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Great idea for yours grinder!!!
Cool idea from an old bearing!
WOW! Genious idea!

WOW! Genious idea!

6 ай мурун

Why didn't I know this before!!!
Chair with secret!!!

Chair with secret!!!

11 ай мурун

Super machine from bicycle axle !
Idea from drill and pipe PVC
Why didn't I do it before !
Wow! Brilliant ideas DIY

Wow! Brilliant ideas DIY

Жыл мурун

WOW! Genious idea

WOW! Genious idea

Жыл мурун

  1. Corsair PERSONAL ACC

    Corsair PERSONAL ACC19 саат мурун

    The background sounds are so satisfying 😍.

  2. Antons Workshop

    Antons Workshop19 саат мурун

    This would be better if the title would be how to make a bench clamp because how do i know what this thing is

  3. Carole Just Carole

    Carole Just Carole19 саат мурун

    That is a cool table, but it is beyond my skill set and not generally representative of my scrap wood. Maybe in a few years when I have worked in wood more.

  4. Paul T

    Paul T19 саат мурун

    I very much prefer videos that describe their content in detail. Life is too short to watch unknown content.

  5. Sarita Kandharkar

    Sarita Kandharkar20 саат мурун

    वारे पठे,very good

  6. Mark Bonham

    Mark Bonham20 саат мурун

    I really like the grinder turning into a skill saw. I don't like using grinders as I cut myself pretty good a couple years ago and this would have helped

  7. Steven Wright

    Steven Wright21 саат мурун

    But why though. Ingenuity: 10. Practicality: 0

  8. Mitchell Neilson

    Mitchell Neilson21 саат мурун

    Where’s the genius ideas ? The 1st, 4th and 5th you have copied from actual tools already made from that purpose of job, The 2nd one you had to drill holes into the wall just to mount something, most of the “ genius ideas “ you had are a good way to make all your power tools go to shit and have to replace them in a few months from Improper use.

  9. shotsmac

    shotsmac21 саат мурун

    What the hell did he do to make the tea light holder blackish??

  10. W Otterdijk

    W Otterdijk21 саат мурун

    Precies Precies de wat is dat in een in heeze langs de hele day ik niet aan geweest aan geweest in Someren Someren denk p000ppp0pp000p0pp00p0p00zijn

  11. MrCarter'sRods

    MrCarter'sRods21 саат мурун

    "Scrap wood" lol. I'd throat someone to get me that quality of "scrap".

  12. MrCarter'sRods

    MrCarter'sRods21 саат мурун

    @6:43 Fap level: OVER 9,000!!!!!

  13. Rick Merino

    Rick Merino21 саат мурун

    Nice piece of work i live in florida with no use for a stove like that but if lived in a colder state i sure would follow you pattern to make one like you did or close to it

  14. FlaredRadiators

    FlaredRadiators22 саат мурун

    I mean they aren't scraps of woods but it's still cool.

  15. Christopher Williams

    Christopher Williams22 саат мурун

    I wish my scrap pile looked that good 🤣

  16. aparecido silva

    aparecido silva22 саат мурун


  17. nick tube

    nick tube22 саат мурун

    how do u think we are supposed to have those tools to cut the so called scrap woods.

  18. Alfonso Ramos

    Alfonso Ramos22 саат мурун

    It should be titled chairs and table ideas that aren’t practical.

  19. CD ROD

    CD ROD22 саат мурун

    Or you can go and just buy a shop vac.

  20. C Whit

    C Whit22 саат мурун

    Very well done!

  21. anselmo anselmo

    anselmo anselmo23 саат мурун

    Tang ina!

  22. Cota

    Cota23 саат мурун

    サムネを見て:  え〜、グラインダーと木の廃材を組み合わせてなにか素敵なものが作れるの〜?観る〜♡ 00:45 謎の機械の出現: .... 06:04 極めつけに溶接機の出現 ............

  23. cedr777

    cedr77723 саат мурун

    5:37 Is the Best Part.

  24. Brandon White

    Brandon White23 саат мурун

    I really thought he was building a urinal for the shop. Now I’m just disappointed.

  25. BOB A

    BOB A23 саат мурун

    #1 - or just use a knife which would be easier to clean #2 - great for dulling your knifes (same for a knife block; never use unless you like to sharpen them often) #3 - so you can have an extra dirty plate? #4 - would work great for cooking heroin #5 - ok but why? plus you spent way too much time on the simpler builds not a bit on this one

  26. chin Bk

    chin Bk23 саат мурун

    Good idea. I like it.

  27. Eduardo Trujillo

    Eduardo Trujillo23 саат мурун

    Enjoyed watching your video. I love seeing other craftsman's ideas, I can appreciate someone else's work. Thanks for sharing.

