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Eminem - "Darkness" TRACK REVIEW
Obama's Favorite Music of 2019

Obama's Favorite Music of 2019

15 күн мурун

Billboard Doesn't Know Rock Music
LET'S ARGUE: Nav Has Some Good Songs
Drake Is in Denial

Drake Is in Denial

22 күн мурун

The Clash Tier List

The Clash Tier List

Ай мурун

My Earliest Musical Memories
Noname's White Audience
Does Backlash Get to Me?
Do All Albums Deserve Respect?
Drake Got Booed Off Stage

Drake Got Booed Off Stage

2 ай мурун

Drake Tier List

Drake Tier List

2 ай мурун

Led Zeppelin Tier List

Led Zeppelin Tier List

2 ай мурун

The 50 Worst Rappers of All Time?
6ix9ine Signs $10M Record Deal
BROCKHAMPTON Disbanding Soon?
Tool Tier List

Tool Tier List

3 ай мурун

6ix9ine's Career Is Over

6ix9ine's Career Is Over

3 ай мурун

Do I Use a Thesaurus?

Do I Use a Thesaurus?

4 ай мурун

The Return of Ameer Vann

The Return of Ameer Vann

4 ай мурун

"Rap Isn't Music"

"Rap Isn't Music"

4 ай мурун

Is NOT GOOD Worse Than a 0/10?
How Does Hype Affect Me?

How Does Hype Affect Me?

4 ай мурун

The NFL & Jay-Z Backlash

The NFL & Jay-Z Backlash

4 ай мурун

The Trend of Patching Albums
Is 0 an Invalid Score?

Is 0 an Invalid Score?

5 ай мурун

  1. Aaditya Kumar

    Aaditya KumarСаат мурун

    But then why did u leave it off the list melon

  2. Miles 0

    Miles 0Саат мурун

    This is like 2 high school band kids smoked a joint they found on the ground but it was actually pcp

  3. Og Bris

    Og BrisСаат мурун

    he was finna get super violated

  4. Heiro

    HeiroСаат мурун

    mmm kamikaze was awesome fantano but yeah its a great track

  5. Shrimpy 08

    Shrimpy 082 саат мурун

    So I’m going to give it a light 11 it’s just that good that we need to go off the charts

  6. queen elizabeth

    queen elizabeth2 саат мурун

    Cried 3 times in one day to true love waits. It is the pinnacle of depressing songs.

  7. Arctic Raven

    Arctic Raven2 саат мурун

    Look up George Martin...he composed alot of stuff for them. I always wondered why they couldn't duplicate anything similar to what they wrote as Beatles...never added up why they didn't but the George Martin thing came to light. Jones makes this clear

  8. FreeKekistan

    FreeKekistan2 саат мурун

    $10 million record deal, $20 million life insurance policy

  9. Matthew Fodell

    Matthew Fodell2 саат мурун

    The New World Order conspiracy theory is BS (although Bush I & iirc Bill Clinton did refer to creating a New World Order, what they meant was a global US empire, basically the same vision as the neoconservatives’ “New American Century”), but let’s be real: Building 7 is a thing... I don’t know how that can be debated. Lol.

  10. Tom Maloney

    Tom Maloney2 саат мурун

    mr jones writes and reads music, these people don't understand music that isn't. I'm not saying all but most people his age didn't get the Beatles. it wasn't how good they individually were but how they played and sang together. they sacrificed their individualallity for the good of the group. I think they all wanted to show the world they could rock as good as Americans, and then something happened. don't be jealous Quincy!

  11. Aaron Garcia

    Aaron Garcia2 саат мурун

    I thought the song was okay. A little heavy handed with its message but I can see how people can enjoy that. Onto the album!

  12. Og Bris

    Og Bris2 саат мурун

    this song got very annoying fast

  13. Timothy Christian

    Timothy Christian2 саат мурун

    plz review flight319 by 070 shake

  14. S2D tv

    S2D tv2 саат мурун

    Love the brave blossoms jersey

  15. Matthew Fodell

    Matthew Fodell2 саат мурун

    I didn’t believe in the Illuminati but now I do. And Hopsin must be in the youth branch, because this is tame af, even compared to Eyes Wide Shut, which is already tame compared to the real Jeffrey Epstein-ass shit the elite get up to in their real secret societies/cults. Lol.

