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  1. cellia blas

    cellia blasСаат мурун

    Privilege people have more money they can get. She threw hers away. I'm still waiting for my stimuless. I could have used that.

  2. Horace austin

    Horace austin2 саат мурун


  3. K. M.

    K. M.2 саат мурун

    Our corrupt government is the reason we are in this damn situation in the first place!

  4. Emily An

    Emily An2 саат мурун

    on the planet, BY A LANDSLIDE... Our government is truly incompetent led by a presidential FAILURE, at best.

  5. Warren Wiggins

    Warren Wiggins2 саат мурун

    Best way to activate way 2Go card prepaid MasterCard can't get through phone or bank Have direct deposit will they transfer way2Go card back to my direct deposit Thank you

  6. Sharif Simpson

    Sharif Simpson2 саат мурун

    Yeah cuz some of us just paid for May's rent and now the first is coming within two days so what's going on like this is crazy they want us to go back to work but if the people are not going to work how can you bring the economy back the economy is the people if y'all don't want to help us why the fuck should we help you all bring back the economy

  7. Pastor Mark A. Lynch

    Pastor Mark A. Lynch3 саат мурун

    They are not in any hurry, they don't need any stimulos money, they are not suffering financially like we are they all have boatloads of money at their disposal.

  8. Janice Horton

    Janice Horton3 саат мурун

    Do you r company lay you off

  9. Albert Hernandez

    Albert Hernandez3 саат мурун


  10. Peggy Williams

    Peggy Williams4 саат мурун


  11. Andrew Crawford

    Andrew Crawford4 саат мурун

    I work 38 years and got sick to where I can get my SSI. I received $700 a month. 783.00 a month get it a month!!! Something is not right with this playing unemployment $600 over what they're going to get each week something ain't right there check it out I work my ass off I've done nothing there to get my Social Security when I get out of that age the young kids they get in there and they want opportunity and they jump right in there when they see it $600 extra a week what's wrong with this I'm only one but there's thousands can we get you a no because they don't listen their LED like that lamb to the slaughter and get what they take they take what they give they were for us we don't work for them where's my money's you make it good for everybody else where's mine I work hard for mine you tell me that's all I got to say this is my personal opinion and the things I've said I believe God is my witness where's mine

  12. romisague

    romisague4 саат мурун

    Why you lying

  13. RJE

    RJE4 саат мурун

    Members of Congress work less than anyone but claim they do...of course. They also receive huge hikes in salary because they cannot live on the six figure salaries they receive but want you to have just enough to buy ice cubes.

  14. Kerik 90

    Kerik 904 саат мурун

    Hello man. I am a Estonian. I am looking for a investing account with low fees because my bank currently has high ones. Any suggestion?

  15. Howard Catman

    Howard Catman7 саат мурун

    I got mine and it was a debit card and it was a lot easier than going to the bank with the check

  16. Diane Nelson

    Diane Nelson7 саат мурун

    Yes totally agree 👍 2,000$ A month countine for a year

  17. Jeffrey davis

    Jeffrey davis8 саат мурун

    I want to go back to work the $450 a week would help a lot my money when I go back to work should be lower as a tipped employee for some time

  18. Joyce Moore

    Joyce Moore8 саат мурун

    I live in Belington West Virginia I've had pneumonia through this mess even had a heart attack had to have heart surgery done I get SSI social security with this mess going on I am behind on my utility bills my doctor does not want me to go out I got to stay in until I get the okay from her I get $80 3 and I get snaps food stamps it is hard for me to make it what about us people like me with SSI and Social Security we are having a hard time does Congress and the president think about us people on social security or SSI because I think we should be considered a little bit more then what we have been because here in West Virginia there is a lot of people on SSI or Social Security it's not able to work and I am one of them I am on oxygen and a will in a wheelchair where I have had my back broken and I cannot walk hardly I wish someone would think about us like me

  19. Account Google

    Account Google9 саат мурун

    What about people on ssi ssdi and other benefits do we qualify for this second round also

  20. Judi Jenkins

    Judi Jenkins9 саат мурун

    It’s 600 a week

  21. Tamie Miller

    Tamie Miller9 саат мурун

    The Senate is led by that Mitch he ain't doing nothing for the people. He intentionally left out the permanently disabled who are dependants but crack heads were eligible! They are people but the disabled are not. It didn't impact nada because they're clueless out of touch, self interest behinds don't have a clue about the lives of the people they represent.

