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Saying Goodbye To Bandit.

Saying Goodbye To Bandit.

10 күн мурун

Live Vlog! Mouse Ear Collection Tour!
Live Vlog Mouse Ear Collection!
Live Mouse Ear Tour! Let's Chat!
  1. Henry Tortola

    Henry Tortola21 саат мурун

    Tim you nailed WDW opening date. MK & AK July 11 Epcot & HS July 15

  2. SDaniel

    SDaniel21 саат мурун

    Dragons are immortal, so trees are not the longest living organisms... The oldest tree/root system is more than 80000 years old, if I remember correct! You are not going to die from COVID19! Relax...

  3. cookieman768

    cookieman76821 саат мурун

    Glad I went to Disney last spring.

  4. jack hurley

    jack hurley21 саат мурун

    Hi I just heard on KGgo

  5. Ari.loves_27

    Ari.loves_2722 саат мурун

    Check our feedinglittles on Instagram, great I for about BLW from a dietician and feeding therapist. Also look into gootensils, begging spoons for babies super safe and easy for babies to our in mouth

  6. Dantany 24

    Dantany 2422 саат мурун

    We don’t wear masks when we go out unless we are made to. We do social distance, if it makes people more comfortable. I think more at the beginning since we didn’t know much about the virus we to were more about wearing gloves and masks. But with the more research coming out about the virus and how masks don’t really prevent getting the virus, and only people who have symptoms should wear them so they don’t spread it... there’s really no reason as the Surgeon General stated (repeatedly) for healthy people to wear masks. It actually makes me feel better to see people without masks because it shows l how many people don’t have symptoms!!

  7. Hannah Elizabeth

    Hannah Elizabeth22 саат мурун

    The Aladdin pin is from Mew to You in ocean city, NJ, where I’m from that is so cool! Mew to You is a thrift shop & cat shelter where you can adopt cats!

  8. Lori Kuehl

    Lori Kuehl22 саат мурун

    When I lived in Africa, I saw guineafowl (or guinea peacock?) all over. They are mostly in Africa, so I wonder why that park had them at the farm....

  9. Emma Sprouse

    Emma Sprouse22 саат мурун

    We went to a little town nearby (Ohio) and it was super crowded but we made sure we kept our distance. We didn’t wear our masks outside but whenever we went inside we wore them and sanitized our hands before we went in and after. It’s some weird stuff but it’s the world we are living in.

  10. GoWithTheFlo

    GoWithTheFlo22 саат мурун

    I would love to see more of these!

  11. Νaura Audrey

    Νaura Audrey22 саат мурун

    Damn.... It looks so fun... I really need to try this rollercoaster...

  12. Michael Hughes

    Michael Hughes22 саат мурун

    Me my family have been to to Orlando 6 times Disney it want feel the same

  13. Cisco Duncan

    Cisco Duncan23 саат мурун

    Thank you for the video and information. Be careful and stay healthy. 👍🏾✌🏾

  14. Jess White

    Jess White23 саат мурун

    This is so boring

  15. Denise Jacoby

    Denise Jacoby23 саат мурун

    Oh and one more thing...that plant with the blue flowers are called Plumbago. Great flower in Fl.

  16. Barb Smith

    Barb Smith23 саат мурун

    Hey guys I’ve given 24 hours of thinking before contacting you but I really feel like you need to give us more detail on having known 5 people and 2 of them died of the virus. That flies in the face of everything the government and the CDC is telling us. Their numbers show that if you were under 60 and get the virus you have a 99.3% of survival. If you’re over 60 you have a 98% of survival. Were the five people you know in nursing homes? Were they from New York City? Once the history is written about this virus we’re going to find out that fear (and it’s side effects) killed many more people than COVID-19. Through following you for the past two years Jenn appears to be an extremely cautious person. Won’t ride the monorail for example. So it’s not surprising you both would feel obligated to try to keep everyone safe but I was horrified and terrified by what Tim shared. Please revisit this issue.