  16. Nic Chris

    Nic Chris2 саат мурун

    That’s crazy she’s gonna stop making music bc white people like her music

  17. tyler henry

    tyler henry2 саат мурун

    These comments hurt my head

  18. SoutheastSneaks

    SoutheastSneaks2 саат мурун

    It’s tragic to hear Mac sing “There’s a whole lot more for me waiting” knowing that he never got to see it.

  19. Seb Walton

    Seb Walton2 саат мурун

    I’m sorry I love you Anthony but I totally disagree with you saying that Dookie is a pop punk album :(

  20. Sebastian Aviles Martinez

    Sebastian Aviles Martinez2 саат мурун

    Pizza Gate, Pizza Gate, Pizza Gate, this is not a song, it's a protest, Google Yummy Pizza Gate.

  21. David Draghici

    David Draghici3 саат мурун

    It's not hard to be very succesful with mediocre music,an example you take dj kalhed,this guy showing you that you don't need to be an artist to do that because he can't make an album by himself.

  22. Alan Weebus

    Alan Weebus3 саат мурун

    did that jizzum joke at the beginning really need to exist?

  23. Carsten Castaneda

    Carsten Castaneda3 саат мурун

    When were you going to tell us you joined Sundara Karma

  24. Fly Beep

    Fly Beep3 саат мурун

    So what if the second amendment would get removed? It doesn't destroy the constitution, how many people would say the constitution is destroyed now because it happened before. How many people are crying and complaining about how the constitution is destroyed because the eighteenth amendment got repealed huh? Lets hear it? NONE, seriously nobody is saying that. As much as the eighteenth got repealed at one time it will happen and the second one will get repealed and replaced by something far more sensible. The only question is how many fucking people will have to day. Btw, fuck the NRA, they are not about rights, they're an industry lobby group and are in it for the money. Majority (a big majority) of people are FOR gun control, those who are against it are the minority, the scumbags and the politicians and the dumb fucks. Eventually it will happen and retribution will be happening motherfuckers even if it will take decades and thousands of deaths. Killer Mike is being a dumb fuck here and he's being used and doesn't even realizes it.

  25. Toni Luetić

    Toni Luetić3 саат мурун

    Let's Argue : All Eyez On Me is the greatest album in rap history

  26. Jeremy Corbin

    Jeremy Corbin3 саат мурун

    5:36 I'm pretty sure this is the main argument people from Australia and such have been making for years, it's just that Eminem has delivered it in a clever and empathetic way.

  27. funkystyle

    funkystyle3 саат мурун

    What are the musical elements that you would need to call any band as a Rock band?

  28. nubz

    nubz3 саат мурун

    Selena's doing the same shit too.

  29. F P

    F P3 саат мурун

    dat a napalm death shirt, my guy?

  30. Josh Brady

    Josh Brady3 саат мурун

    ok, fr tho, where has peggy been at?

  31. Souep Dedoep

    Souep Dedoep3 саат мурун

    That is a sick fucking bass line dude

  32. Rosannasfriend

    Rosannasfriend3 саат мурун

    There early songs were crap. What they were from the beginning of the 60s compared to the end of the 60s is quite remarkable.

  33. hlg1111

    hlg11113 саат мурун

    Didn't Paul have a fling with Peggy Lipton before Quincy married her.

  34. EpicVids

    EpicVids3 саат мурун

    This comment section is so toxic

  35. Sandra Porter

    Sandra Porter3 саат мурун

    Clapton's band,what they were they called?Clueless fuck!

  36. Luis of LBC Media Reviews

    Luis of LBC Media Reviews3 саат мурун

    I like the double meaning from the POV of getting ready to do a show and the POV of the shooter. Its almost a prequel to lose yourself... reaching for the “Scope” after vomiting.