  22. Cesar Manimtim

    Cesar Manimtim10 саат мурун

    Is there another 2nd stimulus check, I'm confused

  23. Arloa Means

    Arloa Means10 саат мурун

    Even if people want to go back to work, we are told only 25-50% of workers will be brought back,because not much spending happening because so many still out of work, so it defeats the purpose of stimulating the economy. Am I not understanding something here?

  24. glenn leavitt

    glenn leavitt10 саат мурун


  25. glenn leavitt

    glenn leavitt10 саат мурун


  26. Charlotte Richard

    Charlotte Richard11 саат мурун

    I have been working the whole time through out the whole pandemic from home. The company I work for was Quick to get us home to work but does not pay me enough to pay all the bills for my house. My husband is a small time 1 man private contractor. He is also very concerned about his health because he is Compromised and has been home since I started working from home. So since the End of March we have Not received 75% of the House hold income and we are Struggling and he does not want to file for unemployment because he feels he will have to pay back what he does not have anymore. I have stopped paying all the bills except for the essentials so we can have food and I feel if Congress don’t do something to cover (ALL) of The U.S. citizens they are just a BIG part of the problem. We need help not vacation! This is our money that they are playing around with and sitting on it so they can stay rich and not caring about us. They are so busy rubbing each other’s shoulders that they show they don’t seem to care about us little people. “Hmmm, I wonder where there money really comes from?”🤔 Oh you best believe the day of voting is coming soon. In Additional, yes I received the first Stimulus check of $1200 per person in the total amount of $2400 April 15, but don’t see how that stimulated anything except for the mortgage companies pockets. We need the $2000 per person for at least 6 months, and yes I realize it’s DOA but something needs to be done NOW! The People’s cabinets, pots and pans can’t keep going empty on the account of the Vacation time for Congress. Boycott Congress to give us our money back! We need it now! Take the example of other countries taking care of their people, and follow it.

  27. Nicholas Gonzales

    Nicholas Gonzales11 саат мурун

    Fuck 🇺🇸 ....Assholes never did shit for me. I'm a citizen with all the "rights" 😆.. This place fuckin sucks. Everyone can suck it. Especially our government

  28. Raymond Natale

    Raymond Natale11 саат мурун

    I agree ifwe all have to dealwith this then we all should get it. They should not send tosome & not ether's.

  29. Eric Warren

    Eric Warren11 саат мурун

    420 I wish you all success!!

  30. Cristina Morales

    Cristina Morales11 саат мурун

    But will this apply to SELF EMPLOYED individuals

  31. Jose Pena

    Jose Pena11 саат мурун

    $600 a week not month

  32. Jay Tackett

    Jay Tackett11 саат мурун

    Trump's administration knows a major economic boost will get him a guaranteed win in November thats why i think it will pass

  33. Jay Tackett

    Jay Tackett11 саат мурун

    Yes for the 450 WEEKLY but it has to be for only working people that filed 2020 taxes from 2019 pay stubs that will make a amazing CHRISTMAS shopping spree yes

  34. Jay Tackett

    Jay Tackett11 саат мурун

    I did a 2 pacge on the 450 work bonus on FB. Lots of detail information there.

  35. Jay Tackett

    Jay Tackett11 саат мурун

    They need to pass this no matter what 450 would do so much fuck the hero act thats not going to stimulate the economy

  36. sigma's Platinum Rust

    sigma's Platinum Rust12 саат мурун

    I like turtles

  37. Maria Aunor

    Maria Aunor12 саат мурун

    Just tell us there's no stimulus please don't just talking talking we.amerucan needed help please stop telling us lie

  38. Dana Edwards

    Dana Edwards13 саат мурун

    Thank you for being clear

  39. Successful Hack

    Successful Hack13 саат мурун

    This is real and legit hack_clinton11 on IG


    CDTA CDTA14 саат мурун

    These politicians are full of bullshit I haven't even got my first stimulus check.

  41. Miguel Barrientos

    Miguel Barrientos14 саат мурун

    What they need to do is cut off the $600 already and give the hardworkers risking their lives $450 week for appreciation bonus (to keep them from asking for a layoff, because believe me I'd get it if I wanted too), but I have pride in working and yea y'all get the point.

