VALORANT is Riot Games' 5v5 character-based tactical shooter, coming SUMMER 2020.
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    The guy below me sucks, however the guy above me is clearly Valorant



    You know it's a good dev team when they've got humor



    This launch announcement was a Rollercoaster of emotions



    I legit died when they sounded all sad then i shat my pants when they said in a few weeks lol



    Devs: We're not gonna be launching this game in a few months Everyone: it's because of that damn COVID-19 again



    They literally recreated the meme "They had us in the first half, not gonna lie"

  7. Noobs4you Gaming

    Noobs4you Gaming6 саат мурун

    I’m just waiting for them to say it’s coming to you ps4 and Xbox

  8. Benji

    Benji7 саат мурун

    Too early for release

  9. [[DIO]]

    [[DIO]]7 саат мурун

    0:48 для русских

  10. Kai Porlaje

    Kai Porlaje8 саат мурун


  11. Tomas Brambora

    Tomas Brambora9 саат мурун

    its her job :D anyway. more than 10 year existing of this company and just one moba and one shooter ?.... its still on unreal tournament engine. Valorant look like league of legends :D WTH SMITE LOOK BETTER than this painted world in Valorant. ping is too hight. they think just about europe players.they say in asi ppls dont play games mutch so we dont place server there :D they dont have money for place server ? mircotransactions over 8 - 10 years and dont have money for server ? pffffff.... i try play this game and i have more than 120 ping. when i play CS:GO i have ping 40 - 75 when i play Valorant i have ping 100 - 120 what is this ? yes and im so impressed by how she is at marketing. im too rly.

  12. Mike Smith

    Mike Smith9 саат мурун

    So this is what you get when you want to ripoff OW and CS. Still sucks.

  13. Ranayan Ghosh

    Ranayan Ghosh9 саат мурун

    Please make for mobile also

  14. liam gibbs

    liam gibbs9 саат мурун

    Make that for console aswell please

  15. Lukas Bade

    Lukas Bade9 саат мурун


  16. Z zZ

    Z zZ9 саат мурун

    Тупой плагиат. Та же контра, но с бескрайним потенциалом для читерства.

  17. Just A Potato Lol

    Just A Potato Lol9 саат мурун

    Trash players go vroommm

  18. Sergio Briseno

    Sergio Briseno10 саат мурун

    imma keep playing apex

  19. Eric Atreides

    Eric Atreides10 саат мурун

    Thank u but how can we enter Beta ???? i watch Valorant on Twitch everyday still ????

  20. Pepelico 711

    Pepelico 71110 саат мурун


  21. FrozenStar

    FrozenStar11 саат мурун

    Few weeks? Seriously? The game looks like shit in its current state, it's like an alpha version of a 2010 game. What are you going to do in such a short time frame?

  22. Healthy

    Healthy11 саат мурун

    I haven't got the gun buddy's yet noooooooooo

  23. Marshmello

    Marshmello11 саат мурун

    noooooooooooooooooo i still don't have the beta charm

  24. bioshock 69

    bioshock 6912 саат мурун

    Another children's cartoon game please hurry up for the crysis remastered these type games needs to stay on the wii or game cube type consoles

  25. MoreInsane

    MoreInsane13 саат мурун

    I've read on their PC "Riot Direct"

  26. suhaiqal

    suhaiqal13 саат мурун

    i really wanna play this games but yeah i can't play it in MALAYSIA

  27. Nick

    Nick13 саат мурун

    Is it coming on xbox

  28. Flyswatter_1

    Flyswatter_116 саат мурун

    if only teams were actually like this

  29. MDS Feedlemek Sanattır

    MDS Feedlemek Sanattır17 саат мурун


  30. OPJuiceBox

    OPJuiceBox17 саат мурун

    Wow wow wow wow I’m so excited for these mobile graphics! Can’t wait to play it on my toaster!! Aaah! So excited for the CS:GO 2 release!

  31. Юра Ужгород

    Юра Ужгород18 саат мурун

    developers cheats in valorant solve the problem !!!!!

  32. Юра Ужгород

    Юра Ужгород18 саат мурун

    developers cheats in valorant solve the problem !!!!!

  33. Sam

    Sam18 саат мурун

    is it really ready?

