат мурун

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  67. Oh ! C'mon, Really ?

    Oh ! C'mon, Really ?5 саат мурун

    NO ! You don't know how pulleys work, you don't know there is a 2-to-1 leverage system in every moving pulley. it is leverage not just rope travel.

  68. Myslmeh

    Myslmeh5 саат мурун

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    Giuliani5 саат мурун

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    GerStudio6 саат мурун

    Hey Destin, Love your videos. I just had a question I hoped maybe you could help me understand. @ around minute 24:30 The legs almost look as if they inflated. Could you maybe help me under why that happened? Thank you!

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  94. CrackerJack

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    I loved this video. I work in a manufacturing plant that makes power solutions for the US Military and they adhere, like these guys do, to Class 3 J-STD and MIL Spec practices. So I really loved all of this because this is near the same thing I do. It's nice to see this in practice in other facets of the business.

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