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Reacting To My Own Birth

Reacting To My Own Birth

9 күн мурун

DIY Rapunzel Dress & Hair!
My 2020 Resolutions

My 2020 Resolutions

4 ай мурун

Extreme Bedroom Declutter!
Making An Elsa Dress in a Day!
Thrifting Through The States


6 ай мурун

Must-See Rat Funeral

Must-See Rat Funeral

7 ай мурун

Making A Dress Blindfolded
I DIY'd My Vacation Wardrobe


Жыл мурун

Making an Incredibles Costume
How to Make a Drop Leg Bag

How to Make a Drop Leg Bag

2 жыл мурун

How to Make Tear-Away Pants

How to Make Tear-Away Pants

2 жыл мурун

Stereotypes I Believe About You
  1. Empress Li Hua Zhen

    Empress Li Hua Zhen5 секунд мурун

    I badly want you to make my ball's gown, lol HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm a teenager but loves vintage and peincess styles.

  2. Aubrey Deuel

    Aubrey DeuelМүнөт мурун

    Why did I think “duckies” would be a restaurant.

  3. Dominique Nikki87

    Dominique Nikki877 мүнөт мурун

    Aww this was very sweet.

  4. Paola Murphy

    Paola Murphy17 мүнөт мурун

    Your dad singing made me cry!

  5. Lelave lion

    Lelave lion19 мүнөт мурун

    You can make a dress in 1hour. All you need is a big body pillow, a pair of scissors, a belt and or ribbon. Cut out holes for head and arms add the belt for shape and bada bing bada boom you have yourself a very ugly dress. I say this with practically no sewing experience 😂

  6. cRuNchy bAnaNaa

    cRuNchy bAnaNaa29 мүнөт мурун

    No one can tell me otherwise that the second subscriber she met isn’t her doppelgänger

  7. maria_444

    maria_44432 мүнөт мурун


  8. Caroline Eaton

    Caroline Eaton37 мүнөт мурун

    when micarahs dad counted her sneezes he sounded like the pacer test guy

  9. Aliyah ZSB

    Aliyah ZSB37 мүнөт мурун

    Some of these about me are all correct... 😟

  10. bean boy98

    bean boy9848 мүнөт мурун

    i have the same birthday as ariana grande

  11. Dandu

    Dandu50 мүнөт мурун

    i have this weird condition called C O M M O N S E N C E

  12. Abdullah Javed

    Abdullah Javed55 мүнөт мурун

    This was SO FUNNY

  13. Aria Sparrow

    Aria SparrowСаат мурун

    Garian is my new favorite character of the Tewers household

  14. Honey Bonilla

    Honey BonillaСаат мурун

    Woah this is my first time watching your channel....im subscribing

  15. Mothman OfficalTM

    Mothman OfficalTMСаат мурун

    I thought when the title said "extra mom" you meant that your father remarried and now you own two mother's, if that were to happen you'd be the envy of the town with three parents.

  16. QuaePanemEtCircenses

    QuaePanemEtCircensesСаат мурун

    i love your vibes but girl, what is going on with you sitting in port-a-potties?! no amount of seat protectors would be enough

  17. traczebabe

    traczebabeСаат мурун

    That was the easiest birth I have ever seen! Not all births are like that! 😳

  18. Weird Seagull

    Weird SeagullСаат мурун

    I haven’t had a crush-style hug in way too long. I need to see him again. His hugs were the best. Stupid quarantine.

  19. Countess Katie

    Countess KatieСаат мурун

    Basically that big word- antidisestablishmentarianism- means that in the 19th century, some people wanted to keep the Church of England as the main church of England and Wales and Ireland and such while other peeps said no

  20. Xinyi Wang

    Xinyi WangСаат мурун

    This makes me want to appreciate Christian values.

  21. Anthony Frew

    Anthony Frew2 саат мурун

    Its funny bc rapunzel has been in qurenteen her life

  22. Diane Magnolia

    Diane Magnolia2 саат мурун

    Wow you got so passionate while high after your surgery, I was just laughing hysterically hahaha

  23. Xinyi Wang

    Xinyi Wang2 саат мурун

    Please make the Jenna Marbles ft. 5 Minutes Craft Denim Jeans Chair but a good version.

  24. Allison

    Allison2 саат мурун

    To make this video feel normal, I had to change it to 1.25 speed

  25. Xxphoenix _

    Xxphoenix _2 саат мурун

    No one Not a single person Me :0 my grandma has that clock 1:24

  26. Keiko Rakin

    Keiko Rakin2 саат мурун

    You shoild do rose from titanic

  27. Isabela Monar

    Isabela Monar2 саат мурун

    OMG your talking and humor make my mind to subscribe your channel you're too funny like hella yes 😂❤

  28. eve king

    eve king2 саат мурун

    i would watch

  29. Kate and Ellie

    Kate and Ellie2 саат мурун

    plz do a collab w/ joana ceddia when this is all over

  30. Lilly Lakis

    Lilly Lakis2 саат мурун

    Ohio people were y’all at????

