Life With Aussies
Life With Aussies
Life With Aussies

Thanks for stopping by our channel! We are three Australian Shepherds named Aegon,, Aiko and Yuna! @SypherPK is our dad!
Aegon - Red Merle Aussie
Aiko - Red Merle Aussie
Yuna - Blue Merle Aussie
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  1. ceerw buty

    ceerw buty20 саат мурун

    everyone talking about the cute doggos me: that house is clean lmao

  2. mini alpaca

    mini alpaca22 саат мурун

    Lets all make this. At one1M

  3. InsertGenericNameHere

    InsertGenericNameHereКүн мурун

    Toilet paper challenge during corona

  4. TokeRhythm

    TokeRhythmКүн мурун

    Bro your pups got some hops

  5. calvin hill

    calvin hillКүн мурун

    OK I get it you’re rich

  6. MR.CAKE on switch

    MR.CAKE on switchКүн мурун

    This is like tucker except with Aussies. Just what I need. Nice job sypher

  7. Jawad g4mer

    Jawad g4merКүн мурун

    awwwwww so cute but when are you gonna upload the next video sypher?

  8. EPIC boys

    EPIC boysКүн мурун

    This funny

  9. Jaime Duque

    Jaime DuqueКүн мурун

    fuck this guy, now hes trying to make money off his dogs..

  10. Zachary Kubiak

    Zachary KubiakКүн мурун

    How do u guys have that much toilet paper

  11. TheWeirdo Stuffs

    TheWeirdo StuffsКүн мурун

    𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝕤𝕠 𝕔𝕦𝕥𝕖

  12. DarkBlurYT-

    DarkBlurYT-2 күн мурун

    If this channel get any bigger know I was here when this channel hade 100 subs

  13. iKnapz

    iKnapz2 күн мурун

    As an Aussie owner I guarantee these dogs are soooooo loyal and so playful especially with other dogs

  14. Edwin Lopez

    Edwin Lopez2 күн мурун

    Make more uploads on this channel

  15. PlasmaPanda -_-

    PlasmaPanda -_-2 күн мурун

    Weird how this is from the guy who makes fortnite commentary’s/ gameplay

  16. Owen Hawkins

    Owen Hawkins2 күн мурун

    I have a couple of Aussies myself. they are so intelligent and adorable

  17. John Brown

    John Brown2 күн мурун

    U are set on toilet paper lol

  18. Olivia Jubrey

    Olivia Jubrey2 күн мурун

    Make More videos please it’s been five days

  19. Fishy Clan

    Fishy Clan2 күн мурун

    This is the best channel i have watched in years


    IMPOSSIBOY!2 күн мурун

    So cute Syph!


    JUST CALL ME WHATEVER2 күн мурун

    Is it me or does the owner of these dogs sound and look like sypherpk?

  22. dog gamer

    dog gamer2 күн мурун

    Who else didn’t know this was pks channel until you saw the comments?

  23. Jeremy Whitlow

    Jeremy Whitlow2 күн мурун

    I feel like I'm being flexed on by someone with alot of toilet paper

  24. Xlord And i oop

    Xlord And i oop2 күн мурун

    They so cute:)

  25. shayy vlogss

    shayy vlogss2 күн мурун

    This got 87k subs. Nice.

  26. Gaurav Ramasani

    Gaurav Ramasani2 күн мурун

    Yuna tho she’s so funny 😂 😂😂


    DARK NINJA2 күн мурун

    May I have some paper rich one

  28. Goofy Goober

    Goofy Goober2 күн мурун


  29. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty2 күн мурун

    I do this with my dog too. Her high score is level 4😂 She's a smol dog


    MIKE TNKZ2 күн мурун

    SYPHER is such a good person , and i never do this but i am suscribed and liked:) , luck and love bye