  42. Zota X

    Zota X14 саат мурун

    To anyone who is without food or water here is what you can do: I'm just gonna tell you this now but you may not believe me at all. if you have a bible and are a christian you can use that as a source of food and water and live of it endlessly. Jesus said to them “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst. John @ So all you have to do is meditate on the word and pray as well as quote this verse whenever you are physical hungry and or thirsty. I'm a living testimony to this working. You can literally live of this FOREVER. no joke

  43. Caesar Valentine

    Caesar Valentine15 саат мурун

    People have rent to pay light bill to pay water bill to pay mortgage bill to pay so yes it would be nice if they give us the second stimulus check we all need it not only me so let’s see what happens

  44. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy15 саат мурун

    Whoever likes this comment will one day become a multi billionaire.

  45. Suzanne Graziano

    Suzanne Graziano18 саат мурун

    What about direct deposit, aren't they doing that anymore? My daughter hasn't received her 1st stimulus payment yet, why hasn't she gotten her money yet, IRS has or should have all her information by now? What's the holdup???????? Or don't you know!

  46. Leto2ndAtreides

    Leto2ndAtreides18 саат мурун

    A $1200 stimulus check every several months is kinda meaningless anyway. People who were going to be destroyed will be destroyed whether there is one or not. Not that the stimulus is a very effective tool anyway. It's not the best choice for paying bills. It mainly only works as a stimulus if it's above most people's basic needs.

  47. vicky lee

    vicky lee19 саат мурун

    What's going on with the 5000. Stemulous from our SS?

  48. Susan Wilson

    Susan Wilson19 саат мурун

    Right now the stocks are way inflated cause of the stimulus package / care package one of which giving is unemployment a $450 /$600 a week boost for people. The real trouble comes when that stops, small businesses aren't going to return to usual and abject poverty will be kicking in..... How can someone invest during a pandemic: Covid-19 and the stock market?

  49. Miguel Garcia

    Miguel Garcia21 саат мурун

    I see your a wrestling fan ha👍🏽

  50. Dylan Valenti

    Dylan Valenti21 саат мурун

    We are already in trillions of debt. I've been paying taxes sense I was 14. I've never taken any assistance. I cant go back to work and idk when I'll go back to work. I don't qualify for assistance. The Gov needs to do something. What's the point of the Gov? To protect us. Idc.how much it cost. I would like to be able to keep my house.

  51. Mojeer Yunis

    Mojeer Yunis22 саат мурун

    This is very entertaining good job dude !!??

  52. Kathy Maertens

    Kathy Maertens23 саат мурун

    Seriously though, it's an election year, everyone needs to call your senators and tell them to get something going for the people.

  53. Kathy Maertens

    Kathy Maertens23 саат мурун

    Wow, these furloughed workers got paid more to stay home, now maybe getting more to come back and I've been working for my regular pay all this time being told I'm essential...I don't want to be essential anymore 😂

  54. margaret

    margaret23 саат мурун

    These leaders are not helping the american people. People will soon be evicted and homeless, grocery prices have gone up,meats are up and over 40 million unemployed. These leaders are acting horribly putting the american people through all this suffering. We hear its China's fault so why must the american people keep suffering and the leaders enjoying extended vacation. These leaders have to know american people are suffering

  55. William Wilson

    William Wilson23 саат мурун

    Still waiting for the first. Supposedly mailed two weeks ago.

  56. Susie Wilkins

    Susie Wilkins23 саат мурун

    2 Thousand the people need this payment the second time around

  57. Phillip Garcia

    Phillip GarciaКүн мурун

    Nothing but lies

  58. Norma Chalberg

    Norma ChalbergКүн мурун

    They're saying if they pass the second stimulus check the people on Social Security what happened to pay this $1,200 back and take it out of his social security that's not going to work people aren't going to go for that you know like they saying that if they give you twelve hundred you got to pay it back through your Social Security that's Dead on Arrival cuz a lot of people are not going to go for that and the Social Security Administration sent a letter out stating that they need to look into that matter as well

  59. dew K

    dew KКүн мурун

    the $600 is added in the weekly unemployment insurance, so how can they give $450 to workers if they will return to work and no longer filing weekly?