  17. Denise Jacoby

    Denise Jacoby23 саат мурун

    Nice park! Looking forward to seeing your videos at Disney again! Stay safe and Happy Mickey Wishes and Disney Deams ❤

  18. Joel Hagaman

    Joel Hagaman23 саат мурун

    Let’s be honest that “climbing” and “art” area & Park was a little sad, but leave it to you guys to make it fun & entertaining! It’s good for people to see how you are setting a good example in following the guidelines to be safe. Can’t believe the amount of irresponsible people out there! I wanted to get the surgery masks like that to breathe but Amazon has them all from China. Where did you find yours? Jackson was so chill I almost forgot he was there till he started eating your arm. I would nurse my kids in the back seat. True, kind people that love all races and people are very innocent & unaware of what actual “mean” speech towards others is. It’s only the negative people that bring to light true negativity, regarding that review. God is not partial & we shouldn’t be either...if everyone practiced this, & was as positive & kind as you guys, there wouldn’t be a divide or people mentioning any race differently from others. It’s good to see you venturing out responsibly and with baby steps.

  19. Prudence Hunt

    Prudence Hunt23 саат мурун

    Where is Jackson's hat?

  20. chris porto

    chris porto23 саат мурун

    The livestream was not working for me to chat please make it work Next Time!


    SHIRLEY ZAPORZON23 саат мурун

    Am sure someone already told you this, Kentucky is the Blue Grass State. It actually is a specific kind of grass.

  22. ss ss

    ss ss23 саат мурун

    I just watched the vlogg of Jenn singing Kesha karaoke at the Boardwalk from 2014!!! so fun

  23. Angela Houser

    Angela Houser23 саат мурун

    Those thin masks don't protect against anything and that is why they recommended the n95 because the smaller particles are not getting through. So if you can breathe easy it isn't helping.

  24. Derek Vinas

    Derek Vinas23 саат мурун

    This live stream was HILARIOUS!!!! Even though I didn't get the whole experience because I wasn't a part of the live show I still love watching you ever day! 💕💖💕


    TREVOR CHRISTOFANI23 саат мурун

    ... F U C K I just found this channel and I love it ive been watching all of the videos you guys psoted sorry for your loss! (ILY guys)

  26. Becky Baber

    Becky BaberКүн мурун

    Circle b reserve is a fantastic day for nature parks for Florida wildlife nature stroll

  27. Tammi Duncan

    Tammi DuncanКүн мурун

    It's so hard to go out with young kids and have them wear a mask properly so we go to parks, beaches, fishing places, etc. to be able to finally get our kids out without having to wear masks. We still social distance though when we go anywhere.

  28. Lisa Lee

    Lisa LeeКүн мурун

    FYI: The goat was probably so wide because it looked pregnant. That also wasn't a "wild turkey" it was a female vs the male which is the larger one you saw closer to you. Guinee hens are called the "watchdog of a farm" as they alert to anything out of the ordinary much more then any other bird raised on a farm. Most homesteads/farms have them because they are excellent at eating ticks. Sorry but that sounded super 'know it all-ish' haha just trying to help.

  29. Michele Figueroa

    Michele FigueroaКүн мурун

    Try splitting the batter and mixing one part of the batter with the nutella and then dropping the dough so that you can swirl it. That way the Nutella is in it throughout.

  30. TheCommonGentry

    TheCommonGentryКүн мурун

    oddly enough -- when it came to the question of Jackson getting his own channel -- 'please no' came out. for me i keep feeling that THIS channel, despite having Tim's name as the Brand, as the "Tim" family channel. I've never know your (Jenn's) channel prior to knowing Tim's. And when I did join your/Jenn's channel, it was in the middle of its hiatus. --- But I think Jackson could enjoy the YT Channel experience as a teen with some autonomy. Plus, Jackson might be a shy guy when he grows up (The Osbourne's come to mind based on Kelly and Jack's sibling who rarely if never appeared on camera during the show).

  31. bpore

    bporeКүн мурун

    My Google pixel translated "olu" first try 😆😘

  32. The Challis Family

    The Challis FamilyКүн мурун

    its the Icelandic eurovision song!