  37. Eric Heyward

    Eric Heyward3 саат мурун


  38. lucasmelor

    lucasmelor3 саат мурун


  39. Prykora Entertainment

    Prykora Entertainment3 саат мурун

    Just seeing this, but I'm glad somebody actually understands the message he is trying to convey. It's not "guns bad". It is a complex issue that has many variables at play, on both the psychological side of the brain, also the social norms we have come to cling to as americans. No, guns dont kill people, but people who have ease of access to these weapons do. So... to sum it up, we need laws that protect the public and make it more difficult to acquire new fire arms. However, the new system cannot punish law abiding citizens. Henceforth, why this is a very difficult issue to discuss and find a resolution for

  40. Kadia Fulani

    Kadia Fulani3 саат мурун

    H A T E R A T E R

  41. bravetoasterrr

    bravetoasterrr4 саат мурун

    Clear your 9+ notification melon....FFS

  42. Whitney Titus

    Whitney Titus4 саат мурун

    Meh...I feel her. If she makes music for black americans and wants them to consume her message then good on her. Everyone has a target audience.

  43. Jose Noriega

    Jose Noriega4 саат мурун

    Fuck you, melonhead.. I just heard the track and now I'm crying.. in public no less!!! That line, "why does everyone need me to stay?" That shit hit me hard. Suffering from severe depression and drug addiction. I fuckin felt that.

  44. arden

    arden4 саат мурун

    Your left arm looks like shawarma I really don’t like it

  45. Sutef J

    Sutef J4 саат мурун

    Had to like for tears RIP

  46. James Burmester

    James Burmester4 саат мурун

    I felt personally the artist who changes the face of music like say miles davis, or in this case Eminem really remains the artist that constantly breaks his own ground the broke loses a lot of fans, but puts himself in history as a true artist. I felt this album fell flat in this way. Kanye West did it better with his recent album. I may be wrong, maybe I just need to hear more of the record, but what ive heard from two tracks and what I heard from the last trump rap, I felt was just weak..

  47. L I L B L A R T

    L I L B L A R T4 саат мурун

    FREEEE is my favorite song on Kids See Ghosts

  48. arden

    arden4 саат мурун

    Ohio express to me is like if the beatles were perverts

  49. Clown Baby

    Clown Baby4 саат мурун

    Who here heard "Angelic Boy" dropped by R.A. The Ruggedman yesterday. I caught it right before he made it private.

  50. House Mouse

    House Mouse4 саат мурун

    AJJ dropped an album too, just saying...

  51. Jacob Diller

    Jacob Diller4 саат мурун

    @5:33 you do...

  52. Jacob Diller

    Jacob Diller4 саат мурун @5:33 you do tho...

  53. Alejandro Moreno

    Alejandro Moreno4 саат мурун

    Like yall could just post a video of yourselves ripping on slayer tapes and itd be pretty fucken dope 😄

  54. Alejandro Moreno

    Alejandro Moreno4 саат мурун

    Yall should have a cross-over

  55. Jok3er271 JKlilmonkey

    Jok3er271 JKlilmonkey4 саат мурун

    Mos Def is 30? Really? That’s fucken dumb. He’s easily like top 10

  56. Michael Sasse

    Michael Sasse5 саат мурун

    This album has an Ed Sheeran feature on it, that's all you need to know about it.

  57. Akciq Respect

    Akciq Respect5 саат мурун

    When you hit the ass on a hot girl

  58. Heat Bringa Beats

    Heat Bringa Beats5 саат мурун

    But you didnt catch the Unkle Adam's bar Em made.... come on son


    TRISM DRIVER5 саат мурун

    Ahahaha - so does this mean we're now going to open up this discussion to criticizing all of this shit that goes on in the K-pop sphere on the regular, or would that be rRAaaisssiszzzt? I've never really kept an eye on, or particularly cared about whatever happens to be in the top 40 at any given time, but this shit has been pretty blatantly been going on for a while now - particularly within rap/k-pop, which have to take the top spots for this kind of behaviour

