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  1. 11thWoods

    11thWoodsКүн мурун

    He low key favor a young D Rose.

  2. Melvin Sprewel

    Melvin SprewelКүн мурун

    Kobe might single handedly save the WNBA & make it watchable.

  3. Spanky

    SpankyКүн мурун

    Jim jones “ballin” was our warm up song

  4. Spanky

    SpankyКүн мурун

    man i wish i had social media during my HS days

  5. Casey Alston

    Casey AlstonКүн мурун

    My dad is really good friends with his dad

  6. Gn 1

    Gn 1Күн мурун

    Players worried too much about how they look and stats and rankings now like this guy.

  7. Yota_ 2JZ

    Yota_ 2JZКүн мурун

    Number 0 is Kodak Black?

  8. Momo

    MomoКүн мурун

    Zion nba debut tonight!

  9. Certified Prophet Reuel

    Certified Prophet ReuelКүн мурун

    They only lost because they defense is ass

  10. Junior Sanchez

    Junior SanchezКүн мурун

    4:55 number 4 a whole bitch🤣 mikey should of smacked his bitch ass lmao dumbass got himself a tech

  11. Aydon Benson

    Aydon BensonКүн мурун

    0 on cp3 acting big lol

  12. Yota_ 2JZ

    Yota_ 2JZКүн мурун

    Look at all those kyles

  13. sotaboy24

    sotaboy24Күн мурун

    6th grade and lower - rim at 8’5 Middle school and higher - 10’

  14. Tee 1up

    Tee 1upКүн мурун

    Tried to show up Mac. That didn’t work.

  15. Director Isaiah

    Director IsaiahКүн мурун

    Kd recruiting

  16. Richard Flynn

    Richard FlynnКүн мурун

    1:06 and 1:16 are the same fricking highlight LOL

  17. Don Corleone

    Don CorleoneКүн мурун

    Black vs white

  18. Don Corleone

    Don CorleoneКүн мурун

    Black vs white

  19. Aklyi •

    Aklyi •Күн мурун

    All those boys cheering can’t ball. 🤣

  20. kbones

    kbonesКүн мурун

    Evan Mobley honestly isn’t that special. He’s good but doesn’t deserve to be the best highschool player right now.

  21. NoLimit Basketball

    NoLimit BasketballКүн мурун

    Mayfair playing a zone getting smacked by 30 when 2-3 weeks ago they were the cockiest team out lmao dior and josh got that humbling today

  22. Daniel Avalos

    Daniel AvalosКүн мурун

    Is that diplo ?

  23. Revohzs

    RevohzsКүн мурун

    where me people from jackson at?

  24. De Officier

    De OfficierКүн мурун

    Could have added more 3pt shots early where he fires off immediately when given space . Wanted to show someone how he plays which is difficult without showing why he gets such easy blow by's. Saw some late in the video though

  25. Micael Official

    Micael OfficialКүн мурун

    imagine chanting “overrated” but still being down by 10


    SUPA HERU NAGAКүн мурун

    Love you cuz !! Everyday is a step closer to the goal and you got this 💯💯can’t wait to see you in Cali for the graduation Everyday always

  27. anibaljrbalt

    anibaljrbaltКүн мурун

    Don't call him Mikey anymore. He has big man skills...🤪🤣

  28. JayDeu Productions

    JayDeu ProductionsКүн мурун HELP

  29. Azzan Daniels

    Azzan DanielsКүн мурун

    Do a sharife cooper one

  30. Ajari Mercer

    Ajari MercerКүн мурун

    reef on a suck team this year

  31. LEON

    LEONКүн мурун

    Had to watch this with the volume off. All I heard was “CoUnT tHaT” every 5seconds

  32. 22 22

    22 22Күн мурун

    I like how the green teams coach ran on the court like a douche canoe at the end..that's some seriously poor role modeling

  33. LEON

    LEONКүн мурун

    Bruh the announcer needs to stfu 😂😂😂nigga lost his job after this i know it

  34. Roger Ian Navarro

    Roger Ian NavarroКүн мурун

    Jalen needs to put up muscles in the upper body and improve more elevation

  35. UncleDrew

    UncleDrewКүн мурун

    What’s up with pg always getting crossed

  36. Sammy Lantz

    Sammy LantzКүн мурун

    Number 3 way better than Julian

  37. Rashan Sankofa

    Rashan SankofaКүн мурун

    I love and miss Zach Randolph . He was the craftiest big man I've ever seen play the game. His daughters got it too.