  31. CorgiNation

    CorgiNation3 саат мурун

    Yeah the kingdom’s name is corona. I watched this tangeled series on Disney plus, and here are some quotes I think were in it “Let’s save corona.” “Rapunzel of corona” I don’t remember that many :I

  32. bean boy98

    bean boy983 саат мурун

    i love how shes honestly pretty funny, but she still seems like shes dead on the inside

  33. Ariana Hajirasoliha

    Ariana Hajirasoliha3 саат мурун

    This video confused me, but entertained me

  34. Jesus*is*Love

    Jesus*is*Love3 саат мурун

    My second child was born in the dr office bathroom, my husband completely missed it! So our last #5 he delivered her. And a funny side note ive only had the dr make it in time for 2 of my 5 births.

  35. Red Eagle Gacha

    Red Eagle Gacha3 саат мурун

    ..... college pictures!!!!

  36. Red Eagle Gacha

    Red Eagle Gacha3 саат мурун

    “A glamorous tumbleweed” -Micarah Tewer “No truer words have been spoken” -Me

  37. Diane Magnolia

    Diane Magnolia3 саат мурун

    You're more than welcome to come visit me in northern Utah lmao

  38. Red Eagle Gacha

    Red Eagle Gacha3 саат мурун

    You are another Amber Scholl 😂 I love your videos

  39. Rabbit

    Rabbit3 саат мурун

    Holy sh*t, this is homeschooled as f%ck

  40. Chee Qi

    Chee Qi3 саат мурун

    Can you make a red puffy red dress

  41. ShimanoRF

    ShimanoRF3 саат мурун

    This was a great video! I laughed so much!

  42. ShimanoRF

    ShimanoRF3 саат мурун

    Your voice sounds just like Erica in the movie!!!

  43. Rueben Otero

    Rueben Otero3 саат мурун

    Aldi is a German company, you nailed the pronunciation 👍🏼

  44. Ariana Hajirasoliha

    Ariana Hajirasoliha4 саат мурун

    Her first instinct when she sees a bug is to teach it to jump hurdles, mine is to run

  45. jenny jacobo

    jenny jacobo4 саат мурун

    I Didn’t get born as Beyoncé 😂👏🏻

  46. Emma Ramirez

    Emma Ramirez4 саат мурун

    A tv show like that with Micarah on it or the HOST would be the best thing ever

  47. Anne Penno Albiol Garcia

    Anne Penno Albiol Garcia4 саат мурун

    You could make the Cinderella's dress, and put the butterfly on it

  48. emma m

    emma m4 саат мурун

    i. love. your. dad.

  49. 6yza

    6yza4 саат мурун

    i envy your life

  50. Malaka KZ

    Malaka KZ4 саат мурун

    I just wanna know where you put all of your handmade dresses😂💜

  51. stephanie Wilson

    stephanie Wilson4 саат мурун

    I would watch for sure that would be awsome

  52. Ava Calvi

    Ava Calvi5 саат мурун

    You are the kinda person I want to be friends with. Also you totally went to the goodwill in martinsburg wv which is near where I live and it made me very excited to see that.

  53. Cassandra Esquivel

    Cassandra Esquivel5 саат мурун

    she deceived me

  54. Liesl-Ann Vaz

    Liesl-Ann Vaz5 саат мурун

    Can you make a video reacting to this video, please? kggo.info/video/ZZFqx6SW3N53kJ4.html

  55. asma mok

    asma mok5 саат мурун


  56. Rachel Young

    Rachel Young5 саат мурун

    Hey Micarah your dress in the intro is so pretty!!

  57. Wonder’s World! !

    Wonder’s World! !5 саат мурун

    Your soo pretty!

  58. Kaiyana Chan

    Kaiyana Chan5 саат мурун

    It’s a nice... toy, but he’s just sTuPid

  59. ArtsiTheAxolotl

    ArtsiTheAxolotl5 саат мурун

    Wow what a beautiful voice!

  60. Scooot ThePotterhead

    Scooot ThePotterhead6 саат мурун

    12 more respectable

  61. Wonder’s World! !

    Wonder’s World! !6 саат мурун

    your voice is soo pretty and fun to listen to!

  62. Callie Johnston

    Callie Johnston7 саат мурун

    my parents always get mad at me for bringing the chickens in the house

  63. Katherine

    Katherine7 саат мурун

    When Micarah started singing in public in that McDonalds, I got so uncomfortable I started sweating

  64. Goomy

    Goomy7 саат мурун

    people think your lips are fake? would someone with fillers stick a needle right through their lips??

  65. Erin Dougherty

    Erin Dougherty7 саат мурун

    “Bust parts”? Ah yes, the boob holster.

  66. Thelma Easley

    Thelma Easley7 саат мурун

    Why are there burning candles behind your bedroom door? 😂

  67. Stacey Valencia

    Stacey Valencia7 саат мурун

    Thank you next.... I'm not the only one that hears bacon, eggs

  68. Rissa Reidel

    Rissa Reidel8 саат мурун

    The last little bit where she was posing gave me Tiana's "Almost There" vibes.