  34. padma kondru

    padma kondru19 саат мурун

    0:36 I was really gonna get an heart attack...😂😂😂

  35. XaritakissSsS

    XaritakissSsS19 саат мурун admitting that he is cheating 1.5 month without been caught !! Your anti-cheat needs big updates. no wondering how they know where we are in the game all the time at platinum + leagues

  36. Jinz 1216

    Jinz 121620 саат мурун

    i dont know if this will be read but, pistols should not slow so much and normal rifles shouldnt slow ppl 90% either

  37. Yuujin Ishiuchi-Ray

    Yuujin Ishiuchi-Ray21 саат мурун

    yay im so hyped!!!

  38. Skeppy69

    Skeppy6921 саат мурун

    These devs r cracked

  39. UMR navY

    UMR navY22 саат мурун

    Im so hyped up right now 😂

  40. ja _

    ja _23 саат мурун

    will VALORANT be on any console ? np Ps4 or Xbox one?

  41. Ethan Dennis

    Ethan Dennis23 саат мурун

    I have been playing for a while now I have to say I don’t think the game is ready just yet still needs improvements made and things fixing I would rather the game released later with less problems than now to be honest but i don’t think it’s the developers i thinks it’s Riot but that’s just my opinion.

  42. soiung toiue

    soiung toiue23 саат мурун

    when valorant lanches, can those people that have all ready used money on the game. Get the credit back and 20% more? for like people that used money on a beta

  43. Muhammad Asad Soomro

    Muhammad Asad SoomroКүн мурун

    Damn they pulled a fast one on Valve.. Valve thought Source 2 on CSGO will destroy the hype for Valorant but releasing it early puts Valve into pressure.... GENIUS

  44. YousseFGaminG

    YousseFGaminGКүн мурун

    Yee Finally Arabs Can PLay This Game i rly love it <3 Thank you ;)

  45. 발로란트 TV VLTV

    발로란트 TV VLTVКүн мурун

    0:49 한국어korean

  46. 발로란트 TV VLTV

    발로란트 TV VLTVКүн мурун


  47. ATVER

    ATVERКүн мурун

    A week to go, till then, I'll try adjusting my aim from wrist to arm

  48. Oğuzhan Nurgaz

    Oğuzhan NurgazКүн мурун

    Fix your f*cking anti-cheat

  49. Rubeanie

    RubeanieКүн мурун

    Soooo... does that mean we’re getting Oceana servers?????

  50. JHK

    JHKКүн мурун

    Dear devs, i have only 1 question. Why did you remove A-12 sign from Brimstrokes' suit??? It suited him perfectly :(

  51. Wizzy gamingYT

    Wizzy gamingYTКүн мурун

    yooooo please add one in morocco that would be insanely great

  52. Miguel Garcia

    Miguel GarciaКүн мурун


  53. DashFlash

    DashFlashКүн мурун

    “We’re not going to be launching it in a few months, we’re going to be launching it in a few weeks” Players: Fix omen and jett

  54. BlackShinobi

    BlackShinobiКүн мурун

    It look so fun

  55. Mads_Miskat

    Mads_MiskatКүн мурун

    It looks boring as fuck - But i do hope it doesn't suck

  56. StarFyter

    StarFyterКүн мурун

    Please finish building the lego tie fighter

  57. Quentouille

    QuentouilleКүн мурун

    Hey, j'ai sortie une vidéo sur Valorant ! C'est une vidéo dans le contexte de l'humour, troll, rage et amusant ! J'ai essayé de faire un bon montage pour cette vidéo et j'aurai besoin de votre avis pour voir si selon vous il y a trop de montage, pas assez, si le son est bien foutu et pourquoi pas faire aussi un avis sur la miniature.

  58. Speedy Pete

    Speedy PeteКүн мурун

    Ruined. They have alot to work on idk why release in a few weeks when theres so many things to readjust to make sure its ready

  59. Guvin

    GuvinКүн мурун

    SO HYPED!!!

  60. Blodhunder

    BlodhunderКүн мурун

    Finnaly! I have watched all of NRG aceu's videos, and I WANT TO PLAY!

  61. portal Z gaming

    portal Z gamingКүн мурун

    i mean like im already in the beta so i dont care

  62. kenrry valentin

    kenrry valentinКүн мурун

    Im still waiting for the news that is coming for console

  63. kenrry valentin

    kenrry valentinКүн мурун

    Do I still need to watch streams to get a key?