  60. buttons&gadgetsdr1

    buttons&gadgetsdr1Күн мурун

    so basically we are not getting any more stimulus so us common man can keep our heads above water, as well as feed and circulate that money into our decimated economy

  61. Lee Jackson

    Lee JacksonКүн мурун

    What about the people that's been working the whole time putting our lives on the line holding it down

  62. Lee Jackson

    Lee JacksonКүн мурун

    Essential workers are we going to get $450 a week to on top of our pay?

  63. Lee Jackson

    Lee JacksonКүн мурун

    We need to be voting these clowns out and have them sit home and wait for some help from Congress November is coming soon

  64. Riley Chardonnay

    Riley ChardonnayКүн мурун

    I’m 15 and just got $500, coincidence I think not

  65. Black Beard Dave

    Black Beard DaveКүн мурун

    Would that be the same for people who never collected unemployment?

  66. 😂Sam Kinison😂

    😂Sam Kinison😂Күн мурун

    Why should they get paid if we don't get paid?

  67. Justin Hicks

    Justin HicksКүн мурун

    I will be happy if I get that money no lie

  68. Pauline Earhart

    Pauline EarhartКүн мурун

    Wow vacation we help more help think 2,000 every 6 months

  69. Remyganzon Kingsbury

    Remyganzon KingsburyКүн мурун

    Wheres is the money if it's already passed to the Senate let the. President sign it so it' will send to he people who need it this time of crises.god bless.

  70. Andrea Fernandez

    Andrea FernandezКүн мурун

    I'm self employed. I did get unemployment but I do not understand why they didn't use my actual income (which I do claim on taxes) but only used the one part time client that I do receive a W2 on. Basically I'm getting a few dollars more than the 600.00. Will I qualify for this new Pandemic help your talking?

  71. Pauline Earhart

    Pauline EarhartКүн мурун


  72. Raul Cerda

    Raul CerdaКүн мурун

    I hate lies and bla bla bla.

  73. Kathy Dehart

    Kathy DehartКүн мурун

    We need more stimulus we don’t have money to buy this expensive food

  74. Sonday Hermann

    Sonday HermannКүн мурун

    Are the disability people getting the second stimulus check

  75. Andy V

    Andy VКүн мурун

    wow you looks different in 2020

  76. Peter Rock

    Peter RockКүн мурун

    I definitely think it would be a great idea to get $2,000 dollars a monthly or every week that's 8,000 thousand dollars a month and with that amount everyone should catch up with there bills and still have some left over to do anything else with it like food shopping. doing your laundry, looking into getting a car, paying your insurance, light and gas bill, water bill and hopefully if U still have some left over and the movie theater are opened go enjoy a good movie and enjoy alot of pictures of urself or with others

  77. David Davis

    David DavisКүн мурун

    Like always. Us that are disabled and barely getting by are going to be left plumb out. Not surprising.

  78. Financial Shinanigan

    Financial ShinaniganКүн мурун

    Have a Like for that singing!

  79. Russell Strachan

    Russell StrachanКүн мурун

    I got my first stimulus check from the government and I really need another stimulus check to help pay my bills and get food!

  80. Sharan Preet

    Sharan PreetКүн мурун

    Do you have any other content ?



    The "get back to work bonus" will do nothing for all the people on SS and all the other programs that can not find jobs and want to go to work.

  82. marcus peters

    marcus petersКүн мурун

    Pelosi needs a Huge big d!ck.

  83. Remyganzon Kingsbury

    Remyganzon KingsburyКүн мурун

    Yes I need it direct diposit to my bank account thanks it's a big help till virus covid 19 gone..

  84. gtracer66

    gtracer66Күн мурун

    What compensation is there for people who, because of age & physical condition, can't just do "any" type work? Who have not been working since March because of the risk of contracting the virus but are considered "Idependent Contractors" and can't get unemployment? We technically could go back to work, we weren't fired or furloughed, but are in such a high risk category that the risk is just too great. I'm 77 years old, have had 5 heart attacks, & diabetes. I was able to drive for Uber but it would be foolish to go back until the risk levels drop significantly more. Uber & Lyft do not consider me an employee. So no unemployment benefits. Plus my wife (who also has decreased immunity risks - COPD) has said if I go out to drive, she'll lock me out of the house. 🤭 I never left the house from early March until early May. Not even to go to the store.😷

  85. Calvin D

    Calvin DКүн мурун

    All of this Cares Act proposal soon become No One Cares Act coz no one is acting on it. It’s all talk and no actions. Talk is cheap.

