1. L-e-gendary

    L-e-gendaryКүн мурун

    Got rid of Fellani : Replaced him with Pierrera Got rid of Sanchez : Replaced him with Lingard Got rid of Lukaku : Replaced him with James Got rid of Smalling : Replaced him with Lindeloph or what ever his name was. Got Rid of Harrerra: Replaced him MCTom :Got rid of Damian: Replaced him with Williams. Thats the issue right there. The players they got rid of are better than what they bring in or keep.

  2. crapmonster

    crapmonsterКүн мурун

    why didn’t they hire giggs ?


    LAPULGA MESSI1⃣0⃣Күн мурун

    Plz dont believe on these pundits They dont even watch matches And talk like they r genius

  4. Josh Payne

    Josh PayneКүн мурун

    Salah has transformed physically over the last 24 months I remember seeing him in the final against madrid and he was podgy lool

  5. Ben

    BenКүн мурун

    EPL is just a 2 team league now

  6. Hector M

    Hector MКүн мурун

    Fox Sports does a better job than ESPN on covering the MLS League in all aspects

  7. Y Y

    Y YКүн мурун

    Mexican guy is really annoying...Can't watch this.

  8. Hector M

    Hector MКүн мурун

    Miami will be the new Baby of the league. They're already over LAFC and their 45 owners

  9. itsreza

    itsrezaКүн мурун

    everyone please dislike the video. they havent' even watched the highlights of the match, let alone the full match.



    Kimmich is WORLDCLASS!!!!!.

  11. criticalmass500

    criticalmass500Күн мурун

    Championship football is possible...

  12. weirdasskid

    weirdasskidКүн мурун

    Clam down Steve from what I've seen in this show you don't seem to know much about football either okay.... so don't be a bully to Dan. Plus you don't need to have played the game to know anything about it ,take Mourinho for example he never play the game yet he is one of the best coaches that understands football

  13. arun bhattarai

    arun bhattaraiКүн мурун

    I just come here just to laugh how clueless they are.

  14. angan deori

    angan deoriКүн мурун

    Omg These idiots...😑😑😑

  15. Ioma checkers

    Ioma checkersКүн мурун

    Bill Hamid is very underrated, easily our third best goalkeeper and you can argue he's better than steffen atm. 0-0 to Bosnia, 1-1 Portugal and the 2-1 loss to Ireland really isn't that bad when you look at recent results under steffen against the likes of Canada a 2-0 loss, 1-0 Mexico, 3-0 Venezuela, 1-0 Jamaica, 3-0 Mexico again. Steffen is so overrated and he had a horrible 2019. Those results alone should make you question whether steffen is worthy of being called our "best" keeper. I'm glad berhalter manned up and is giving hamid another chance with the national team.

  16. K O F I

    K O F IКүн мурун

    el cabello de vela throwback a los 80s jajajaja

  17. Bad Hombre

    Bad HombreКүн мурун

    Copa oro is a joke, get rid of it a play a real tournament with conmebol.

  18. uchibenkei

    uchibenkeiКүн мурун

    "I just don't quite understand why this guys who have accomplished so much in the game feel the need to then come and say this thing". Does that fool not realize that his job is to do exactly what he accuses Pele of doing? does Pele have to work for espn to be allowed to have an opinion?

  19. Edwin Benitez

    Edwin BenitezКүн мурун

    What a disgrace, I had to go through atleast 12 different websites to watch the game live-streamed online and these clowns can’t even put in the effort to watch it having WAY easier access to it ??!?

  20. Aditya Kumar

    Aditya KumarКүн мурун

    Barca created 4 or 5 great chances

  21. Sebstine Nyanumba

    Sebstine NyanumbaКүн мурун

    Don't blame United because nobody has managed to beat Liverpool

  22. Gydesu Balor

    Gydesu BalorКүн мурун

    Do us all a favor and stop talking about LaLiga games from now onwards. It's getting embarrassing. Starting to think the 'dit' in 'pundit' is silent cus it's looking like a joke.

  23. YNWA RS

    YNWA RSКүн мурун

    0:42 Agreed 100% Alex Ferguson Should be Blame not all but least 50% he is a part of the problem with Man Utd now.. He should have a good young squad prepared for next Manager who will take over is wat called management.. But he just left and follow up with him the team players which he has build only for him not for Man utd.. If you are talking about the team needs to be rebuilt 27 Years as been Manager Alex Ferguson has to be Blame not Moyes LVG Mourinho Solkjaer less then a years time to expect from them to rebuilt. Y2N0W2A0

  24. Vikas G.K

    Vikas G.KКүн мурун

    These guys , sometimes sound so pathetic !! Steve Nicol go praise Liverpool

  25. Kevin Karkada

    Kevin KarkadaКүн мурун

    I really wonder if the ESPN pundits actually watched the match 🧐

  26. RK's Lounge

    RK's LoungeКүн мурун

    PL could face a spell of domination for the next 3-4 years at least from Liverpool and Man City. There's no one near them in terms of consistency and the brand of football. Chelsea are the only club that can actually try to catch them two once their young players peak and if they add quality in the summer and it's still too big a task. Apart from that, I don't see neither one of Man u, Arsenal or Tottenham competing for the league anytime soon.

