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Forest Lake spillway overflows
Flooding in Sanford, Michigan
Flooded Rifle River

Flooded Rifle River

9 күн мурун

Pajot Feed and Supply Fire

Pajot Feed and Supply Fire

10 күн мурун

Salon Owner Sarah Huff

Salon Owner Sarah Huff

13 күн мурун

Portage Assault Suspect

Portage Assault Suspect

14 күн мурун

How to Wear a Cloth Face Mask

How to Wear a Cloth Face Mask

16 күн мурун

  1. no u

    no u22 саат мурун

    The Democrats did this on purpose to punish Michigan citizens

  2. Bren Gun

    Bren Gun22 саат мурун

    “Mons Shores”, proof reader should be fired.

  3. Bren Gun

    Bren Gun22 саат мурун

    This is what deregulation looks like.

  4. naveen kudupudi

    naveen kudupudi22 саат мурун

    That weatshirt guy, is too young and naive to have kids !

  5. Tony Alston

    Tony Alston22 саат мурун

    Look on the bright side... That collapsed house will keep the surrounding sand from eroding for a little while... Maybe... I don't know... I'm not an expert... But I am a pretty decent internet troll

  6. Subhadra Mahanta

    Subhadra Mahanta22 саат мурун

    To be frank, it feels nice to see the water flow in the natural way.

  7. Lunar Strike

    Lunar Strike22 саат мурун

    It’s DAMn catastrophe

  8. gvr39l

    gvr39l22 саат мурун

    When am I going to stop seeing handcuffs in the front

  9. miscellaneousone

    miscellaneousone22 саат мурун

    I'd be out there with a metal detector ... a powerful magnet on a short rope ... and a clam shovel .... $$$

  10. Scott Pratico

    Scott Pratico22 саат мурун

    The future of Trump's America. Crumbling infrastructure and twitter temper tantrums.

  11. James Butterson

    James Butterson22 саат мурун

    Where's all the fish? No turtles either 🤔!"

  12. Jeremy Charles

    Jeremy Charles22 саат мурун

    Well those property values around that lake just plummeted..

  13. john xiong

    john xiong22 саат мурун

    At least there are more land to use.

  14. Adam O

    Adam O22 саат мурун

    Quote "That's Tv and not reality I'm sorry" if his civil rights were not violated he probably would still be alive. Unless the police have reasonable suspicion that this person has or is going to commit a crime they cannot open the door. So unless they had a positive I.D I don't think they had the right to question in the first place. I'm not excusing what this young man did but merely stating that there could have been another ending. It probably didn't help his cause possibly being inside a vehicle of his know associates from the sounds of things.

  15. Gage

    Gage22 саат мурун

    Description needs to be corrected, dam failed on may 19th not march 19th.

  16. nick strapko

    nick strapko22 саат мурун

    Drunk, This guy is a coward. Caught drunk driving. Not a law enforcement officer

  17. God of Stream 1215

    God of Stream 121522 саат мурун

    Michigan's a Blue State shit hole. Just another American dependent. Hands out looking for some Hope and Loose Change.

  18. David

    David22 саат мурун

    It’s interesting to see the water resuming it’s natural course, you can see how the flow follows the land

  19. Trident UK

    Trident UK22 саат мурун

    Fat piece of fucking shit.....send him to old sparky..!!!

  20. Adam O

    Adam O22 саат мурун

    Dreds must of been twisted too tight

  21. DaKermitFrog

    DaKermitFrog22 саат мурун

    Now imagine this is your toilet overflowing :O

  22. Skankhunt 42

    Skankhunt 4222 саат мурун

    Where’s the governor?

  23. David Webb

    David Webb23 саат мурун

    Plenty of money to bomb people abroad and enslave people at home, none to maintain it's infrastructure. Welcome to oligarch America.

  24. John L

    John L23 саат мурун

    Did someone say mud fight!?

  25. Anjali Sharma

    Anjali Sharma23 саат мурун

    I love America 🇺🇲

  26. Dr K

    Dr K23 саат мурун

    Are any of these people hospital workers or doctors who see people dying everyday? This isn't about rights it's about staying alive!!! Wtf is wrong with people? Where do they need to go that's so damn important that its worth risking lives???? They all need to get over themselves.

  27. John James

    John James23 саат мурун

    Where's Dow at?


    OBSERVING ILLUSION23 саат мурун

    The lake did'nt disappear, The DAM did😞

  29. Fiendstein

    Fiendstein23 саат мурун

    as im Sure this greedy place is already thinking about CONDO'S

  30. The Cynic

    The Cynic23 саат мурун

    There goes their property value.

  31. Liarqmx

    Liarqmx23 саат мурун

    Force of nature cause by man...

  32. donald hamilton

    donald hamilton23 саат мурун

    Water World .

  33. Hoinyack Yates

    Hoinyack Yates23 саат мурун

    “Hey, I think I just found Jimmy Hoffa!”

