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  1. Never Jack

    Never Jack7 саат мурун

    Did they still say if it’s coming out this year or pushed back?

  2. Michael Ramos

    Michael Ramos7 саат мурун

    I was really hoping Man of Steel would be on here

  3. Jake Chapman

    Jake Chapman7 саат мурун

    I don't care who the next actress for Aqua man 2 as long it isn't A. H.

  4. TheHoard

    TheHoard8 саат мурун

    2:52 is the reason Grace is my favorite. Where is the "It's Amazing!" Merch?

  5. Aki Cheezey

    Aki Cheezey8 саат мурун

    I've gotta watch all the sitcoms you mentioned before WandaVision debuts On Disney+!!

  6. Regain Turner

    Regain Turner8 саат мурун

    Oh lord went to see if my Roku or Amazon fire stick had HBO Max and they don’t. Well I guess I won’t be subscribing. I sure ain’t going to watch it on my phone screen.

  7. Alberto Zepeda

    Alberto Zepeda8 саат мурун

    Who trynna let me borrow there account?? Lmao

  8. NGL Boyz

    NGL Boyz8 саат мурун

    They should have never added Josstice League in it. They should treat it like it never exist..

  9. neonpenguin95

    neonpenguin958 саат мурун

    Honestly I was expecting more. Kinda disappointed with it, so I’m looking forward to your recommendations tomorrow

  10. JR Ratliff

    JR Ratliff8 саат мурун

    Does Hbo Max have live programming?

  11. James Janeri

    James Janeri8 саат мурун

    Finally watched this because Grace suggested it. It was very, very good! Found myself yelling at the TV! "Shoot him! Shoot him again!" A nice thriller ride! Great job Leigh Whannell and Elisabeth Moss!

  12. Mizuri

    Mizuri8 саат мурун

    That was super insightful and helpful! Waiting for them to unite both DCUniverse and HBOMax somehow

  13. MrMllx

    MrMllx8 саат мурун

    Wanda goes full Abed

  14. m

    m8 саат мурун

    I'd watch Seinfeld with the cast of MCU. "Hello...Steve..." "Hello......THANOS" *APPLAUSE*

  15. TropicTom

    TropicTom8 саат мурун

    I don’t care if Malkovich’s character is gay or straight... I’m not certain I’m interested in seeing him in romantic scenes. He’s kinda creepy.

  16. Kevin Dagostino

    Kevin Dagostino8 саат мурун

    I agree they should put dc universe roll up in it too. I’m paying for dc universe too

  17. LG Voiceovers by Osagie

    LG Voiceovers by Osagie8 саат мурун

    Many references of TV sitcom shows that would relate to Marvel's Wandavision starring Elizabeth Olsen from Marvel: The Avengers Film Series. People cannot wait for her to star in her first MARVEL LIVE-ACTION TV Show streaming to Disney Plus, December 2020! : )

  18. Melquiades Aceves

    Melquiades Aceves8 саат мурун

    Yeah! I own all Harry Potter and all DC movies, GOT 😳 and Lord is the Rings not much new to see for me lol 😅😂

  19. xBeastModex

    xBeastModex8 саат мурун

    Why don't they have the Dark Knight Trilogy?

  20. FamSamitySam

    FamSamitySam8 саат мурун

    They also have the Extended version of Green Lantern, but not the extended versions of Lord of the Rings, or the Ultimate cut of Batman v Superman. I signed up for a lot of their cartoons and none of them are on the service. It's pretty disappointing.

  21. thomasm0310

    thomasm03108 саат мурун

    Love that they have Studio Ghibli films

  22. Me not you

    Me not you8 саат мурун

    That was Bewitched, not Sabrina. It was Full House, not family ties There was a Leave it to Beaver set.

  23. trscsaeg

    trscsaeg8 саат мурун

    Still better organized than prime video who just scatters random seasons of shows everywhere

  24. BR-FN

    BR-FN8 саат мурун

    I still don’t get why this has to exist at all. Why not just put all this content on HBO Now rather than make a confusing clone with nearly the same name

  25. Kevin Dagostino

    Kevin Dagostino8 саат мурун

    Boomerang is on it!

