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What's Coming in 2020 | HBO
Watchmen: Episode 6 Promo | HBO
  1. QueenDiva2147

    QueenDiva21472 саат мурун

    OMGosh too funny!

  2. Vice TOLUCT

    Vice TOLUCT2 саат мурун

    Why is this shameless ripoff of Fallout in my recommended?

  3. Kong

    Kong2 саат мурун

    So when can we arrest all these crooks?

  4. maurice smook

    maurice smook2 саат мурун

    I have watched this on HBO couple days ago. High quality and well documented. I probably will receive some hate mail but I am going to tell you's that a grade 3 teacher punished me for speaking about W.W. 2. In 1955 my Uncle attended the World Youth Festival. It was held in Warsaw Poland. When he returned he had a story. It was about the tragic events that occurred of W.W.2.. What did know about W.W. 2? Very little. Did my parents have any knowledge of the tragic events that occurred during W.W. 2? Very little. My Uncle visited the notorious Concentration Camp named Auschwitz. Well while my Uncle spoke about Auschwitz I actually was sick. I asked myself how humans could murder others in cold blood. The next morning I went to school I spoke about W.W. 2 to some of my school mates. Guess what? The girl who sat in front of me reported me to my teacher. The crap hit the fan. At the end of the day I was the last student to have left the school. My teacher made it very clear that W.W.2 never happened. She was going to have my Uncle and my parents arrested for spreading propaganda. Oh yes I was confined to a 40 by 10 play spot. I was segregated from the other kids in class. I was not to intermingle with any of the kids in my class. I had to walk to and from school. In November 1955 the bus driver actually threw me off the bus. He had a letter from my teacher that I was not to be permitted to be on that bus for the year. I later learned the girl who reported me her mother had a petition to have me expelled and have me banned for attending that school. Five years later that girl's mother confronted me and actually berated me and told how lucky I never was ever expelled from that school. This girls mother told me that W.W. 2 NEVER OCCURRED AND IT WAS ALL PROPAGANDA. This girls father who served in the Canadian military he told me the war was nothing to talk about. In November of 1955 the school had 2 males and 1 female Veterans who were selling poppies. I wanted tell this one veteran that my teacher had claimed that W.W.2 was propaganda. This guy told me to beat it and not bother him. Not one kid from my class stood up to confronted that teacher. Each day there used to be 6-7 kids who chased me and beat the the hell out of me. Why? I was a liar and spreading propaganda. Oh yes this happened. What really hurt is my parents did nothing. I should let this go. How could anyone actually let something like that go? I can't. I often think whether W.W. 2 ever happen? I just had to write to inform others that there were many out there who were deniers or were ordered to deny that W.W.2 ever happened. Sad.

  5. Hanzel Rodriguez

    Hanzel Rodriguez2 саат мурун

    this documentary is so useless and shitty that I only got to find out about it when listening to the Joe Rogan Experience, those two motherfuckers are broke and living with their parents so they want to attack MJs legacy, whoever believes a single word of it is simply an idiot,

  6. johndesign

    johndesign2 саат мурун

    I wish they would make a series like this on the Rothschild's. Maybe Rabbis also.

  7. Rob Salgado

    Rob Salgado3 саат мурун

    Don't hit hard objects.

  8. Dalesha AKA Delicious

    Dalesha AKA Delicious3 саат мурун

    Yessssss it’s backkkkk

  9. Jasmine Jennings

    Jasmine Jennings3 саат мурун


  10. Scary Dreamer

    Scary Dreamer3 саат мурун

    Duh, there are batteries in the freezer! Everyone knows that

  11. kacey rae

    kacey rae3 саат мурун

    I'm gonna binge watch all 3 seasons!

  12. Simidae

    Simidae3 саат мурун

    This looks horrible but I'll at least check out the first episode.

  13. Craig Forsberg

    Craig Forsberg3 саат мурун

    I'm tearing up now knowing that Neil is no longer a part of our planet.

  14. Powerlove

    Powerlove3 саат мурун

    Chernobyl series is a piece of genius. I am stunned. Thank you!

  15. Blackbyrd

    Blackbyrd3 саат мурун

    Literally at a party hyping up this show to two random girls when I see this in my recommended videos, the power that that has

  16. Scary Dreamer

    Scary Dreamer3 саат мурун

    I can't wait until April... I'm gonna need Issa to release episodes year round.

  17. Big Richard

    Big Richard3 саат мурун


  18. Hans Brickface

    Hans Brickface3 саат мурун

    Old man privilege.