  34. Harry Lime

    Harry Lime23 саат мурун

    Guess the lake just wanted out of lockdown, huh?

  35. gordiescan

    gordiescan23 саат мурун

    It was never a lake to begin with, it was a reservoir. Let the river return to it’s natural state 👍


    RUFIORUFIO23 саат мурун

    That’s some nice riverfront property. Prime real estate.

  37. GUIDO

    GUIDO23 саат мурун

    Future golf course.

  38. Adventures With Seth

    Adventures With Seth23 саат мурун

    Thang god he let us know it was going...

  39. Dean Montague

    Dean Montague23 саат мурун

    That wasn't a dam it was a dirt mound. What group of government idiots thought that would hold? Same folks who engineered Flint's water system?

  40. things that go bump in the night

    things that go bump in the night23 саат мурун

    Stupidity rules!


    SUR_RONNY_MAC23 саат мурун

    And all those people who purchased a nice house for the lovely view of a lake .., dayyyym now it’s just a mud pit .... The fish are freeeeeee !

  42. Wayne Gatfield

    Wayne Gatfield23 саат мурун


  43. gunny USMC

    gunny USMC23 саат мурун

    I'm sorry for all the trouble going on up there. But I'm not the only one that agrees but just keep letting the water running they can fly in with big sand bags stop what waters still there that's become major question? everyone knows and understands. It's very sad that's happened

  44. Vetri V

    Vetri V23 саат мурун

    Do we humans did any one good thing to this planet except damaging Now we started to damage other planets too

  45. Captain Khakis

    Captain Khakis23 саат мурун

    I was at my lakehouse following this story over the weekend. Heartbreaking stuff man. As I was reading on my dock , the lake level was 27 1/2 ft above normal pool. (Norfolk lake, north central Arkansas) For as strict as the Core of Engineers are you'd think things like this should be at the top of the priority list.

  46. Larry Lacause

    Larry Lacause23 саат мурун

    Loves , his children , loves coke , , Loves , coke , , ,

  47. Milo Jame

    Milo Jame23 саат мурун

    Just build a bridge and let the river be how nature tends to be

  48. Denise Mohr

    Denise Mohr23 саат мурун

    that so called lake sure must have been really crappy because NOTICE: lol no fish.. Seriously... where are all the floundering fish??

  49. Shonuff

    Shonuff23 саат мурун

    Will it ever come back? Dam it... dam it again 🤣🤣🤣

  50. Subscribe Now

    Subscribe Now23 саат мурун

    They need to not put it back up we dont need Dams No More as we all see what they can do. It's not worth it

  51. Mary Racette

    Mary Racette23 саат мурун

    It has nothing to do with sex. It's another Democrat playing the gender victim card.

  52. Michael McLaughlin

    Michael McLaughlin23 саат мурун

    Goodbye lakeside homes, hello beach...!!!

  53. Admin Web

    Admin Web23 саат мурун

    The dam has least functional due sediment too heavy. That is why when heavy rain make it cannot hold so much water. Then it is break.

  54. cisa93

    cisa9323 саат мурун

    Time to clean out the lake bed....

  55. Peter A

    Peter A23 саат мурун

    Not much of a lake and not that deep.

  56. 86sith

    86sith23 саат мурун


  57. Walden

    Walden23 саат мурун

    Good time to get back those fishing lures.

  58. Kelley Brown

    Kelley Brown23 саат мурун

    My heart goes out to you guys

  59. jazz pup

    jazz pup23 саат мурун

    The incredible engineering. How could this happen?

  60. Sam Buca

    Sam Buca23 саат мурун

    "As a white woman, I vote for him so that black woman ...." USA USA USA You people are in the shadows

  61. Liberty One

    Liberty One23 саат мурун

    For sale: Cheap no lakefront property. Earthen to build BUT expensive when they fail.

  62. alitlweird

    alitlweird23 саат мурун

    I’m sure this is President Trump’s fault. Has to be.

  63. Garrett Burrows

    Garrett Burrows23 саат мурун

    mother nature didnt build those dams

  64. MrBTDhimself

    MrBTDhimself23 саат мурун

    Wow someone property value just took a shit

  65. Rolando Bianco

    Rolando Bianco23 саат мурун

    quite totally gone, I mean, I believe it can recover with a new dam work

  66. Feng Gao

    Feng Gao23 саат мурун

    Broken infrastructures, & we waste money building bombs & misiles!

  67. snake pliskin2.0

    snake pliskin2.023 саат мурун

    Be nice when the big one in China breaks Problem solved.

  68. billy bob

    billy bobКүн мурун

    How many dead bodies you think they’ll find

  69. bbb sss

    bbb sssКүн мурун

    I guess those properties are not waterfront properties anymore.

  70. Dan Banovich

    Dan BanovichКүн мурун

    Maybe they can find the Edmund Fitzgerald?