  38. Edwin Karani

    Edwin KaraniКүн мурун

    Another Ja Morant.

  39. Edwin Karani

    Edwin KaraniКүн мурун

    And still shuts down the whole gym.

  40. drew auxtero

    drew auxteroКүн мурун

    Wahahahahaha why does people so hype about newman.....he's only good when his defender is smaller than him or tall and slow........

  41. jsn

    jsnКүн мурун

    Bruh they’re playing my old highschool team this is embarrassing

  42. athenstar10

    athenstar10Күн мурун

    I wonder why he didn't suit up against TSF? Was he injured, he looked healthy.

  43. Shane Pilimendez

    Shane PilimendezКүн мурун

    what's the name of jalen's team mate wearing number 25?

  44. Joshua Castillo

    Joshua CastilloКүн мурун

    Mikey play against some bums

  45. colinwriter

    colinwriterКүн мурун

    Teen wolf.

  46. dick rock

    dick rockКүн мурун

    gagu sarap nyong pag umpugin dalawa ni kamaka hepa!

  47. Corlandis69HD

    Corlandis69HDКүн мурун

    keke is to fake...

  48. EliteNation

    EliteNationКүн мурун

    Did I miss the ankle breaker?

  49. death

    deathКүн мурун

    2:18-2:36 the african's chant

  50. MrOshea81

    MrOshea81Күн мурун

    Are all these guys you tubers?

  51. JNBA rock

    JNBA rockКүн мурун

    15:15 was when i just new they was funna get kicked out

  52. Joe Lesure

    Joe LesureКүн мурун

    Culver from the Timberwolves little brother scored 100 points last year

  53. Tanjiro Dukasay

    Tanjiro DukasayКүн мурун

    Pinas mag ingay!

  54. Digital Marketing Solutions

    Digital Marketing SolutionsКүн мурун

    USA lost to France a few years back at the hands of Sandrine Gruda. The game was in Paris.

  55. Raymond Ong

    Raymond OngКүн мурун

    Yn ba ang ppsok s NBA wala kbuhay buhay maski s defensa

  56. Raymond Ong

    Raymond OngКүн мурун

    Bobo m

  57. Pharaoh Dedumose

    Pharaoh DedumoseКүн мурун

    His sister sold the show

  58. #WeHoopin #WeHoopin

    #WeHoopin #WeHoopinКүн мурун

    Shawty from Overtime❤🥰

  59. see the real truth

    see the real truthКүн мурун

    damn that body tho

  60. #WeHoopin #WeHoopin

    #WeHoopin #WeHoopinКүн мурун


  61. Star

    StarКүн мурун

    The only bright ray of light in this darkness

  62. Oxy Moron

    Oxy MoronКүн мурун

    His mom's beautiful holy shit!!

  63. Yoshir0cks

    Yoshir0cksКүн мурун

    Here before his first game. Can not wait for his NBA debut. I love this kid so much and I will enjoy watching him in the league

  64. Jontae Proffit

    Jontae ProffitКүн мурун

    refs were tweaking ngl

  65. Aboudaramani Dialo

    Aboudaramani DialoКүн мурун

    Du courage

  66. Julius Llagas

    Julius LlagasКүн мурун

    #1 on the white ?? he looks liked Russell westbrook ?