  19. Andres Borges

    Andres Borges3 саат мурун

    That was cute af

  20. Mini Moose

    Mini Moose3 саат мурун

    Right up there with B.O.B and The Pacific in all time series!

  21. α Centauri

    α Centauri3 саат мурун

    This documentary was sponsored by ....................Wahlburgers !

  22. justin case

    justin case3 саат мурун

    Angela basset should stop smoking crack ....or sucking dick either or her jawls so sucked in they look like sink holes.

  23. Um Greg Universe

    Um Greg Universe4 саат мурун

    You forgot Elmo.

  24. MalcolmXParis

    MalcolmXParis4 саат мурун

    Nope Issa Rae is not American Black and could care less about American Blacks and she said all the Racism in the U.S. would end when all of the racist white people died - Has this women EVER Read a Book does she know just how long Blacks have been dealing with racism in this country? haven' we had our fill of supporting "Counterfeit" Blacks (like Obama and Issa Rae) who dont give a damm about us and we wonder why as a group we stay losing? Dont Answer That.

  25. Besong-Anong Ernest

    Besong-Anong Ernest4 саат мурун

    Jared the buddy f**ker!

  26. itzCyver

    itzCyver4 саат мурун

    Do these people have jobs? Like I want to do all these activities but I dont even have money to survive right now

  27. Steve Sibaja

    Steve Sibaja4 саат мурун

    Back when People was Hype to see the HBO Logo 90's Cable TV

  28. Danny C

    Danny C4 саат мурун

    First time in a while I wish i hadnt cancelled HBO

  29. Liberty

    Liberty4 саат мурун

    *Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for* *unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for* *one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.* * *Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a* *DEPRAVED MIND, so that they do what ought not to be done.* *(Romans **1:26**-28)*

  30. Shamar Sharpe

    Shamar Sharpe4 саат мурун

    That’s why Haley got fired and they got rid of tyrod 😂😂😂

  31. Henry Carmichael

    Henry Carmichael4 саат мурун

    Shots fired!

  32. Honest000w

    Honest000w4 саат мурун

    This girl is so funny 😆


    DAUGHTER OF A KING5 саат мурун

    I’m excited but mad 😡 cause I forgot what season I left off on I think it was mid season 2 tho

  34. Franky Lee

    Franky Lee5 саат мурун

    Just finished first 2 episodes and I'm impressed by its quality. After some disastrous IT and series on the Mist and the Dome, this is a relief to see. Acting is great, Its dark, its grim and some dramatic scenes are translated beautiful without spilling words.

  35. green tree

    green tree5 саат мурун

    gta 6 teaser

  36. Justin Conn

    Justin Conn5 саат мурун

    I'll pass

  37. Saimazing Life

    Saimazing Life5 саат мурун

    Black Women United.

  38. notrabepep

    notrabepep5 саат мурун

    Looks like we are all in a simulation after all.

  39. Matty_Rulez

    Matty_Rulez5 саат мурун

    Oh, I love Leon.

  40. Sd5111 YT

    Sd5111 YT5 саат мурун

    Honestly I like wearing the hijab not just for religious purposes it's kinda like my identity and its comfortable

  41. Sd5111 YT

    Sd5111 YT5 саат мурун


  42. AllNightLemonade 01

    AllNightLemonade 015 саат мурун

    I’m Here For Julio Solo

  43. Odessa Williams

    Odessa Williams6 саат мурун

    Man, April can not get here quick enough. LOVE this show

  44. Валерий Малейко

    Валерий Малейко6 саат мурун

    Даже с миллионами $ приходится meditation, keep going))

  45. rskolkata2008

    rskolkata20086 саат мурун

    This is a false equivalence. The girls parents did not advice her to wear skimpy clothes in winter, unlike how hijab works. However I have no issues with hijab. It's an accessory. But Burqha and Niqab, which conceals someone's identity, smile and individuality - that is not the world I want to be in. Others may differ.

  46. Artemis Stone

    Artemis Stone6 саат мурун

    Lord hammercy. Jude law❤😘😮

  47. Bob Costas

    Bob Costas6 саат мурун

    Brought to you by the guy that runs Wahlburgers.......nice try Marky Mark.

  48. Turob Haltoy

    Turob Haltoy6 саат мурун

    great bamboo forest.. cinematography also.