  86. Back Intimes

    Back IntimesКүн мурун

    Mr Rose, I don't know if your a man of faith noticing your sign of Psalm in the corner. We the people should rise together and unleash Psalm 91 on Congress and Senate. They enjoy paid recess, while us fellow Americans are sifting through the trash for our next meals. We're tired of this communist form of government. As for President Trump, a man I voted for in 2016, you lost the unity of your supporters. You stand by and just watch, come November we'll stand by and watch sleepy Joe take office. I leave everyone with another scripture of faith, " Psalm 23 ". May God bless America for in God we TRUST. TheLordsAngel❤🇺🇸💜🙏

  87. christopher hennessey

    christopher hennesseyКүн мурун

    They are fucking around with people’s lives.

  88. Cindy Browning

    Cindy BrowningКүн мурун

    my daughter is not working and on unemployment but not getting the $600 more a week she is just getting $150 a week, she thinks its because she wasn't working full 40 hrs a week

  89. Michael Buckley

    Michael BuckleyКүн мурун

    They keep on doing the look and see how the money they already spent will work. They are always delaying in hopes they do not have to give a second one. Election time is near. They should have never given the 600 a week in unemployment in the first place. They should just give 1200 stimulus for at least 3 months

  90. JessalynRRT

    JessalynRRTКүн мурун

    I got really nervous when I started the video thinking “oh crap how much have a screwed up now,” lol. On the plus side I think I’m doing ok. 👌

  91. Joan Smith

    Joan SmithКүн мурун

    I have to say the pic of hands begging for a check .. omg just wrong .. business lost , jobs lost , my state just put a hiring freeze 🥶 u make it look 👀 like folks who were forced in this situation , didn’t ask for this that “we” all have our arms up grabbing / begging for $$$$ this whole situation is a corrupt hoax / families loosing there homes - jobs / without food / coming across ur video pic reminds me of natzi / China begging ..

  92. Jessica Contreras

    Jessica ContrerasКүн мурун

    Have a great weekend. God bless you!

  93. Jessica Contreras

    Jessica ContrerasКүн мурун

    What about for the people that don't work and are on SSI? Would they get the $1800 a month even if they don't work?

  94. Jkoy

    JkoyКүн мурун

    Nobody cares about us. What’s new

  95. bill dyment

    bill dymentКүн мурун

    They take a vacation when they want what do they consider it an emergency why are they even there

  96. TinaTyler Smallwood

    TinaTyler SmallwoodКүн мурун

    Well why get people's hopes up knowing that there's lots of poor people out here and it's not about nobody being lazy the ones on SSI VA and SSDI and unemployment my daughter has put in all her hours for her social security and SSI but the unemployment has denied her for 9 weeks straight and she had been working and was still working when this stuff happened something's not right they need to get their subs together and think about what they're doing they're not doing nothing but hurting people people that have bills to pay they can't. And the thing that they have where they're saying they can't cut off the utilities and stuff and they can't put people out bull crap I had a 3 day notice on my door so this is just right out crazy they need to sit down and listen to God and see what God has to say. God bless all and I hope this turns around

  97. Jones Walker

    Jones WalkerКүн мурун

    The stock Market control a huge part of my passive income flow I invest big and profit even bigger courtesy of my broker Mr Bob Clinton

  98. Teresa Clark

    Teresa ClarkКүн мурун

    How about the people that get s SSI Are they going to get that 1200 dollars the second time around

  99. patricia garcez

    patricia garcezКүн мурун

    for god sake show some sympathy compassion for those who are americans who are taxpayers and ones who was put the shoe on the other foot how about if it was you or a family member would you like it i surely dont think so we are struggling suffering and maybe even dying because of you mr president our goverment who turned your back on us in time of need we will most defintely remember when november comes around like you do us americanswe will do you the very same way we will not vote republican ever again or maybe to not demacratic if we dont get help soon so how do you like those cookies when other countries help their citizens and our homeland dont our country dont our goverment dont what enbaressment to us americans you should be too what about your concienceor do you even have one remember how you treated us your voters your fellow americans taxpayers of this country so enjoy your high dollar vacations while we lay here and stress suffer and struggle and trying to survived with our debts bills and buy food and many of us homeless with our love ones no needs fullfilled may god bless us in these trouble times and have mercy on your souls for what youre doing to us