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Who will lead the Labour Party?
UKIP’s data hijack

UKIP’s data hijack

Ай мурун

  1. Heidi Stinton

    Heidi Stinton23 саат мурун

    Our Tory liar pm can do one as he's not pm material and never will be. But Prince Harry and his beautiful family will always be royal to me,best asset to come out of UK dysfunctional family where Andrew, queen favourite son still keeps his title ,yet Andrew no Prince to me,no smoke without fire,just a paedophiles friend ECT.

  2. Wil H

    Wil H23 саат мурун

    4 years ago: Nah 3 years ago: Nah 2 years ago: Nah 1 year ago: Nah Now: *Let me introduce myself*

  3. Alison Hilll

    Alison Hilll23 саат мурун

    They are all bent

  4. 32 trane

    32 trane23 саат мурун

    This is what my typing looks like when I’m finishing my last minute essay

  5. quality Boy

    quality Boy23 саат мурун

    The question should be who is a semite? The answer is ALL descendants of Abraham. That includes all Arabs and jews. There in lies the truth that idiots do not get. Confining the semite definition to jews only is a scam

  6. XT Squad

    XT Squad23 саат мурун

    Watched about Princess Latifa of Dubai and yt recommended this to me... ohhhhh... so sad... I like to think Im so blessed to have my freedom...

  7. Alpha 1

    Alpha 123 саат мурун

    Dont use Amazon if people wouldn't work and use Amazon, Amazon would be out of business..

  8. Katrin McDonough

    Katrin McDonough23 саат мурун

    I really don't care what Thomas Markle thinks

  9. M3TR01D _X

    M3TR01D _X23 саат мурун

    Gesundheit 🤧

  10. Astuteous Maximus

    Astuteous Maximus23 саат мурун

    There simply isn't enough affordable housing to house the population and so the councils have to prioritise. As a white heterosexual male, unless you have a genuine disability that is obvious to the eye, you are at the bottom of the queue when it comes to getting any social help unfortunately. You'll be lucky to get a room to sleep in. When I was signing on, I would regularly see homeless people who were having to abide by the terms & conditions of UC but without anywhere to live.

  11. calvinlimgo

    calvinlimgo23 саат мурун

    The next Labour leader should stay away from corbyn and corbynism The next leader should be Blair-like, centre left and pro EU Whether you like Blair or not, Blair is still one of the most if not the most successful Labour leader. The more far left Labour is, the more it will never win any GE Corbyn was God's gift to the tories

  12. Tiger Cub

    Tiger Cub23 саат мурун

    Make your dullards (oops, I mean interviewees) spit out their God dammm candy & gum. I'm out..

  13. Tiger Cub

    Tiger Cub23 саат мурун

    VOTE #Trump2020 or #AdiosAmerica ! Did low IQ Rose "Mutt" McGowan kick Manson in his Hillaryhole & Obamahole? 😂👉☝️🤪🤐

  14. anthony tanascu

    anthony tanascu23 саат мурун

    this band has a low iq. they have peanut sized brains.

  15. Mark Fernandes

    Mark Fernandes23 саат мурун

    It's not the idea that's wrong, it's the execution. How is it possible for China to go from zero high-speed rail to the largest network in the world in just 20 years? What's the cost per km of building it in comparison? How was it tendered? Will it be obsolete in 20 years due to many factors, it might well be. I'm not saying China and the UK should be apples for apples but if it's 10 x the cost per km and takes 5 x the time to deliver, it's telling you something is wrong. I support infrastructure projects in general but the way they are being managed makes them largely DOA (dead on arrival)

  16. Chander Kapoor

    Chander Kapoor23 саат мурун

    She is such a beautiful lady.This is the gift of capitalist society to mankind.

  17. oldgysgt

    oldgysgt23 саат мурун

    I suppose 4 News could say Corbyn also won last December. After all, he did keep his seat in Parliament, didn't he. For all the good it will do him.

  18. NA NA

    NA NA23 саат мурун

    Does channel 4 hire only complete morons?