  33. Joel Hagaman

    Joel HagamanКүн мурун

    Get the big baking soda!... My mom puts it in her pool. Helps with the ph & algae etc. lol secrecy hot dog eggs, right up there with pizza eggs :)

  34. Alyssa Elder

    Alyssa ElderКүн мурун

    Jackson is so cute. Glad he got a great nap and we still got to see him real quick. Thanks for keeping us all smiling.

  35. Keira Workman

    Keira WorkmanКүн мурун

    Jenn: Wanna go for Disney pretzels? Tim: How about hamburger? Jenn: NO THE HEAVENLY PRETZELS!

  36. Red Jet 7059

    Red Jet 7059Күн мурун

    A shame, Journey to the center of the earth was an amazing attraction when we were there

  37. Jess Barron

    Jess BarronКүн мурун

    I would defo buy a ding dang mask if you make one!

  38. izzyy

    izzyyКүн мурун

    🥺 so sorry that this happened to you guys. We’re all gonna miss Bandit. 💕

  39. Grant Moyes

    Grant MoyesКүн мурун

    wow great xoxoxoxoxxo

  40. Alexandria T.

    Alexandria T.Күн мурун

    I often say I miss that store or this local cafe and everyone reminds me of online ordering and pickup but that is not the point, it is the experience of the location I miss.

  41. Robert Connor

    Robert ConnorКүн мурун

    Stay strong and safe do what's good for you love from Glasgow Scotland we are still in lockdown and our numbers are nowhere near America

  42. aww suze

    aww suzeКүн мурун

    If you want blobs of Nutella inside the cake that don't melt into the batter and disappear, you need to do little half a teaspoon sized blobs on Nutella on a sheet of greaseproof parchment paper and freeze it for an hour. Once you have made your batter put it in the cake tin and push the frozen blobs of Nutella into the raw cake batter and then bake it. It will be AMAZING because they stay in gooey clumps inside the cake

  43. craig jewson

    craig jewsonКүн мурун

    Hey guys. I don’t watch your channel because It Is ‘happy’, and I don’t watch your channel because you upload every day. I watch your channel because I think you guys are lovely, genuine and a caring couple of human beings. You make me laugh and not many things do. I also watch because I don’t ever think I will have the money to go to the Florida attractions so I live those fantasies through the two of you. I can’t tell you how much I cried when I found out you were expecting, because I knew how much It meant to you. Stay strong and keep doing what you are doing ❤️

  44. cait andrews

    cait andrewsКүн мурун

    Raven puff, I like it and agree! I think the hat could put you in either house

  45. Dustin Buckner

    Dustin BucknerКүн мурун

    Sorry to hear about the loss.

  46. Jess Barron

    Jess BarronКүн мурун

    That necklace is the best! I may have to try and find one of those! Also more Disney diys... don’t think you have done these... Mickey beignets, mint juleps, num num cookie, woodys lunchbox tater tots snacks and the bacon and maple pop Tarts, the Mickey rice Krispy treats and the caramel apples... also now an avid follower of Sally’s baking! I attempted the cupcakes! SO good! 👍🏻😊 also I am a proud hufflepuff! I miss my hubby and I going to the supermarket together every week and starting with a coffee and a treat! So now I just make coffee and treats at home... not the same but worth a go!

  47. Marilyn Cwik

    Marilyn CwikКүн мурун

    Did you remove the floor of Jackson’s walker?

  48. Diane McDonough

    Diane McDonoughКүн мурун

    💙 Jackson = Smiles💙🤗

  49. sandy norris

    sandy norrisКүн мурун

    Need a friend who lives close to space coast over there to visit but weather is always a big factor and traffic with pres and vice coming. I'm watching special on history chan.👍😀🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸

  50. sandy norris

    sandy norrisКүн мурун

    Very nice memory necklace❤️👍

  51. sandy norris

    sandy norrisКүн мурун


  52. raphaelol

    raphaelolКүн мурун

    6:52 dab

  53. Kitty C

    Kitty CКүн мурун

    Fun fact Dollywood was Silver Dollar City before Dolly bought it!