  60. treyvorak

    treyvorak5 саат мурун

    this song fucking sucked

  61. Santiago Belmont

    Santiago Belmont5 саат мурун

    I have only listened to Microtonal Banana, Polygondwanaland and Murder of the Universe. 1. Murder 2. Microtonal 3. Polygon I really like the Murder of the Universe concept and dark sound

  62. alexidoo Vol.1

    alexidoo Vol.15 саат мурун

    *sees Get Got vs. Eh as one of the categories* Shi-

  63. ben ben

    ben ben5 саат мурун

    The only single we need in 2020 is the track reviews intro full version

  64. loderunner

    loderunner5 саат мурун

    2:24 Melon cannot deny the influence that his hat is influenced by Tyler's in the background

  65. SAmeo 45

    SAmeo 455 саат мурун

    Ok melon you've lost all credibility for not putting Roddys at number 1 HE MADE HIS OWN BEAT like bruh his was mind-boggling

  66. McWhopper

    McWhopper5 саат мурун

    Don’t mind me, just here to read the comment section.

  67. Queenie

    Queenie5 саат мурун

    The new song is BORING AS F***!!!

  68. doodaa83

    doodaa835 саат мурун

    “Vic Mensa theme song” - by Vic Mensa Just kidding I can’t name a single Vic Mensa song.

  69. Lee

    Lee5 саат мурун

    is he poor???

  70. EmperorSigismund

    EmperorSigismund5 саат мурун

    The Johnny Depp Willy Wonka had bad songs because all they did was roast the kids for being dumb. The original turns directly at the audience and tells you you're fat, lazy, greedy and have terrible manners and that it's likely your fault if your children turn out poorly. It's one of those movies that makes more and more sense the older I get.

  71. Nichoals Nastari

    Nichoals Nastari5 саат мурун

    Fanatno your dumb

  72. Nichoals Nastari

    Nichoals Nastari5 саат мурун

    Fanto you make me cringe dumb shit

  73. PRABODH97

    PRABODH976 саат мурун

    Remember the time Anthony had 7 kids to feed but Mr. Nem made a diss towards him

  74. Steve Martin

    Steve Martin6 саат мурун

    It's not even close. Prince was a MEGA star here in the U.S. Micheal was a SUPER star GLOBALLY. Micheal along with ELVIS is one of the TOP 3 best selling ARTIST of all time. PRINCE isn't even on the rader for selling ALBUMS.

  75. Rabarbersaft

    Rabarbersaft6 саат мурун

    *zuccy zuccy*

  76. Random User

    Random User6 саат мурун

    Shit he has high expectations for the music to be murdered by. Well it’s gonna be a fun review.

  77. Matthew Vasser

    Matthew Vasser6 саат мурун

    If Imagine Dragons are rock, then Led Zeppelin is a jazz quartet.

  78. Dude Mate

    Dude Mate6 саат мурун

    Holy shit, wasn't aware on how much hate JP gets. Like he's actually helping a lot of people with his talks and he's been a clinical psychiatrist for many decades. I mean you don't have to agree with him, but where is all this hate coming from. For me he seems like he genuinely tries to help, and a lot of comments seem like they get their knowledge of him from talk shows (the lobster thing, it's literally one analogy that he uses in his books and people misrepresent all the time). Anyways, he's actually been a great inspiration for me and has helped me a lot. Even though I don't agree everytime about what he's saying and I myself am not really religious at all, I admire him a lot for what he's trying to do and his willingness to go on even though he gets misrepresented a lot by the media and others. Just my 2 cents that nobody asked for.

  79. JayJonesy11

    JayJonesy116 саат мурун

    Why he look like Waldo outta the pen?