  28. rambo1749

    rambo174923 саат мурун

    Tanto pedi para cortar harina

  29. Trevor Longpre

    Trevor LongpreКүн мурун

    How much video footage did you shoot roughly?



    *hotslut.ru* 5:40

  31. debrashawn

    debrashawnКүн мурун

    People are so immature/unkind to mention that you didn't use scrap because of the title??? Clearly, they had no home training and no self respect or they would find better things to comment about...I thought it was a great idea!

  32. The Wholls

    The WhollsКүн мурун

    Not bad...!!!!! Drill bits will rust if you store them like that I use a sealed plastic container and spray em with WD-40 Could put something else in the top row though....

  33. DVT

    DVTКүн мурун

    Looks super easy lol

  34. Hawk Tricks

    Hawk TricksКүн мурун

    It is great idea i like your content

  35. Thomas Farmer

    Thomas FarmerКүн мурун

    Bloody legend

  36. Harold Land

    Harold LandКүн мурун

    unsafe table saw use in this video !!! Every time his left hand snatched at the waste I winced... Looks like you have done that a lot if the wear on the glove is anything to go by. it's a percentage game...1 time in how many? count your fingers chap... use two pushsticks and never clear waste by hand so close to the blade furniture maker with 35 years experience and 10 fingers

  37. Encik Rima

    Encik RimaКүн мурун


  38. COCONUTS670

    COCONUTS670Күн мурун

    I'm unsubscribing this phucken failed hard wasted precious time.

  39. mixwell1983

    mixwell1983Күн мурун

    I wish I had a scrap wood pile that looked like that.

  40. Tim Earl

    Tim EarlКүн мурун

    Looks heavy. Definitely will have the wife carry it.

  41. Ian Beck

    Ian BeckКүн мурун

    Is this a joke? You have got way too much spare time and timber

  42. Muyyasar Yousuf

    Muyyasar YousufКүн мурун

    What is this tool which he used for circular cut

  43. Carera Giuseppe

    Carera GiuseppeКүн мурун


  44. Charlene Mabins

    Charlene MabinsКүн мурун



    ΜΗΔΕΝ ΑΓΑΝКүн мурун


  46. Tshilidzi Radzuma

    Tshilidzi RadzumaКүн мурун

    Wasted my time thinking I would see something innovative. Its not hate, just put a proper video description next time. *Making a round foldable table from pieces of wood.*

  47. Craigton Clark

    Craigton ClarkКүн мурун

    “F” the click bait I went to the last 30 seconds.

  48. Ümit Yavuz

    Ümit YavuzКүн мурун

    The painting parts are such mess and terrible

  49. Teddy Cook

    Teddy CookКүн мурун

    Jesus, just go buy one

  50. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyКүн мурун

    POV: Your looking for the comment that says you didn’t search for this

  51. Vic D

    Vic DКүн мурун

    Петли складивания стола надо би перевернуть..!

  52. Farkles1

    Farkles1Күн мурун

    Very interesting

  53. k4yN

    k4yNКүн мурун

    I like anything has to do with wood even i could not make something under the circumstances I'm right now, nice one, just wondering how long it took you to build it?

  54. Bukan roo

    Bukan rooКүн мурун

    10 minit lost

  55. Paul Gandesa

    Paul GandesaКүн мурун

    Very good.Thanks.

  56. Bukan roo

    Bukan rooКүн мурун

    Rabis idea

  57. Aziz Qassim

    Aziz QassimКүн мурун


  58. Robert Harper

    Robert HarperКүн мурун

    I just realized the person in the video said genius inventions . Wich is an overstatement since these hacks were barely clever and not entertaining . One more thing maybe you should be safer in your videos cause there's a lot more idiots out there wanting to show their lack of creativity .

  59. RG Anderson

    RG AndersonКүн мурун

    Ya, and we are all cabinet makers right? I'll make sure to save my pile of wood next time so I can do this. Ofcourse I'll have to open up an acct because I think I'll need to purchase these tools. Unless so.e cabinet maker wants to borrow them to me. Ya folks, think twice before you throw away your perfect pile of cut wood!

  60. Mike Sokolow

    Mike SokolowКүн мурун

    You all realize, this is just a parody vid, to show how useless all this work is to do something simple. It's humor, c'mon, laugh.

  61. Mike Sokolow

    Mike SokolowКүн мурун

    Next, he invents a knife, to take the place of the 4 wheeled monstrosity.

  62. Peter Schmaus

    Peter SchmausКүн мурун

    How do you make the last tool?