  54. Robert Lambregts

    Robert LambregtsКүн мурун

    OMG Tim's happy face in this video just made my day. He's my spirit animal in this one.

  55. phillip west

    phillip westКүн мурун

    Hi guys how are things? I want to go to Mickeys not so scary halloween party this year....and its my big year this year i will be the big 50!!!

  56. Billy tube

    Billy tubeКүн мурун

    Hi tim and jenn can you watch my video of your cruise in lego stop motion. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  57. Kimmie Verde

    Kimmie VerdeКүн мурун

    Kentucky is the Bluegrass State, I think? Mississippi is the Magnolia State. :) :)

  58. disneyvillainfreak1

    disneyvillainfreak1Күн мурун

    1. In regards to going to the park, taking that risk, I've been waiting for you guys and two of my other favorite vloggers to visit the parks before I even consider going back. I live in the Midwest so it's not like I'm in the same boat as you guys, but I trust you guys to be smart and I know that the other two people I watch are taking things seriously, but literally just moved to Orlando less than a year ago to be a part of the magic so I expect them to go back a little quicker than you guys, while still being incredibly cautious. I'm guessing even if the virus dies down over the summer, it'll come back in full swing during colder months so I'm guessing I won't be seeing WDW at all in the 2020 calendar year. 2. Tim, I feel you with your face struggles. It's a variation of resting b**** face. I couldn't tell you how many times I've been asked, "Are you ok?" and then why I ask why they say "Oh, you just looked, sad/mad/like you were in pain". Lol, I feel your pain, but you just gotta embrace the accidental negative facial expressions. Sorry for such a long comment, but I hope y'all are well all things considering. Love to you guys and the cutest little buddy!

  59. June Halfenger

    June HalfengerКүн мурун

    I live on the Space Coast and the local Sheriff said they will not be closing roads because the president will be solely on NASA property, so it will not effect traffic. I believe he will actually be landing right there to avoid those issues right now.

  60. Empress Peeps

    Empress PeepsКүн мурун

    It would be great if you are able to do a little research /segment on the most bareable masks for the Florida summer heat.

  61. Lauren Michero

    Lauren MicheroКүн мурун

    Jackson’s inner monologue: My skin looks amazing on this monitor! 😉 Jackson loves to look at himself. 😂

  62. Sheree Wordell

    Sheree WordellКүн мурун

    Love your Bandit necklace Jenn, that’s such a sweet gift you got!

  63. BubblyDayz

    BubblyDayzКүн мурун

    That goat looks like it could have twins. I have a friend that raises goats and they have twins all the time so very common and sooo cute!

  64. Monkey Bearjose

    Monkey BearjoseКүн мурун

    whos watching this in 2020 because they miss universal me

  65. Scariett909

    Scariett909Күн мурун

    I have never once in my life watched a blumhouse movie and said "damn that was scary!" More along the lines of "damn what a waste of money."

  66. Nicole Townsend

    Nicole TownsendКүн мурун

    Jenn said the mask was hot and i feel you my mom is a night er nurse and she gets bruises from her mask because she wears them for 12 hours

  67. Lilly

    LillyКүн мурун

    Also put the curly mustash on a mask 👍👏👏👏👍game changer luv u guys

  68. Lilly

    LillyКүн мурун

    The first new shirt I hope is (ITS QUARANTINE 👶) 👍👏👏👏👍

  69. Caro papa

    Caro papaКүн мурун

    What is Alanni?

  70. Caro papa

    Caro papaКүн мурун

    Am i hearing correctly or not but are you reading out two year old messages?

  71. mongon681

    mongon681Күн мурун

    My father was a biker before my sister and I were born. After 5 dad decided to hang up the bike but kept it. He always said it was broken and couldn't be fixed. Found out was broke but it wasnt something he couldnt fix. Him and Mom decided it was safer to not bike where we live. When we both graduated he got the same 1977 bike on E-bay great condition. He would only ride the side streets near by. Tim!!!!!! What you said Totally reminded me of him. The circle of Life!!!!! =)

  72. s walls

    s wallsКүн мурун

    Public as a cashier most people are not wearing masks. Also most people are not really doing the six feet.