  19. Richard Magee

    Richard Magee23 саат мурун

    On the plus side those frames you've stuck with all this time ..definitely take ones mind off the chin count

  20. Russell Riley

    Russell Riley23 саат мурун

    Sick stuff am I surprised no thats what the liberal left do

  21. Richard Magee

    Richard Magee23 саат мурун

    Even Tarantino thinks you a hack and he's a Weinstein freak brother used to dealings with conniving individuals

  22. Richard Magee

    Richard Magee23 саат мурун

    Iron Man says you suck, Martin . And he should know

  23. Richard Magee

    Richard Magee23 саат мурун

    Martin Bashir, you clot.. it doesn't go away after a date it becomes enacted

  24. Richard Magee

    Richard Magee23 саат мурун

    Looking down the barrel of 15 years out of office.. ask Sadiq

  25. Joan Ray

    Joan Ray23 саат мурун

    All you people need to mind your own business! Leave them alone and let them live their lives! Canada wants them and will not slander and spy on them like you all do! Leave them alone! You people are disgusting!

  26. bluehors3

    bluehors323 саат мурун

    "What does it feel like..?" It feels like I've been reborn! This is what I've wanted all my life. Thank God I've finally made it, and still healthy to enjoy it!

  27. Ken Windrum

    Ken WindrumКүн мурун

    Nancy and her wolves...

  28. ツツ ツ

    ツツ ツКүн мурун

    this man kept talking like he just said the word _cat_

  29. Zombot95

    Zombot95Күн мурун

    5:28 you know that when there's a war, there's always a bridges there.

  30. QDeeDra Ældæg

    QDeeDra ÆldægКүн мурун

    They were asked to leave

  31. Pika Marson

    Pika MarsonКүн мурун

    Imagine this in call of duty lol xD....

  32. RJ TC

    RJ TCКүн мурун

    As far asi know Gorkhas are nepali we all know that World know that But I heard some Nepali speaking bengali indians try to claim themselves gorkhas and demanded their own union territory That's a disgrace for this warriors

  33. Chad Mower

    Chad MowerКүн мурун

    That is NOT how you play catch!

  34. Bimon Solivar

    Bimon SolivarКүн мурун

    This video is aging so well it's incredible. I just watched it for the second time after over a year and the way she is trying to put him in that box is such a funny thing to behold!

  35. Ryan Harber

    Ryan HarberКүн мурун

    So you’re saying 75 years from now we might become friends with Iran????

  36. Georg Mörgæs

    Georg MörgæsКүн мурун

    he sometimes think he is in a movie

  37. abdi abdi

    abdi abdiКүн мурун

    The tendering process need to be reviewed, there is definite corruption larking somewhere. Just pass HS2 legislation that bypasses all environmental n nimbysm nonsense and get the Chinese to finish the rest of the line. Its called swallowing your pride

  38. 985 Hatake

    985 HatakeКүн мурун

    What if they met and started trying to kill eachother

  39. Mr.Klean

    Mr.KleanКүн мурун

    my wife told to wash the dishes or else she would smash my head on the keyboard. I told her no because I ain't no bit- llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

  40. Craig Ashton

    Craig AshtonКүн мурун

    Please look long and hard at this, C4

  41. Ava Haro

    Ava HaroКүн мурун

    No one: My sims: 0:11

  42. Rick Conner

    Rick ConnerКүн мурун

    Kim Jong Dung needs to be removed

  43. Krumple Themal

    Krumple ThemalКүн мурун

    Soldiers don't create the conflict, they are just following orders. Its the fucking political leaders that always create these messes. Citizens just want to live their life with their families and work but politics always wants the innocent to suffer and kill each other.

  44. Nelson17 2022

    Nelson17 2022Күн мурун

    Pobres girafas.Bolsonaro é tirano demais.Imagina os elefantes também tadinhos,como vão fugir da fogueira do Bolsonaro na Amazônia??Dá um nojo tão grandes desses jornalístecos achando q tão sabendo o que estão falando.Ainda acham uma JUMENTA brasileira pra falar esse monte de merda!!!!Vai lavar roupa sua idiota!!!!

  45. Steven Auldridge

    Steven AuldridgeКүн мурун

    I wonder what these men think of our wuss generation that requires cry rooms in college if something upsets them. Amazing we went from them to what we have now in just a few short years.