  63. Ranjna Dankhade

    Ranjna DankhadeКүн мурун

    🐵 NiC 🎠 🎠 🎠

  64. arijit saha

    arijit sahaКүн мурун


  65. B. L.M USA

    B. L.M USAКүн мурун

    Who would've thunk?!?

  66. Mick Green

    Mick GreenКүн мурун

    Who would throw away that wood it’s not exactly scraps !

  67. Tim Danby

    Tim DanbyКүн мурун

    7:44 What kind of cutter is that? Never seen one like that one.

  68. Tim Danby

    Tim DanbyКүн мурун

    4:05 So when my new jig saw breaks down I still can do jig sawing.😁

  69. Tim Danby

    Tim DanbyКүн мурун

    WOW!!!I just learned more in this 10:09 than watching 10 hours and 9 seconds of everyone else!!! DUDE, YOU DRE THE MAN!!!

  70. Raul Tijerina

    Raul TijerinaКүн мурун

    Yes Vanya, You Are A Genius. Thanks

  71. 田中サクラ

    田中サクラКүн мурун



    LEGO YEETERКүн мурун

    You are a big brain man great job 😃👍🏻

  73. Хтось

    ХтосьКүн мурун

    Nice chair. What's the secret?

  74. Charlie M.

    Charlie M.Күн мурун

    Lots of Idiots in the comments! A Job well done sir. I LOVE these kind of videos! No long drawn out talking and yammering on and on and on. Thank you for a Video well done! Ignore all the idiots that have no idea what power tools are and how noisy they can be! I subscribed. :)

  75. Ray Vid

    Ray VidКүн мурун

    Well at least this video made me laugh after over 2 months of so frustating stay home during the pandemic.

  76. Cody

    CodyКүн мурун

    POV: Your looking for the comment that says you didn’t search for this

  77. Gayle Cheung

    Gayle CheungКүн мурун

    Wow that was beautiful, and smell the wood ♥️🇨🇦🌏

  78. Kien Vudinh

    Kien VudinhКүн мурун

    Bố lạy mày

  79. Tony Castle

    Tony CastleКүн мурун

    The idea is good but the huge gap in the middle of the table is a no go

  80. Angelo Bommarito

    Angelo BommaritoКүн мурун

    And then he pulls out that snake!

  81. HighSpinSwingSpeed

    HighSpinSwingSpeedКүн мурун

    I’m addicted to these videos. Makes me want to build more stuff

  82. RudeDog412

    RudeDog412Күн мурун


  83. jpablo700

    jpablo700Күн мурун

    Well this video SUCKED

  84. Fabián Canteros Soler

    Fabián Canteros SolerКүн мурун

    More stupid ideas ...please

  85. Saby Creatives

    Saby CreativesКүн мурун

    if anyone need copyright free music to their youtube videos i make them.

  86. Toad Lee Amazed

    Toad Lee AmazedКүн мурун

    I can't believe you haven't been impaled by a board left against a running saw blade 😳

  87. Russell Olds

    Russell OldsКүн мурун

    If you are gonna cut without a guard better learn some safety, blade way too high.

  88. Jesse G.

    Jesse G.Күн мурун

    Who cares about the 8K thumbs down and all the negative comments, I like it. Thank you

  89. Carlo Ferraro

    Carlo FerraroКүн мурун

    like if ya mum gay

  90. Secular Indian

    Secular IndianКүн мурун

    I have no words. Just amazed.

  91. Nicky Critic

    Nicky CriticКүн мурун

    Waaaay too short of a throw. Great concept, but lackluster build quality. That’s why you had to fast forward the video just to inflate the worlds smallest bike tire. I guess it’ll do in a pinch tho.

  92. Simon Baier

    Simon BaierКүн мурун

    Ten minutes I'll never get back 😫

  93. Jose Francisco

    Jose FranciscoКүн мурун

    Perfect 👏👏👏👏👏

  94. Wayne Seltzer

    Wayne SeltzerКүн мурун

    No guard on the table saw? Tsk, tsk.

  95. dnfdark

    dnfdarkКүн мурун

    Lol 10 min Video for a table even too small for 4 year old children. Sure you can throw this wood (the table) away ( to the garbage). What a waste of time...

  96. M Hasbi

    M HasbiКүн мурун

    Musim canggi,

  97. daniel h guerrero

    daniel h guerreroКүн мурун

    AWESOME... 🤩👏👏👏👍💯‼

  98. John Mazei

    John MazeiКүн мурун

    Slow down

  99. Trump Fan 2020

    Trump Fan 2020Күн мурун

    I've Been building Custom Cabinets an Furniture for 31yrs and never ever seen someone push a piece of cutoff off the end of the table saw with another board they were cutting, untill now! Dangerous!!

  100. John David

    John DavidКүн мурун

    Way cool.