  64. Luka Kalfic

    Luka KalficКүн мурун

    i hope they will fix the fps😥

  65. Arkaylite

    ArkayliteКүн мурун

    That deserves a like

  66. Ahmet Çelik

    Ahmet ÇelikКүн мурун

    If maps and modes do not come

  67. Shroud

    ShroudКүн мурун

    June 2 game Launching

  68. Reza Hosseini

    Reza HosseiniКүн мурун

    They're afraid of the upcoming update for CS which happens to be on summer. They will for sure sacrifice alot in order to deliver the game faster

  69. zizonjjh

    zizonjjhКүн мурун

    we are overwatch

  70. cj pe

    cj peКүн мурун

    Does asia have a server to?

  71. r3aper

    r3aperКүн мурун

    Please release valorant on mobile 🙏

  72. Róan Stam

    Róan StamКүн мурун

    Yes yes yes

  73. Sm1x

    Sm1xКүн мурун

    when valorant lanches, can those people that have all ready used money on the game. Get the credit back and 20% more? for like people that used money on a beta

  74. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty2 күн мурун

    This has been the biggest flex I've seen in my entire life.

  75. Tonycaf

    Tonycaf2 күн мурун

    qué onda si compro una skin ? y qué onda con los valorant point alguno sabe ?

  76. OctoBlix

    OctoBlix2 күн мурун

    Can we please get Valorants on the Nintendo switch

  77. Ratan Aditya

    Ratan Aditya2 күн мурун

    This music Is OP , can anyone find which onr is it

  78. dahahaka

    dahahaka2 күн мурун

    Are they gonna release their useless anticheat as well?

  79. DTW John

    DTW John2 күн мурун

    not downloading a anti cheat that is always on and stopped me from viewing my CPU temps and has cheaters the same as other games!

  80. Chaithz Luci

    Chaithz Luci2 күн мурун

    What is the song or music that occurred at 0:42 ?

  81. AMS-CSGO

    AMS-CSGO2 күн мурун

    Cool, but its been like 3 weeks since I asked for support and nothing changed

  82. Hello Friends

    Hello Friends2 күн мурун

    You don't know how happy i am about this:D


    SISTERS BBQ2 күн мурун

    so would it come consle plz ans

  84. Eli White

    Eli White2 күн мурун

    The music in Valorant is unbrearably bad omg

  85. Eli White

    Eli White2 күн мурун

    No one cares about Valorant anymore it’s just worst cs

  86. ً ً

    ً ً2 күн мурун


  87. Blue

    Blue2 күн мурун

    We the guy said we’re not gonna launch it in a few months and smiled i knew they are trolling

  88. DeaViNG

    DeaViNG2 күн мурун

    Valorant cinematic when

  89. Mexex

    Mexex2 күн мурун

    Is valorant gonna have a Middle East server

  90. Michael Blitz

    Michael Blitz2 күн мурун

    Please please just nerf Raze or just remove her character

  91. Quillkin

    Quillkin2 күн мурун

    Bucky Reaver skin?

  92. Dopedeluxe 241

    Dopedeluxe 2412 күн мурун

    Dude I was about to cry then I heard “we’re dropping it in a few weeks” I jumped up screaming and got slapped for making noise lol

  93. Hello Friends

    Hello Friends2 күн мурун

    My man got W as his ult button

  94. Drywinner

    Drywinner2 күн мурун

    Yaaaaay on my birthday

  95. SirWinterFox Gaming

    SirWinterFox Gaming2 күн мурун

    valorant in closed beta is better then a majority of games out right now and is less buggy then games released by other triple A titles im lookin at u Warcraft 3 reforged and Activision-Blizzard great work though riot <3

  96. Brian Goncalves

    Brian Goncalves2 күн мурун

    Can u guys put valornt on google stadia

  97. MPI Skouizi

    MPI Skouizi2 күн мурун

    hello riot games do you intend to optimize your games better because my pc is really bad thank you again and good day.

  98. Jeff _

    Jeff _2 күн мурун


  99. spiritual Angel

    spiritual Angel2 күн мурун

    Is it gonna be in console