  26. Sameer Kumar

    Sameer Kumar8 саат мурун

    Do they have the “Ultimate Edition” of BVS, or is it the theatrical cut?

  27. Ismael Vallejo

    Ismael Vallejo8 саат мурун

    this was such a good video. Thanks Grace!

  28. Eric's Channel

    Eric's Channel8 саат мурун

    OOooohhh that's exciting!!!!

  29. Peter Shelton

    Peter Shelton8 саат мурун

    They really needed to put more of the dc shows on there. The search bar only works it you search up the exact title, so if you search “the regular show”, instead of just “regular show” you won’t get what you’re looking for, which is pretty stupid. As well as all of that, the Crunchyroll section is a complete joke and as you already said, the originals are lacking. I hope it can compete!

  30. maxx1mus1041

    maxx1mus10418 саат мурун

    You can get HBO MAX on XBOX ONE and Playstation

  31. CouchPotato 2.0

    CouchPotato 2.08 саат мурун

    Grace, what are your overall opinions on Euphoria?

  32. clint hancock

    clint hancock8 саат мурун

    so will netflix not get Batwoman? I didn't get a chance to watch that show

  33. maxx1mus1041

    maxx1mus10418 саат мурун

    Watching that SPAWN HBO series from the 90s,taking me way back love it

  34. Badsha Vai

    Badsha Vai8 саат мурун

    Terminator revenge 7 .John corner with inden actors aamir khan vs english actor relise date 2024 new terminator

  35. great boi

    great boi8 саат мурун


  36. Henry Motu

    Henry Motu8 саат мурун

    All I have to say is “FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR” 😍😍😍😍😍

  37. ayush pathania

    ayush pathania9 саат мурун

    Buying disney+ was a mistake. Pathetic content

  38. Leo Guzman

    Leo Guzman9 саат мурун

    I don't know why I subscribed, I'm not too excited about HBO Max.

  39. Biblical Adrian

    Biblical Adrian9 саат мурун

    On my Samsung tv it keeps telling me I need to sign in to my Samsung account which I don't have or want

  40. BJ Vynz

    BJ Vynz9 саат мурун

    The moment I saw The Boondocks, I was sold.

  41. Solve For X Comics

    Solve For X Comics9 саат мурун

    New member! :D

  42. Steven Escareno

    Steven Escareno9 саат мурун

    All I want to know is how does this tie into the x-men? I keep hearing all these rumors about how Wanda may allegedly create them into existence, or they might say they've been in the mcu all along with them planting the seeds in eternals, while other rumors say they could all come from another universe. Whatever the case may be, I just want answers. How are the x-men going to be brought into the mcu?

  43. Ekana Stone

    Ekana Stone9 саат мурун

    Grace Verizon Fios lets you use you use your Tv Package to sign up to HBO Max

  44. Hannah Wisdom

    Hannah Wisdom9 саат мурун

    the casting for handsome jack has to be absolutely perfect or else the movie will be shit

  45. Phantom Loard 0

    Phantom Loard 09 саат мурун

    I cant watch it because im in Canada ;-;

  46. clint hancock

    clint hancock9 саат мурун

    that's an odd shirt with glasses all over them.. I respect you fashion Gace

  47. Z

    Z9 саат мурун

    Just a thought and reminder to people on why they probably couldn't call this service Warner anything. HBO gets more than half of it's films from Universal, Fox, and Lionsgate. I don't think those movie studios would want their films on a service called Warner Bros Max. Alien, Die Hard, John Wick, Fast & Furious, Titanic (next month) are all on HBO Max and none of those are Warner. Not to mention licensed content like South Park and Sesame Street which are also not owned by Warner.

  48. Chris P.

    Chris P.9 саат мурун

    I hope Quicksilver comes back or make a cameo... But i think both MCU and Wanda forgot about him

  49. R N

    R N9 саат мурун

    Wait, what happened to the recommended by humans hubs lol

  50. Lhy Barra

    Lhy Barra9 саат мурун

    It's not available in my country. 😵

  51. james412

    james4129 саат мурун

    Guys, look at the 80s windows. There is at least a passing reference to mork and mindy

  52. Steven Escareno

    Steven Escareno9 саат мурун

    I was a bit disappointed the site didn't have all the batman movies like Nolan's trilogy, Batman Mask of the Phantasm, or even the animated series itself. Plus, I was disappointed out of all the crunchy roll content it had that it didn't have Dragon Ball Super which is the one ip from crunchy roll i was hoping would be on there. Plus, I was hoping all the superman films would be on there too but overall, i like the selection. I think it's a great service, and can't wait to binge watch a lot of shows and movies on there. :)

  53. tlielaxu miykel

    tlielaxu miykel9 саат мурун

    what about Dune: The Sisterhood? When is it slated to debut on HBOMAX? This is the only reason I signed up....