  46. Larry Prue Jr

    Larry Prue JrКүн мурун

    1:08.... Camel toe

  47. bart mart

    bart martКүн мурун

    I think there only telling the truth what most of English think

  48. The Grumpy Englishman

    The Grumpy EnglishmanКүн мурун

    Lies... It will hurt the UK a lot less than the EU. We are a nimble one country that can be far more flexible than the EU behemoth. The EU need our London financial services.... personally I'd go WTO given the mandate Boris has.

  49. Eddie Naranjo

    Eddie NaranjoКүн мурун

    I thought they were koalas....... Damn!!

  50. DEAD-GHOST2003

    DEAD-GHOST2003Күн мурун

    The british man sounds like he's a good narrator for bed Time stories

  51. Eduardo Martínez

    Eduardo MartínezКүн мурун

    Did they said gg at the end tho?

  52. Arkus does stuff

    Arkus does stuffКүн мурун

    There is no such thing as evil or good there is only humanity

  53. Evelyn Bertresse

    Evelyn BertresseКүн мурун

    Oh, MY GOODNESS!!! FINALLY, this young lady spoke to this whole situation with some clarity and truth!!! Thank you so much, professor Kate!!! 👍❤️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 A true scholar!

  54. Meme Machine

    Meme MachineКүн мурун

    Your under aged mixed race grandson twerks at gay pride parades for money Wrong side won

  55. NG0915

    NG0915Күн мурун

    ANDREW AND EPSTEIN ANDREW AND EPSTEIN!!!!! That’s what we should focus on not what those two young kids want which is a life of their own!!! He should already be in prison!!!

  56. Joey Buck

    Joey BuckКүн мурун

    And people wonder why immigration is so high in western countries, particularly the UK. I’m not a fan of any religion but I’m more than happy live next to Muslims and any other religions. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see what they go through

  57. NG0915

    NG0915Күн мурун

    Oh please what does he know about the Monarchy?! If anything he knows about cheap but not anything else!!! Someone needs to tell him his fifteen minutes are UP!!! Uhg he’s gross!!

  58. speedygonzales378

    speedygonzales378Күн мурун

    I thought that was bill bailey in the thumbnail

  59. zahir murji

    zahir murjiКүн мурун

    Enemies made by their stupid bitter leaders. The leaders sit back and watch the clueless followers die like flies.

  60. bruce lomax

    bruce lomaxКүн мурун

    Any girls that were untouchable, like the daughters of police, politicians, moneyed class, employers, managers at work. Or was targeting a particular group the safest way to go? Enquiring minds need know.

  61. Nicholas Czech

    Nicholas CzechКүн мурун

    Costco over Amazon any day! Treats employees right, Great pay and Benefits and a Family atmosphere.

  62. Dave Kiss

    Dave KissКүн мурун

    Ya I like him VERY COOL MAN

  63. The Old Boy

    The Old BoyКүн мурун

    I don't even want to hear that noise again.

  64. St Michael

    St MichaelКүн мурун

    I have voted labour all my life...Ha ha. The labor tribe has no idea that the Labour party no longer cares about workers or the transfer of your jobs to overseas. Wake Up!!!!

  65. Eric Joseph

    Eric JosephКүн мурун

    Why didn't anyone ring the alarm for Bill Clinton, Epstein, prince Andrew, etc...?

  66. Grimbel’s Scrimbels

    Grimbel’s ScrimbelsКүн мурун

    Ok but what if he just fuckin said “Let’s finish this.”

  67. Breauna Tyler

    Breauna TylerКүн мурун

    He shouldn’t have changed his heart these people know the risk it’s their fault for what ever happens

  68. Mike5

    Mike5Күн мурун

    HS2 will be replaced by Relatively High Speed 2

  69. heucatia

    heucatiaКүн мурун


  70. Meena

    MeenaКүн мурун

    Richard Dawkins is deluded to believe that Scientific facts are absolute. Evolution is a myth, and to call a discipline "Evolutionary Biology", does not mean evolution has a role in creation. As long as you agree to his delusional views, and to insult what he does not want to understand, namely Islam. This man is falling apart -"just as genes get passed on"! -what an absurd thinking, - he obviously doesn't know the scientific fact that genes get passed on through reproduction and no other way. Darwin solved nothing, he rebelled against established religion, just as Dawkin has done, rebelling against his parents' belief.