  49. Gracelyn Rushing

    Gracelyn Rushing6 саат мурун

    This makes me want to practice my flute

  50. AshMan

    AshMan6 саат мурун

    Omg so funny

  51. poloboss77

    poloboss776 саат мурун

    Vincent cassel speaking here !!

  52. Crazy Bastardo

    Crazy Bastardo7 саат мурун

    HBO вы заебали уже снимать всякое гавно про нашу страну, вы РАСИСТЫ!

  53. Fanesse G

    Fanesse G7 саат мурун

    When is it coming back???

  54. Sulu

    Sulu7 саат мурун


  55. George Sturges

    George Sturges7 саат мурун

    "Yeah - we offer financing..."

  56. David Santamaría Romero

    David Santamaría Romero7 саат мурун

    I tought that He gonna say " Get the fuck outta here".

  57. Ronald Chism

    Ronald Chism7 саат мурун

    TO TRADITIONALIST CATHOLICS: "I feel your pain" (Bill Clinton) Here is the reality: The ACTUAL history of the Church of Rome opens it up to this kind of "blasphemy," as it's being called by traditionalist Catholics, 4,043 of whom, as of this writing, have signed a petition protesting HBOs production of The New Pope series. Murder, pedophilia, homosexuality, sex, theft of Church funds have been endemic to the culture of the Vatican, as well as the culture of the Church of Rome at large FOR CENTURIES. Recently, The Review of Faith and International Affairs, in an article entitled, Embezzlement in the Global Christian Community, disclosed that, each year, ONE-BILLION DOLLARS is literally ripped off, from Catholics, by Catholic priests, Bishops, etc. It's beginning to be hard to know WHICH is the biggest scandal: the stolen funds given by believing Catholics, or the myriad child-abuse lawsuits against pedophile priests. But, look, those things are par for the course in Catholic history. Even just ONE period of Catholic history -- the period when The Borgia family ruled the Papacy -- will tell you what the REAL DEAL as been all along. There is nothing new under the sun. Or perhaps I should say, there is nothing new under the SON. It's hard to blame HBO, when the history of the Church of Rome is drenched in corruption. By the way, if you haven't seen Showtime's series, The Borgias, check it out. It ran for three seasons, and it's been said to be relatively historically accurate.

  58. Playboy Domo

    Playboy Domo7 саат мурун

    It definitely wasn’t “ in his chest “

  59. sharmikava tanishka

    sharmikava tanishka7 саат мурун

    Saw the first two episodes. Gripping, intense direction with shades of "True Detective S01"vibe all over. It is dark and creepy like True Detective S01. Oh how I miss watching these kinda shows. I m loving it, eagerly waiting for Episode 3 and on.

  60. oldnbaschool

    oldnbaschool7 саат мурун

    Who the fuck cares, mate? People will continue to buy those bloody burgers, ey.

  61. Abhishek Bharadwaj

    Abhishek Bharadwaj7 саат мурун

    They took all the CG assets made by Rhythm & Hues and used it here. All CG effects and characters have the same models and textures.

  62. Luke G

    Luke G7 саат мурун

    I just don't understand how the character of Holly can work without the Bill Hodges trilogy.

  63. Jeffrey Lombardo

    Jeffrey Lombardo7 саат мурун

    The best series I've seen in many a year! I was a teen (16) in 1971,and as a musician- my friend and I would go up to 48th street EVERY weekend to visit Mannys, Sam Ash, We Buy Guitars etc. And always----to go home back to Staten Island....we would walk the few extra blocks to get the 7th Ave. Subway at Times Square.The way they have the area set up is exact to the way it was. We would oogle the girls and the Metropole etc. Quite an education for an adolescent! Sadly-its been Disneyfied now and the soul is gone. The last episode of The Duece actually made me cry and reminded me of my father who used to wax poetic about the New York he knew in the 20's and 30's. Its good to know each generation can find gold in the neighborhoods of their youth.

  64. Cherry Tree

    Cherry Tree7 саат мурун

    April 😵😵😵🙄🙄🙄😂🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️ this is torture 😵😵

  65. kero sene

    kero sene7 саат мурун

    Many experts say the food dye alters their scent and that can be traumatic. Scent is one of their most important senses. So why even put them at risk for added stress? Dogs don't anyways have full blown anxiety attacks, some dogs just suffer silently even thru actual physical pain so what makes you think they are happy? Plus dogs are able to feel humiliated they are pack animal and it is common behavior for other members in a pack to bully and make other members feel small. Grooming is necessary evil one has to do but cutting fur and brushing does not alter the chemistry.