  54. R N

    R N9 саат мурун

    Um...HBO max is slaying me. I'm loving it.

  55. candugiful

    candugiful9 саат мурун

    Nobody care tenet is just inception but with a wannabe leonardo DiCaprio black guy!😂🤣

  56. Iain Chang

    Iain Chang9 саат мурун

    I don't understand why HBO max isn't available for roku or firestick devices, those are the two biggest devices for streaming services and it's not available for them yet

  57. evilvet

    evilvet9 саат мурун

    Every streaming service sucks day one. Week one. Even month one.

  58. Dave Dyck

    Dave Dyck9 саат мурун

    just waiting for the Snyder cut

  59. Mike Jorsch

    Mike Jorsch9 саат мурун

    All this talk about seeing the Snyder cut makes want to see the Stoltz cut of Back to the Future

  60. Zack Arenstein

    Zack Arenstein9 саат мурун

    I appreciate your breakdown of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air streaming service.

  61. Martin S

    Martin S9 саат мурун

    dude, you seem in denial that theaters aint coming back. Drive-ins (at 46, they barely existed in my earliest memories ) are ripe. At least movie theaters ended on a high note with A: Endgame

  62. Vanderson Valley

    Vanderson Valley9 саат мурун

    Honestly, I would sign up for HBOMAX for Batman the Animated Series Alone!

  63. The Last_Saint

    The Last_Saint9 саат мурун

    Wish they’d show those classic, Uber violent Looney Tunes Cartoons! Also, with the DC library mirroring DC’s streaming service, will they roll it into HBO max, and if so, will they still have comics for readers? I love the DC comics to read on the app. I’m worried they will just drop DC’s streaming service, and I’ll be back to comiXology....

  64. JT

    JT9 саат мурун

    They need to hurry and roll DC Universe into this.

  65. George Novicky

    George Novicky9 саат мурун

    My only problem is no update from HBONOW to HBOMAX on amazon firestick.

  66. Dan Turnbull

    Dan Turnbull9 саат мурун

    Other people: "Hmm interesting" Gays: "KATYAAAAAAAA"

  67. MsBHaven

    MsBHaven10 саат мурун

    Remember when Miss Martian was obsessed with a sitcom? Hello Megan! Well... never mind, Grace said it!

  68. Mr. 4K Blu-ray

    Mr. 4K Blu-ray10 саат мурун

    Love the interface! Been all day watching movies on HBO Max.

  69. Cameron Elenburg

    Cameron Elenburg10 саат мурун

    Pretty bummed they don’t have BvS ultimate edition that was literally the first thing I wanted to watch and they only have the theatrical cut. Wasn’t this service announced as having live action DC films from the past 10 years? They aren’t even close.

  70. Ryan Griffin

    Ryan Griffin10 саат мурун

    Do you think HBO Max will be available on Roku and Firestick? I subscribed on my phone but turns out I can’t watch it on my Roku tv.... so I’m disappointed lol

  71. Stinko 407

    Stinko 40710 саат мурун

    Cut the cord Grace. KGgo TV is $55,and you get your local channels and regional sports with free cloud DVR.

  72. Ryan Griffin

    Ryan Griffin10 саат мурун

    Do you think HBO Max will be available on Roku and Firestick?

  73. Rune Stitch

    Rune Stitch10 саат мурун

    I'm mostly into the DC stuff, so with HBO not having it most of it, I'm much less interested. I'll wait to subscribe until the SnyderCut drops.