  67. Jay Haid

    Jay HaidКүн мурун

    The white team vs the black team lol I can't even spot one black guy in the team ahhahaha

  68. Jay Haid

    Jay HaidКүн мурун

    The other team just by looking at their players and their fans they all buncha rich white folks

  69. Keshawn Mosley

    Keshawn MosleyКүн мурун

    His mom and the interviewer😍

  70. Frost GMK

    Frost GMKКүн мурун

    11:17 that men rlly tried to hit him?😂😂😂

  71. dwatzindaygo

    dwatzindaygoКүн мурун

    Yo that ref started tweakin towards the end smh...

  72. Angel Aguirre

    Angel AguirreКүн мурун

    My boy X with them cooks on josh

  73. Cry Havoc

    Cry HavocКүн мурун

    Highlights of whom?????? Everyone but...Sabrina!!!!!

  74. ItsTyler7

    ItsTyler7Күн мурун

    You’ll gotta get my boy Devin Askew on here

  75. ItsTyler7

    ItsTyler7Күн мурун

    Dj Steward or Caleb Love Adam Miller

  76. ItsTyler7

    ItsTyler7Күн мурун

    Get my boy Coleman Hawkins on here

  77. firm1z

    firm1zКүн мурун

    Not impressed considering the lack of competition he is facing in this game.

  78. Gabriel Villegas

    Gabriel VillegasКүн мурун

    Why does lamelo walk/play like a wet noodle lol

  79. Nicholas Erizo

    Nicholas ErizoКүн мурун

    Didnt even apologize

  80. YKTV Nick G

    YKTV Nick GКүн мурун

    Are you sure chunky girl should be allowed on the cheer team

  81. Saturn Mafia

    Saturn MafiaКүн мурун

    who won

  82. Carnell Tillman

    Carnell TillmanКүн мурун

    I just dropped 37 tn

  83. Dan holland

    Dan holland2 күн мурун

    But who’s ready for his season opener

  84. Daniel Platonov

    Daniel Platonov2 күн мурун


  85. Dwight Love

    Dwight Love2 күн мурун

    The name NAZ REID was mentioned in the link he is from my hometown of ASBURY PARK NJ. He wears the no.3

  86. Abukara Ofwgkta

    Abukara Ofwgkta2 күн мурун

    00:14 how did he miss that 😐

  87. floresaza253

    floresaza2532 күн мурун

    That grown ass dude's little brother or kid better be playing, if not that's hella weird

  88. Krabby Krabby

    Krabby Krabby2 күн мурун

    7:08 is the thumbnail

  89. Ajanaye Black

    Ajanaye Black2 күн мурун

    White people so sensitive or is it just this crowd, just bc your player falls does not make it a foul

  90. Michael James

    Michael James2 күн мурун

    Parehas galawan ni Lebron Lopez at Jalen Green

  91. Jake B

    Jake B2 күн мурун

    Why do these guys all look like they got better things to do than be here?

  92. Hunned Proof Productions

    Hunned Proof Productions2 күн мурун

    This kid can ball. Significantly better than Julian Newman.

  93. Cody Crofts

    Cody Crofts2 күн мурун

    That last block the kid spazzed out

  94. Mr Cactus 455

    Mr Cactus 4552 күн мурун

    *Still running way to get unlimited ᴠᴄ.* *Only here: ****? "You should try it!* #nba #nba2ksport

  95. Mr Cactus 455

    Mr Cactus 4552 күн мурун

    "Guys,Is NBA 2K20 still fun?" - Like: Yes - Comment: No "Whenever anyone wants ᴠᴄ only use:" it's working.

  96. Braden Nye

    Braden Nye2 күн мурун

    Only time you see Tyler miss is when he gets his own rebound

  97. Austin Williams

    Austin Williams2 күн мурун

    Its when he has the Oregon ducks kyries on

  98. Austin Williams

    Austin Williams2 күн мурун

    1:41 what are those tights called and where can you find them??? I rlly need those💯

  99. Tyriq G

    Tyriq G2 күн мурун

    Cam’ron fletcher and jalen green next

  100. CP4

    CP42 күн мурун

    Jalen Green Day in life