  71. Chucky cheese

    Chucky cheeseКүн мурун

    I'm from the farmland the water department kills more fish than any Angler when they dry up reservoirs irrigation canals Big Fish Little Fish they kill more fish than anybody I know why do we need a licence we need to sue them we need a lawyer if you ever got a ticket we need a lawyer

  72. Imustfly

    ImustflyКүн мурун

    "got me some,.....ocean front property in Air-uh-zona......if you'll buy that, I'll throw the Golden Gate in free".

  73. Jessica Sinclair USAF Antarctica

    Jessica Sinclair USAF AntarcticaКүн мурун

    Turn it into golf course, no big deal.

  74. Máire Walton

    Máire WaltonКүн мурун

    My lake is missing! Poor guys at the other end. Criminal.

  75. Central Florida 1st Amendment Accountablity

    Central Florida 1st Amendment AccountablityКүн мурун

    true true

  76. Jessica Sinclair USAF Antarctica

    Jessica Sinclair USAF AntarcticaКүн мурун

    They will blame Trump soon i bet you any money !

  77. Jessica Sinclair USAF Antarctica

    Jessica Sinclair USAF AntarcticaКүн мурун

    This means there's a massive earthquake coming.

  78. Chucky cheese

    Chucky cheeseКүн мурун

    This is for the farmers remember in 1910 after you killed all the natives and took over the land this is the curse of the American Indian it's just the beginning remember the Dust Bowl yeah then you left the California and killed all the Tule River people drained the lake diverted the rivers this is just the beginning of the curse of the Native Indian by the way we is not Indian you thought you landed in India that's what you name us. In Tulare California it went from $0.25 a scalp to a whopping $5 a scale that's the cost of a pickaxe back in the days there's blood on them farmland subsidence is next Look up the word and steady what it means you've been living good out the land ask your grandpa what his dad did to gain that farmland

  79. Happy Dee

    Happy DeeКүн мурун

    I wonder how well the mussels the Michigan "environmental" department kept the lake dangerously stupid high for are doing now?

  80. Neil Niswander

    Neil NiswanderКүн мурун

    Oh, all those rich people without a fucking lake, will they contribute to the poor people down stream who lost everything, I guess, no...

  81. Tim Wasson

    Tim WassonКүн мурун

    Lake front home for sell...cheep !

  82. Dave Heyman

    Dave HeymanКүн мурун

    Oh well , look at the bright side , Could be a new golf course .

  83. andre jones

    andre jonesКүн мурун

    And Dem good boys drinking whiskey and Rye saying " this will be the day that I DIE"!

  84. Spaß Trompete

    Spaß TrompeteКүн мурун

    How do you fix a big hole 🕳 like that ?

  85. Everett Eaton New Yorker

    Everett Eaton New YorkerКүн мурун

    Looks like that Creek used to feed one of the great lakes

  86. TT B

    TT BКүн мурун

    The lake house value 👎🏻

  87. Vince JR

    Vince JRКүн мурун


  88. Phoenix967

    Phoenix967Күн мурун

    Not anymore rip

  89. Soochul Song

    Soochul SongКүн мурун

    lol oh no... sucks to have a waterfront home over there

  90. Alois Lang

    Alois LangКүн мурун

    Several officers, tasers, capsicum spray, & a trained police dog, yet together they could not control him and had to use their guns. Hmmm? either they were all totally incompetent and the police dog has been watching too many Lassie movies or they like to use their guns as the first resort not the last?

  91. desterca-pys-clan

    desterca-pys-clanКүн мурун

    Any dead bodies

  92. The Mountain Sage

    The Mountain SageКүн мурун

    Natural lakes are better in every way. Man made lakes come with so many problems.

  93. S Cramer

    S CramerКүн мурун

    The lake-front property owners force the state government to protect their lakeside property values. The Federal government warned the dam was in danger and needed repair, the dam's owner said the dam and the water needed to be lower to protect the actual dam structure. The state government and property won out...but were the biggest of losers. Thank you for the great care and understanding from the ladies of the Michigan state government. Another great job. Now please put your apron's back on and go home and do a better job there!

  94. Uthark Runa

    Uthark RunaКүн мурун

    So much for having lake side property.

  95. Mike Cole

    Mike ColeКүн мурун

    Your an idiot. Lake Michigan didn’t disappear. Name your title right.

  96. Francis Lim

    Francis LimКүн мурун

    Bad engineering job is to blame for these calamity,the shallowness of the river and the gravitational pull dries up the river,dredging must be done to ensure that there’s a river.

  97. Neuronaut Alpha-1

    Neuronaut Alpha-1Күн мурун

    That's a Dam shame.

  98. Alan Senzaki

    Alan SenzakiКүн мурун

    Great waterfront property. Mothernature wins. Back to being a river.

  99. Ryan Walton

    Ryan WaltonКүн мурун

    The land went back to it's natural state.

  100. michael walker

    michael walkerКүн мурун

    I love reading people's comments on these KGgo videos. 3 2 1 There they go!!!!