  31. Lucas Murphy

    Lucas Murphy2 күн мурун

    Your dogs are the best sypher 😉

  32. Ben Henwood

    Ben Henwood2 күн мурун

    Akio has some mad hops

  33. Jayden Daley

    Jayden Daley2 күн мурун

    like and u wont be gay for life

  34. Leo17706099 waite

    Leo17706099 waite2 күн мурун

    Lovely dogs

  35. Jk danger

    Jk danger3 күн мурун


  36. Prestons Pizza

    Prestons Pizza3 күн мурун


  37. Dirdy Dan

    Dirdy Dan3 күн мурун

    The Karens are pissed everyone hide

  38. Arjun Viswanathan

    Arjun Viswanathan3 күн мурун

    All I’m wondering is where can I get some of that tp

  39. Tyler Kenepp

    Tyler Kenepp3 күн мурун


  40. Tyler Kenepp

    Tyler Kenepp3 күн мурун

    Aghhhhhh there sooooooo cite

  41. Momcilo Stojanovic

    Momcilo Stojanovic3 күн мурун

    My bro Sypher been flexing on us 😂😂😂

  42. Ki UD

    Ki UD3 күн мурун

    Ooo that’s where all the tolet paper whent

  43. Lauren Lee

    Lauren Lee3 күн мурун

    I was in first 10k subs

  44. Wapthesoup

    Wapthesoup3 күн мурун

    How to flex toilet paper

  45. PatrickMLGpro 8

    PatrickMLGpro 83 күн мурун

    This was absolutely incredible ❤❤❤

  46. MAX Mueller

    MAX Mueller3 күн мурун


  47. Bry thekid55

    Bry thekid553 күн мурун

    100k right around the corner

  48. Araceli Torrez-Santos

    Araceli Torrez-Santos3 күн мурун

    SypherPK Really Flexing his toilet paper out here

  49. Logan Woodall

    Logan Woodall3 күн мурун

    He just flexing on us like that

  50. Kentanago

    Kentanago3 күн мурун

    Awww the different colored eyes are so cute

  51. Bryson Richardson

    Bryson Richardson3 күн мурун

    i have a dog her name is elsa

  52. Sick Legend

    Sick Legend3 күн мурун

    This is where all the toilet paper went

  53. Silverbullet YT

    Silverbullet YT3 күн мурун

    Awwwwwww there so cute

  54. HeadingToHell

    HeadingToHell3 күн мурун

    Wow wtf is wrong with youtube

  55. Stanz FNBR

    Stanz FNBR3 күн мурун

    Sphypher ur so funny with the text I cant stop laughing I really like you it helps me through these times when my dad died of coronavirus thank you


    NATEPLAYS4 күн мурун

    So cute!

  57. Rock girl

    Rock girl4 күн мурун

    We didn’t get a house tour, but we did get a view from the hallway. Lol

  58. Rupa Baul

    Rupa Baul4 күн мурун


  59. Hunnyxx.

    Hunnyxx.4 күн мурун

    or course

  60. Hunnyxx.

    Hunnyxx.4 күн мурун


  61. Hunnyxx.

    Hunnyxx.4 күн мурун

    Plz make dog maze

  62. zǝʌɐɥƆ

    zǝʌɐɥƆ4 күн мурун

    The dislikes where from other dogs that couldn’t jump the toilet paper

  63. Trevor Stump

    Trevor Stump4 күн мурун

    What I’ve learned from this vid, sypher won’t be running out of tp anytime soon

  64. Vyper

    Vyper4 күн мурун

    This is so good

  65. Anthony Campanella

    Anthony Campanella4 күн мурун

    The real flex ain’t the dogs it’s the toilet paper

  66. Savi

    Savi4 күн мурун

    why dont u show your face

  67. Vo1tzy FN

    Vo1tzy FN4 күн мурун


  68. Adam Mahmood

    Adam Mahmood4 күн мурун

    Sypher we've got u

  69. Clap Chris

    Clap Chris4 күн мурун

    Lemme come over to your house your stacked on toilet paper

  70. Clap Chris

    Clap Chris4 күн мурун

    Lol cringe but cool

  71. Ernie Capan

    Ernie Capan4 күн мурун

    Like my dog (logo)

  72. Gabriel Avila

    Gabriel Avila4 күн мурун

    i like the textboxes

  73. Damian Chavez

    Damian Chavez4 күн мурун

    here before 100k subs

  74. Unknown Unknown

    Unknown Unknown4 күн мурун

    the future and what await us.

  75. Alen

    Alen4 күн мурун

    Hes is just Flexing whit his toilet paper bruh hahah jk love the vid

  76. MrTacoCraver

    MrTacoCraver4 күн мурун

    Aiko has hops

  77. Lil Jah

    Lil Jah4 күн мурун

    Is this where all the toilet paper went?

  78. Divya

    Divya4 күн мурун

    I was one of the first 1k subscribers of this channel

  79. Nintendo_ Bot233

    Nintendo_ Bot2334 күн мурун

    Aww so cute treat them well and have good day I used to have a do then it died

  80. Philip Agius

    Philip Agius4 күн мурун

    So this is where all the toilet paper has gone..

  81. C Miller

    C Miller4 күн мурун


  82. Jim Smith

    Jim Smith4 күн мурун

    at least we know sypherpk has enough toilet roll

  83. Bullet_Zebra

    Bullet_Zebra4 күн мурун

    Yuna: The smart one Aiko: The loyal one Aegon: The lazy one that always wants to sleep

  84. Savatagew man

    Savatagew man4 күн мурун


  85. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo4 күн мурун

    We didn’t get a house tour, but we did get a view from the hallway. Lol

  86. Ali Fayeh

    Ali Fayeh4 күн мурун

    I mean I'm not really watching this, just supporting Sypher because like why not, your Sypher Pk.

  87. Swon_Snips

    Swon_Snips4 күн мурун

    what has sypher come to

  88. Jo awesome

    Jo awesome4 күн мурун

    The toilet paper became sold out because sypher claiming them all

  89. nyyl szn

    nyyl szn4 күн мурун

    He got hops

  90. CleggPlayz

    CleggPlayz5 күн мурун

    However many likes that's how many want 10 of these puppers

  91. InboundLime

    InboundLime5 күн мурун

    And in Australia people are killing each other for toilet paper

  92. Bolt

    Bolt5 күн мурун

    I have a toy Aussie

  93. Lucas Benitez

    Lucas Benitez5 күн мурун

    Tutorial on how to get a silver pay button with one vidio

  94. Rylan McHugh

    Rylan McHugh5 күн мурун

    You was one of the people panic buying toilet roll by the looks of it

  95. FaZeBruh420

    FaZeBruh4205 күн мурун

    Ngl syphers house do be lookin fresh

  96. Ikey

    Ikey5 күн мурун

    Akio is the best

  97. Reece Selby

    Reece Selby5 күн мурун

    Aiko is the MVP!

  98. Mazio

    Mazio5 күн мурун

    this video is just to flex on us.

  99. Caleb Caldwell

    Caleb Caldwell5 күн мурун

    Who else went to the wrong channel😂😂😂

  100. Moose Perez

    Moose Perez5 күн мурун

    SypherPK your house and dogs are awesome especially your dogs