  27. Jed Ford

    Jed FordКүн мурун

    Irony! two Scotsmen discussing the English game!

  28. Odin Son

    Odin SonКүн мурун

    Barcelona created plenty of chances. It's just that they missed to capitalise those chances. I don't think ESPN guys watched the game. Defensively too Barcelona were great! Pressing was on point.

  29. HollowSi

    HollowSiКүн мурун

    Nodbody: ....... Stevie: Listen, at the end of the day

  30. Shubh Maheshwari

    Shubh MaheshwariКүн мурун

    *Many times messi didnt passed to grizzi which he could have scored. Messi played a little but selfish yesterday. It was like he was upset as suarez was not there*

  31. Adin Koert

    Adin KoertКүн мурун

    they watched a valverde game.

  32. Anindya Ishraq

    Anindya IshraqКүн мурун

    Man that guy is edgy 😂

  33. Alexander Warnock

    Alexander WarnockКүн мурун

    Funny, Arsenal drew and have been doing so for some time now, and are almost in the bottom half of the table, Chelsea lost to Newcastle and have been losing a lot of games of recent, Spurs drew and have been underperforming throughout the season yet I've hardly seen anything about those clubs on ESPN

  34. AHigherPrimate

    AHigherPrimateКүн мурун

    This is ridiculous, as much as the club is clearly a shambles atm, United has always had difficulties convincing players come there over other European giants. Even at the height of Fergies success we missed out on many top players because they chose another destination over Manchester.

  35. Veddi inspires

    Veddi inspiresКүн мурун

    What an indictment, how are man utd this terrible and still within the vicinity of top four?

  36. Tejas Pathak

    Tejas PathakКүн мурун

    It was quite different than valverdes barca , i disagree to them to a limit cuz barca were more organized , if they had finished their chances more often then their opinions would been different ,afterall u cant expect to give a ucl winning performance in 4 days of having a new manager

  37. No One

    No OneКүн мурун

    Those pundits only watch highlights?? Lol shame!

  38. Kill Switch

    Kill SwitchКүн мурун

    Del Piero !!!! 👍👍👍😍😍😍

  39. Soma Moulick

    Soma MoulickКүн мурун

    Shows how far man city have fallen since the 100 point season and how much livpool have improved since then. Selling coutinho was the best thing to happen. More baffling is the fact that man city have lost only Laporte and kompany who wasn't even a regular starter at the end and they fall apart. They bought cancelo,has mendy stones,walker who combined cost about 150 million,still complain about one injury. While livpool had so many injuries yet did no complaining and kept on going. I mean we player without salah,firmino and robertson went of against barcelona trailing 3-0 with top form messi,yet won 4-0. And every hater still complains about livpool and var and no injury to van dijk etc etc excuses. Livpool are the best team in the world and no other team atm comes even close..



    Go home ESPN, you don't know anything about Barca, Setien or anyone else, the best way to analyse the game is to watch other analysis videos like TalkFCB and else, don't put pressure on your empty mind.

  41. Md maruf ahammed

    Md maruf ahammedКүн мурун

    I am very surprised 😮 how u forget me coach playing without suwarze

  42. Fredy Vidal

    Fredy VidalКүн мурун

    They had 900+ passes, pressing high after losing the ball, 81% possession... yeah it was pretty much what valverde was doing already, nothing different.. are you kidding me

  43. uchibenkei

    uchibenkeiКүн мурун

    what skill was Pele referring to? dribbling? When Pele said messi was the best, all the fanboys were "see? even the great pele agrees messi is the best". now pele has seen more and says messi is really a one skill player, all the messi fanboys are, "shut up old man. you don't know what you're talking about". too funny

  44. Efe Perry

    Efe PerryКүн мурун

    You no you guys thinks you no it all....

  45. Sullay BJ

    Sullay BJКүн мурун

    Exactly Steve Nicol because Serie a is slow

  46. sami .k

    sami .kКүн мурун

    You pundits are idiots.. go watch the game first..