  71. kelly higgins

    kelly higginsКүн мурун

    Dam what did he eat my word the good life & Gout .... LOL-

  72. miss L

    miss LКүн мурун

    Im sure theg father will not killed them...are they lier or just wanna get freedom? If all saudi woman escape from saudi and wanna stay in other country..then there is no saudi woman life in saudi??

  73. miss L

    miss LКүн мурун

    She wanna get a freedom just because wanna get a tattoo ? Lol😳

  74. tm team

    tm teamКүн мурун

    This interview shows well why Cathy's salary is 9% less than it could be

  75. bruce lomax

    bruce lomaxКүн мурун

    No resources for the investigation? Consider the following. Africa has been on foreign aid longer than most Canadian/British taxpayers have been born. Let that sink in. Why? Enquiring minds need to know.

  76. Mark LINY

    Mark LINYКүн мурун

    It’s not climate change it’s an absolute fact that we are under weather weapons spraying heavy nano particulates and chemicals especially barium aluminum strontium sulfuric acid, fluoridated water with other chemicals to depopulate the world for these 1% establishment . We have a world wide establishment through the tri lateral commission CFR all controlled by UN for NWO , People need to see what is going on or ww2. Will be nothing .

  77. Eron Sebastian Ermino

    Eron Sebastian ErminoКүн мурун

    The man or woman that make the title must be making that for hours

  78. xr28y ge3fl1

    xr28y ge3fl1Күн мурун

    DSA, people who never grew up and want daddy government to pay their way.

  79. Deyan Dachev

    Deyan DachevКүн мурун

    Vlad the impaler was Romanian. Bad job Channel 4 job, very bad job.

  80. joseph mclennan

    joseph mclennanКүн мурун

    I bought a AR15, at that time. Guns don't kill , people do.

  81. Very Joy Tasty

    Very Joy TastyКүн мурун

    If the royals truly cared about image, they would have stopped the press from taunting The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They surely don't mind drama at all. After all the monarchy will be nothing in few years time, the British kingdom is sinking, nobody truly respect them anymore.

  82. Matty Carruthers

    Matty CarruthersКүн мурун

    I'm from Manchester 💔

  83. The World Is A Vampire

    The World Is A VampireКүн мурун


  84. rleb blco l

    rleb blco lКүн мурун


  85. Vforfettuccine

    VforfettuccineКүн мурун

    They bought Russian weapon to shoot down Russian weapon. Thank you Russia! your weapon works👍

  86. Dreadnought 1

    Dreadnought 1Күн мурун

    Why waste valuable ammunition when there’s cheaper alternatives

  87. Dreadnought 1

    Dreadnought 1Күн мурун


  88. sexobscura

    sexobscuraКүн мурун

    the make up department must of had a REAL challenge making him look presentable for television

  89. Joel Davis

    Joel DavisКүн мурун

    Hope u all know this was fake news the guys still alive

  90. Tom Tutt

    Tom TuttКүн мурун

    Reminds me of Wal Mart.

  91. Ida Bakar

    Ida BakarКүн мурун

    If u 'drag' one box of clutter a day, then u can surely clean the house... No excuse.. As long as u have hands and legs and they seemed to be able to take few steps.... Stop complaining and just get to work

  92. nomad 101

    nomad 101Күн мурун

    Media guilty also

  93. Augusto Melo

    Augusto MeloКүн мурун

    Deplorable how she dodges the responsibility of her flawed arguments by framing in a question about something Jordan allegedly said. It’s disgusting.... One fallacy after the other. Please, don’t play the fallacy game with a psychologist. Not a good idea. ;)

  94. Abraham Anthony

    Abraham AnthonyКүн мурун

    I feel more bad for the doggies 🐶 🐕 , ...actually I only feel bad for them. Does that make me a bad person?

  95. hedonist619

    hedonist619Күн мурун

    Sorry to say, but these women are throw aways. Why would their birth countries want them back? They made a bad choice and it's regrettable but NO....don't let them back. Let them stay right where they are.

  96. Beauty Salon

    Beauty SalonКүн мурун

    Finally, people know that she is not a Gold digger.

  97. s smswaff

    s smswaffКүн мурун

    To the interviewer, are you an asshole?

  98. Billy Jean

    Billy JeanКүн мурун

    Don't like it? leave -American

  99. Samuel Olaogun

    Samuel OlaogunКүн мурун

    Life is better than royalties, remember Dianna!