  80. N0TYALC

    N0TYALC6 саат мурун

    I’d rather listen to a delusional religious person preach about how their god is so amazing than listen to a delusional millionaire complain about how oppressed he is because of his skin’s melanin content tbh

  81. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf6 саат мурун

    I'm surprised he really likes this

  82. Jp Prater

    Jp Prater6 саат мурун

    Well, they got half of them right at least. LOL

  83. OwenF

    OwenF6 саат мурун


  84. Zechariah Bryan

    Zechariah Bryan6 саат мурун

    3:06 Excuse me Peanthony Buttertano but you sound like a man who has never tried homemade plum jam

  85. Arya Vart

    Arya Vart6 саат мурун

    My best Eminem albums list 1) Marshall mathers lp- solid album all songs are classics plus an artistic achievement (stan). 2) The slim shady lp - one of the best debut rap albums (discounting infinite) plus murderous Eminem rage 3) The Eminem show -a little bit mainstream but great hooks and beats plus the best workout song (till i collapse ) 4) 8 mile soundtrack-Best Eminem song (lose yourself ) plus solid features by 50 cent Nas Jay-Z 5) MMLP2- a very confident Eminem, great songs that will hype you up (rap god, survival, berserk) one of the better pop song by Eminem (Monster love that hook) 6) Relapse -bars, lots and lots of bars maybe too many accents good production by dr dre plus a very underrated eminem inspirational song (Beautiful). 7) Music to be murdered by- some great songs- Godzilla, premonition, darkness, you gon learn Some not so great leaving heaven, stepdad, those kinda nights (hooks are trash tho) 8) Recovery- Best Eminem pop record (love the way you lie) plus grand stadium rock sounds on tracks like won't back down, Cinderella man, not afraid. 9) BME-Rapping 10/10 Beats 0/10 Hooks 0/10 It's that kind of album that a student of rap must study to improve his craft. But after listening once he might never listen to it again. 10) kamikaze- great rapping but terrible "yelling at the mike" style. Sometimes it causes headache not because of the wordplay but because Eminem is literally yelling at you plus the worst Eminem song ever (nice guy) 11) Revival- outdated sound, It felt as if it could've been released in 2010's , it literally felt like Eminem compiled the remaining songs from recovery to make this album. While the pop records from recovery sounded great (Love the way you lie, won't back down) The pop records in this album don't have the same magic, every song felt as if something was missing in it. Maybe too many cooks in the kitchen. Plus atrocious production. 12) D12 world 13) Devil's night I don't see both of these records as a serious attempt, it was just capitalising On Em's fame to put his friends on the map. Cringy bars which might have been cool at the time but not today.

  86. leql

    leql6 саат мурун

    Wait till Kanye West disses Kanye West.

  87. my penis is unbelievably small, but

    my penis is unbelievably small, but6 саат мурун

    I liked the review but the nazi salute was a but over the top imo

  88. Hue-Two

    Hue-Two6 саат мурун

    Justin Bieber “Yummy” ASMR to help you sleep

  89. OwenF

    OwenF6 саат мурун

    i hate how everyone brought up how he said like a lot now i cant unhear it and its hard to listen to the interview

  90. malek shut up!

    malek shut up!6 саат мурун

    I rather repeat the box while I sleep

  91. Kojla MC

    Kojla MC7 саат мурун

    Justin: Prove it!

  92. Toxik

    Toxik7 саат мурун

    Holy shit Anthony how did you manage to get eminem to do the review with you? Damn

  93. Rahul singh

    Rahul singh7 саат мурун

    M&M's last good Album was MMLP2.

  94. patrick price

    patrick price7 саат мурун

    Prince was hands down better than Michael. Hell just Prince's guitar play alone own michael jackson. Dont get me wrong, jackson could sing and dance his ass off, but prince was on a different level

  95. Jamescans

    Jamescans7 саат мурун

    Fuck you dude your reviews are shit

  96. TimTam60

    TimTam607 саат мурун


  97. Steven Caicedo-Suarez

    Steven Caicedo-Suarez7 саат мурун

    This guy said the fucking chart was subtly racist.

  98. Darren Graham

    Darren Graham7 саат мурун

    Travis be rockin the yellow flannel in this music video in anticipation for your review melon 🍉

  99. huhhhhhhhhhhhh09

    huhhhhhhhhhhhh097 саат мурун

    When Melon said that Eminem claimed the shooter did nothing wrong, whoa...shots fired.

  100. Lily Rose

    Lily Rose7 саат мурун

    Eminem forever❤️