  69. Messya Mommy

    Messya Mommy8 саат мурун

    May 19/1989 my birthday 🥳🤩

  70. Aubrey Schwager

    Aubrey Schwager8 саат мурун

    sickness... like a flu... *corona*

  71. Angelique Davis

    Angelique Davis8 саат мурун

    I’m currently slowly making this dress while watching your video. I’ll let you know when I’m done 😝

  72. A D

    A D8 саат мурун

    Ive watched so much anime cringing dose'nt exist.

  73. shehnil kazi

    shehnil kazi8 саат мурун

    All my childhood fantasies lived by this lady here....🥺😊

  74. sandra hernandez

    sandra hernandez8 саат мурун

    It’s pretty good but I’ve actually neared better.... :T

  75. Caroline Eaton

    Caroline Eaton8 саат мурун

    currently sewing a gown out of a pillow case and bedsheet

  76. A D

    A D8 саат мурун

    i coment too much but do marilyn monroe

  77. SpellofMadness

    SpellofMadness8 саат мурун

    Why!?!??? hasn't the youtube algorithm showed me your channel yet!???

  78. A D

    A D9 саат мурун

    She can sing. She can sew. She can dress up as Rachel McAdams. She can do anything

  79. A D

    A D9 саат мурун

    Um... Am i the only one who searched that up and got " A Tinted Yellow tongue often means you don't brush your teeth enough " google really tryna expose her... WE STILL LOVE YOU <3

  80. Best Lyons

    Best Lyons9 саат мурун

    I have to send my work to my teacher in 23 minutes and I’m sitting her watching this

  81. Best Lyons

    Best Lyons9 саат мурун

    Is it only me or are u also obsessed with her and her videos

  82. Cheese Cheese

    Cheese Cheese9 саат мурун

    Oh hello. SAFIYA.

  83. Penelope Kats

    Penelope Kats9 саат мурун

    There are literally so many continuity errors in your videos 😂 In the last video with the Princess and the Pauper dress you mentioned that, being homeschooled, you were not allowed to watch Disney movies, now you say Belle was one of your favourites growing up. I understand that avoiding Disney at all cost is not easy but still 😂 In another video you have said that you are not good at Christmas gifts and you mention the fact that you got a prom dress for your 12 year old niece, because you were homeschooled and you have no clue about such events. Now you show pictures of you going to prom in 2013, when you were 18 (since you mentioned you were born in 1995 at the birth reaction video). WHO ARE YOU TRULY MICARAH? ARE YOU ACTUALLY AN ALIEN PRETENDING TO BE MICARAH??

  84. Scooot ThePotterhead

    Scooot ThePotterhead9 саат мурун

    Ear lasso

  85. Ashley Guevara

    Ashley Guevara9 саат мурун

    JJ being a good sport for 26:33 straight

  86. Courtney McCall

    Courtney McCall9 саат мурун

    This is crazy my birthday is 1 day before your birthday

  87. Scooot ThePotterhead

    Scooot ThePotterhead9 саат мурун

    5:46 Bribery

  88. Scooot ThePotterhead

    Scooot ThePotterhead9 саат мурун

    Popcorn is the same thing as pee? 🤯 mind blown.

  89. Ellie Linton

    Ellie Linton9 саат мурун

    You are crazy genius 😁 and I mean it in a positive way. You are awesome. Take care and be safe ❤️

  90. Bunny Snyder

    Bunny Snyder9 саат мурун

    Please costume a Little Women film! <3

  91. Shadow_ Princess158

    Shadow_ Princess1589 саат мурун

    I just realized what I think she looks like. Her smile reminds me of Thumbelina.

  92. A D

    A D9 саат мурун

    No one : Her : " hAhA iVe TrIcKeD yOu InTo WaTcHiNg A sEwInG vIdEo '' Me : hAhA tHaTs WhAt Im HeRe FoR :,D

  93. Alissizkewl524 youtube

    Alissizkewl524 youtube10 саат мурун

    Sis thought she made up a word but still used it correctly

  94. medhya k

    medhya k10 саат мурун

    Instructions not clear. Used “prove it” with my mother. I am now adopted.

  95. Andrea Nijssen

    Andrea Nijssen10 саат мурун

    Did I see this in your Instagram story? Yes. Did I expect you to actually do it? Well I can’t say I’m surprised.

  96. Chelsea Granger

    Chelsea Granger10 саат мурун

    this was a really pretty silhouette

  97. Genevieve Mc

    Genevieve Mc10 саат мурун

    Can we just appreciate how pretty micarahs outfit in the thumbnail is

  98. A D

    A D10 саат мурун

    Wait can i make this my ring tone?

  99. Cassie

    Cassie11 саат мурун

    Chewing gum while giving birth is the most badass thing I'm aware of.

  100. lmsol luh

    lmsol luh11 саат мурун

    Is it just me or does she kinda look like Bella Thorn-