  47. y1521t21b5

    y1521t21b5Күн мурун

    Already said he wouldn't come to sit on the Liverpool bench... ;-)

  48. Kieran Hannon

    Kieran HannonКүн мурун

    Idiots, obviously never even watched the game Barca were simply sensational We are back

  49. Robert Aman

    Robert AmanКүн мурун

    unjust stupid referee.....

  50. Vera Dimitrova

    Vera DimitrovaКүн мурун


  51. narpan123

    narpan123Күн мурун

    utd need to get rid of ceo

  52. Hossam ElGebeily

    Hossam ElGebeilyКүн мурун

    The clean sheet is huge for Barca at this point

  53. sana mir eva

    sana mir evaКүн мурун

    espn pundits should watch whole 90 minutes first..if they dont understand still what changes came then they should again watch the whole 90 minutes..these pundits r ruinining their own image by acting so foolishly..utter garbage..hope these guys come up in next video with proper knowledge about barcelona..

  54. kemoy stone

    kemoy stoneКүн мурун

    I don't think y'all know anything about football

  55. Dwayne Palmer

    Dwayne PalmerКүн мурун

    What game did these guys watch??!! This performance was awesome 🙄🙄🙄

  56. Victor Chan

    Victor ChanКүн мурун

    Fergie gave moyes a champion winning team

  57. Nine Five

    Nine FiveКүн мурун

    I keep saying this these so called pundits are clowns. They don't watch la liga. Stick to pl ffs. Give us a favour by not analysing la liga matches.

  58. kazi kool

    kazi koolКүн мурун

    the league is going to shambles right now

  59. Anubhav Bhattacharya

    Anubhav BhattacharyaКүн мурун

    Level of pessism: Infinity. We are watching some people who just sees 5 minutes of the match and give a tactical analysis of the whole match like they know everything, then please you go and manage them 😂😂😂😂

  60. Achu Alexander

    Achu AlexanderКүн мурун

    thank you for watching the highlights.. now you guys go back and watch your EPL. Leave La Liga alone.

  61. Rutul Dhote

    Rutul DhoteКүн мурун

    As a Liverpool fan I am happy with the result but our finishing is not getting any better we are missing very easy chances to score which should put the game to bed it happened against spurs and today too where we should have easily put the game away, it's happening in last 7-8 games our finishing mane and salah especially needs to work on it, defensively I think gomez is better there because of his pace but he's not good aerially in defence where matip is good so think matip should start in place of gomez and when it comes to the final 30 mins of the match put gomez in place of alexander arnold to get that defensive stability and yeah ox is not showing much if we had keita he should have started in place of ox, it's good news though as fabinho should come in now in place of ox from next game onwards

  62. Rhythm

    RhythmКүн мурун

    ESPN should fire all of these clowns

  63. Gamerex 99

    Gamerex 99Күн мурун

    Guys don't listen to these losers. Barca played really well... we just lacked a little bit of that finishing touch. Fast passing, good pressing and attacking football! Barcelona is back!

  64. Mix asH

    Mix asHКүн мурун

    I agree with these guys...barca looked a bit tired it will be difficult to maintain this intensity....i think addition of frankie arthur and dembele can easily solve this problem

  65. Devadeth EM

    Devadeth EMКүн мурун

    Granada played very much defensively,which made it difficult to break them down. But should appreciate the fact that ter stegen was a spectator until almost full time which was not the case when valverde was on charge. So there is definitely changes. GOOD ONES.

  66. Chandana Dasgupta

    Chandana DasguptaКүн мурун

    They seriously need to stop talking about La Liga. They actually didn't even watch the game.

  67. Maxwell Ogujiuba

    Maxwell OgujiubaКүн мурун

    McGuire...yeah right for who Van Dijk or Laporte

  68. peterah7957

    peterah7957Күн мурун

    They say liverpool would become the invincibles if they win the Premier league undefeated! If Liverpool achieve this and with a big total points tally... Well I'm sorry but the invincibles tag should be replaced with 'The immortals!'

  69. Swapnil

    SwapnilКүн мурун

    Frenkie and arthur combination in midfield was missing.. im sure against valencia we will have both of them back to the starting 11. Then you will see real barca under setien.

  70. Luvv kale

    Luvv kaleКүн мурун

    These guys just praise Liverpool 🤣 and you guys should hope this Liverpool shouldn't face Barca in Champions league because this Barca team will beat Liverpool easily..

  71. Aaliyah Aaren

    Aaliyah AarenКүн мурун

    Thats the difference between u guys and we barca fans. We dont want bunch of goals. We need our style of football back. And we saw it today , the beginning, and we r happy. U bunch of guys watch highlights and all time keep talking abt messi and greezi. They r good. Just using thm for ur views. Keep watching ur english league whr players r running running and pushing each other. Dnt talk abt la liga if u dnt understand that league.