  74. Lego Pete 3

    Lego Pete 310 саат мурун

    I’m only interested in the DC stuff. Green Lantern, Snyder cut, and JL Dark

  75. Ricardo Siqueira

    Ricardo Siqueira10 саат мурун

    Navigation is indeed very poor! There could also have done better sections. I must also say that similarly to Disney, as a LOT of FOX content is not there, HBO Max also has a lot more content compared to what was made available.

  76. DirigoDuke

    DirigoDuke10 саат мурун

    Nah, the scene with Wanda in her classic costume is not Sabrina. Those stairs behind here is a match for Bewitched. Also, Lucy was probably skipped because she played a screwball ditz, which is not the look Disney is going for with Wanda.

  77. Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry10 саат мурун

    DC movies are shit...but no doubt they know how to do trailers.

  78. OGFireGamer Moo

    OGFireGamer Moo10 саат мурун

    I'm so sad. I can't get HBO MAX in Canada. Probably because of distribution/licenseing rights here in Canada.

  79. Yahya Kane

    Yahya Kane10 саат мурун

    They can choose taylor swift for being rapunzel

  80. David Porter

    David Porter10 саат мурун

    The fact that they had to put out an article explaining the difference between HBO GO and HBO MAX shows how poorly marketed this was.

  81. Dylan_619

    Dylan_61910 саат мурун

    I was hoping they had more of the OG Cartoon Network shows

  82. Cassandra

    Cassandra10 саат мурун

    I love hbomax so far!

  83. Eric Nathan

    Eric Nathan10 саат мурун

    I have access through my Xfinity Subscription and it completely replaces HBOGO. The best part about the app is the integration into the Apple TV app on all the Apple devices and works great for search and adding to a library.

  84. Rune Stitch

    Rune Stitch10 саат мурун

    Agents of Shield premiere review video?!?

  85. Daniel McConkey

    Daniel McConkey10 саат мурун

    Stuck with HBO Now. Because HBO Max isn't available on Roku 🙁🙁🙁

  86. adrian

    adrian10 саат мурун

    surprised no one is mentioning the many criterion collection releases that are also on the service

  87. Yousef Kaldany

    Yousef Kaldany10 саат мурун

    Yes, she should. Good riddance to that POS, I say!

  88. Roy Mathew

    Roy Mathew10 саат мурун

    I agree about your assessment for Upload. I went thinking that it would be a cringe fest and came away really liking/loving it a lot. So, I'm looking forward to Space Force.

  89. Julia Brooks

    Julia Brooks10 саат мурун

    It’s not available on fire stick! So now I can’t watch it on my tv, only my phone/computer. Wish I would have known that before I signed up a couple weeks ago.

  90. The Mean Arena

    The Mean Arena10 саат мурун

    I enjoy Batwoman on The CW app..........for FREE!

  91. TheAgathist

    TheAgathist10 саат мурун

    It looks like HBO Max has not been added to Roku yet. It is available as a tie-in package with Hulu. Luckily, I can still watch HBO Max programs in my web browser on my PC. Best hardware platform ever! :-)

  92. theylied1776

    theylied177610 саат мурун

    I went Kayaking today. There were a lot of people on the water.

  93. Lucas Ribeiro

    Lucas Ribeiro10 саат мурун

    Is it available on South America?!?

  94. Brady Nordstrom

    Brady Nordstrom10 саат мурун

    George Clooney got a big boost by being a recurring character on Roseanne as well.

  95. Bob Wow

    Bob Wow10 саат мурун

    That looks like a mess... the movie page is ugly!!

  96. Oscar Batres

    Oscar Batres11 саат мурун

    To many “but anyway “ in the first un the first 3 minute can’t keep watching

  97. Brion

    Brion11 саат мурун

    Classic movies like Alfred Hitchcock? Yes Please. Plus I'd love to watch all the classic Looney Tunes shorts. Its a real shame they couldn't include everything on the DC Universe service (and shut that down) - like Stargirl, Swamp Thing, Batman & Superman Adventures & JLU. What a wasted opportunity


    TITAN__ GAMING11 саат мурун

    what is this

  99. Sarah

    Sarah11 саат мурун

    Loved this show! Definitely forgot I was watching it on CW. The actors are great and I wish I could binge it

  100. poeticjae2tha

    poeticjae2tha11 саат мурун

    Is the spawn animated series on there???