  66. Ekpiwhre Andrew

    Ekpiwhre Andrew8 саат мурун

    im down for this

  67. Andre van Rooyen

    Andre van Rooyen8 саат мурун

    Dark Souls darksign..... But honestly hyped for this.

  68. Elias H.

    Elias H.8 саат мурун

    Check out that LAMPIN' necklace.

  69. Junkfood Junction

    Junkfood Junction8 саат мурун

    Ok I guess I can wait for Ozarks Season3 for 7 more months

  70. Junkfood Junction

    Junkfood Junction8 саат мурун

    I'm watching this while scrunched up on the love seat in my mom's basement

  71. Dr. Jé

    Dr. Jé8 саат мурун

    🗣️(sense of entitlement, delusions of grandeur voice): ....The....12th?.... The FUCKING twelfth....!? Bitch what?!….... Give me your manager. Now!! 😂😅🤣

  72. lee zimby

    lee zimby8 саат мурун

    One of the best shows hbo has ever made. It's on the list .. The wire Sopranos Game of thrones And now this .

  73. Mlu

    Mlu8 саат мурун

    This guy 🤣🤣🤣

  74. jfq722

    jfq7228 саат мурун


  75. Rahil Sabziban

    Rahil Sabziban8 саат мурун

    Marilyn Manson gonna play in this series Godd😍😍💓

  76. negrilgyrl

    negrilgyrl8 саат мурун

    Were those "fashions" supposed to look good on her? How dreadful

  77. C Nicholes

    C Nicholes8 саат мурун

    Watching Silicon Valley was so much more entertaining than living in Silicon Valley.

  78. The Jew

    The Jew8 саат мурун

    Breathe in yo mouth *exhale through yo ass*

  79. Fluffy G

    Fluffy G8 саат мурун


  80. Sunni The Urban Diva

    Sunni The Urban Diva8 саат мурун

    I am all of this🤣🤣🤣

  81. brian stcyr

    brian stcyr8 саат мурун

    “We [humans] live in loops as tight and as closed as the hosts do; seldom questioning our choices, content for the most part to be told what to do next.”-Robert Ford Every line in this show has a deeper meaning than we all realize. Think about Dolores' speech to the MIB about how the earth belongs to something that is yet to come....... Ultimately the future scenes with the MIB is about an experiment. The biggest experiment ever to answer the ultimate question- Does free will exist?

  82. zhenwen's bizarre adventures

    zhenwen's bizarre adventures8 саат мурун

    its like if the good place and silicon valley were to meet

  83. Clara Nimaro

    Clara Nimaro8 саат мурун


  84. argella1300

    argella13008 саат мурун

    Beware the ides of March

  85. kannibalZZ

    kannibalZZ9 саат мурун

    Get in the vortex!

  86. Mark Burch

    Mark Burch9 саат мурун

    That's definitely one girl I wouldn't date.

  87. nonquintessentialone

    nonquintessentialone9 саат мурун

    I know how hahaha swap the motor generator in a stornetic enwheel, for the Perendev effect, then set a timer in the last 10% of stored kinetic energy charge to reset the Perendev effect to recharge itself! Ha electricity

  88. Janikka Pearson

    Janikka Pearson9 саат мурун

    Yaaaasss! I’ve been waiting and I’m here for it.

  89. Xiaowu Zhu

    Xiaowu Zhu9 саат мурун

    I'm learning how to play the flute right now and to make the noise you just blow across the mouth piece

  90. Ronald Williams

    Ronald Williams9 саат мурун

    Dam she the black widow of wingsuiting

  91. Prologue TR

    Prologue TR9 саат мурун


  92. Harley

    Harley9 саат мурун

    What’s the ending song? I know it’s oversaid but honestly I’m curious about it

  93. Justin H

    Justin H9 саат мурун

    i need that lampin chain tho

  94. emich28

    emich289 саат мурун

    We Arts need to stick together.

  95. MAHDi

    MAHDi10 саат мурун

    Dr. Ray De Angelo Harris is back!😂😂

  96. lila schoonover

    lila schoonover10 саат мурун

    She always look gorgeous, and is it just me or does she like have perfect skin?

  97. AntSeek

    AntSeek10 саат мурун

    Jinder reversal...


    EMPERADOR 05 PEESTRENO10 саат мурун

    Cool new vídeo

  99. teerexness

    teerexness10 саат мурун

    Joe McCarthy was right.

  100. Dee Y

    Dee Y10 саат мурун

    Damn in 2020 all these points are still true WOW!