  72. TheKing

    TheKingКүн мурун

    How's Messi even in there...?

  73. Barca fanboy

    Barca fanboyКүн мурун

    I don't know what game these guys were watching

  74. favorite2523

    favorite2523Күн мурун

    If Mbappe go to real Madrid.... Barcelona is dead

  75. Andrew Williams

    Andrew WilliamsКүн мурун

    Liverpool just don't get the respect they deserve.

  76. Rhaegar Aragron

    Rhaegar AragronКүн мурун

    The only comment I agree with is that they continue to play vertical. They need Roberto to get more involved in the attack. But beyond that I agree with very little of what they said. “They weren’t that different”, really? Their passing was quick and movement was excellent. The signs were very encouraging. This was without De Jong and Arthur. Once they are available and Griezman and Fati settle down Barca are going to be great

  77. Jill Valentine Don't Cry for me Argentina

    Jill Valentine Don't Cry for me ArgentinaКүн мурун

    It's Ricky Puch not puag

  78. Ilkay Exquisite

    Ilkay ExquisiteКүн мурун

    Do these clowns even watch football?

  79. marshall antony

    marshall antonyКүн мурун

    Seriously these ESPN pundits are the worst! They don’t know nothing about the coach or the philosophy. Just comment on Premier league you dumbasses

  80. Tdpowers24

    Tdpowers24Күн мурун

    will my dad ever come back? asking the real questions now.

  81. y1521t21b5

    y1521t21b5Күн мурун

    2:56 Earth to Ross Dyer: This was the 7th consecutive clean sheet. It's kinda a big deal for the club, so don't be shortchanging us ;-) As for the performance, it was disjointed, with the poorest pass completion rate of the season so far (around the 79% mark). We were bailed out by a brilliant midfield performance and defensive solidity after a flat performance from the front-3, who missed too many chances. Overall, it was good to win on a below-par day! YNWA

  82. Andrew

    AndrewКүн мурун

    Griezman is out of position he isn’t a striker

  83. Nishant Yadav

    Nishant YadavКүн мурун

    They saw a different match. Stupid experts. I might unsubscribe. But I'll wait for gab's opinion.

  84. y1521t21b5

    y1521t21b5Күн мурун

    Alisson's first Premier League assist is worth mention...

  85. Sieg

    SiegКүн мурун

    "i only watch Premier League games and the occasional El Clasico" ESPN: YOU'RE HIRED

  86. Srijan Khadka

    Srijan KhadkaКүн мурун

    Only Barcelona fans realised how much improved performance we had yesterday night. The same defence but looks sharper stopping counterattacks The same midfield but look at the performance of our vintage Busquets, Rakitic was good as well along with Vidal. These guys wont notice these.

  87. A - Zun

    A - ZunКүн мурун

    The real question is: WHY THESE PUNDITS IS STUPID

  88. josh dominguez

    josh dominguezКүн мурун

    these guys have no idea what they are talking about smh

  89. Vishal Arora

    Vishal AroraКүн мурун

    Eibar defeated atletico last night. Mallorca defeated Valencia and Betis defeated Sociedad. Lower clubs routinely beat the top 5 clubs this time around in LaLiga. LaLiga has always been exciting and competitive if you see beyond the big 2 or 3. These pundits need to watch more football and have better knowledge of the leagues.

  90. M Sader

    M SaderКүн мурун

    When Harry met Van Dijk 💪🏻 case closed

  91. goktogo92

    goktogo92Күн мурун

    I think cengiz scored the goal espn

  92. nh k

    nh kКүн мурун

    It's like they don't watch games

  93. Alex

    AlexКүн мурун

    Losers on the field... and in the stands

  94. oscar lara

    oscar laraКүн мурун

    Sucks to be Hercules Gomez hahaahhaha

  95. Mich3L N

    Mich3L NКүн мурун

    Yeo alex will be back or a new coach such as guardiola

  96. mason clark

    mason clarkКүн мурун

    Don't blame the manager when the board won't give him quality players

  97. Joel Rhine

    Joel RhineКүн мурун

    Hard Work, Hard Work, Hard Work.

  98. bosco boy

    bosco boyКүн мурун


  99. Brian Hum

    Brian HumКүн мурун

    You can spend $3 billion; if you spend it on all the wrong people you're still going to be bad. Should've sent Woodward on his way a long time ago (they thought Harry McGuire was worth spending more money on than Van Dijk).

  100. Paulius Prastienis

    Paulius PrastienisКүн мурун

    "There wasn't much different about this team." SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP! This is the best Barça display I've seen in years. You idiots clearly didn't watch the match.