  73. s walls

    s wallsКүн мурун

    Guys I'm working in the

  74. billy bob

    billy bobКүн мурун

    Women move things men cover stains

  75. LynxProd

    LynxProdКүн мурун

    I remember staying here with my family when I was in grade school back in the 90s in a two story condo. I don't remember much of it, but it is one of my earliest memories of Disney. And I definitely remember all the lights and music they played at night across the lake at some club and how the DJ was commenting on the songs. It was so loud! Lol

  76. cj edwards

    cj edwardsКүн мурун

    what the song

  77. emma campbell

    emma campbellКүн мурун

    Slytherin :)

  78. emma campbell

    emma campbellКүн мурун

    in aust they are not planning to open our borders till end of july

  79. Nicole Brown

    Nicole BrownКүн мурун

    I'm so sorry. Take care of yourselves. It's ok.

  80. Xanadu Rocks

    Xanadu RocksКүн мурун

    That necklace was truly heartwarming and I tried telling you in chat but I can never see the chat and my typing box disappears . Thx Tim for showing me your water . You might like a brand called aha water it has two flavors my fav is watermelon 🍉 lime . You guys are my fav I love your pod casts too. Please stay safe with virtual hugs 🤗 sent to you all

  81. Erika Nwankwo

    Erika NwankwoКүн мурун

    I rearranged my room seasonally when I was a kid.

  82. Declan Johnson

    Declan JohnsonКүн мурун

    This is such an old video but I am just realizing that I have that orange tree painting in my house, I also bought a tower of terror painting from the same artist

  83. CandaceOrlando

    CandaceOrlandoКүн мурун

    This was great. Thank you. ❤️❤️❤️

  84. abrili

    abriliКүн мурун

    We live in Miami! We hope to run into you guys at the park some time... when things become normal. Hopefully... some day 🥺 Love you guys and baby J 🥰

  85. emma campbell

    emma campbellКүн мурун

    awww what a thought gift :)

  86. Eli Villalta

    Eli VillaltaКүн мурун

    Excellent video. Loved it. Very entertaining. You should check out EXTRA CARIBBEAN you tube channel. They do well on a similar topic.

  87. Sweater Kelly

    Sweater KellyКүн мурун

    Love the Bandit necklace. What a wonderful way to remember him!

  88. ZzGames YT

    ZzGames YTКүн мурун

    My only question is how your glasses are glued to your head.

  89. Unicorncookingclub

    UnicorncookingclubКүн мурун

    Hi I am Emily and I am 7 and I am from unicornscookingclub

  90. Pamela Suarez

    Pamela SuarezКүн мурун

    Isn’t there a hill east of 27 on the way to mt Dora that you can watch launch?

  91. Cari Garcia

    Cari GarciaКүн мурун

    Love watching you. Thank you for brightening up our days with your awesome vlogs. ❤️

  92. Alyssa Cowan

    Alyssa CowanКүн мурун

    I applied for unemployment the day that I was laid off (April 6) and I still have yet to hear back anything from the state of MA. Luckily I live in my parents house still but honestly, this sucks! I still have expenses that need to be paid. As a Scorpio I am not supposed to be romantically compatible with Leos but my longest relationships have all been with Leo's Including the guy I am (hopefully soon) going to marry. My mom didn't like my current bf because he has a beard...

  93. Charity Stockstell

    Charity StockstellКүн мурун

    I am a proud Hufflepuff

  94. Ashley Timm

    Ashley TimmКүн мурун

    The reason why the people who watch you are so supportive and wonderful is because you both are the most beautiful, loving people in the world and that draws us to you. You're phenomenal people.

  95. Sandi Ammons

    Sandi AmmonsКүн мурун

    It’s okay to speak your mind. Your political takes are based on sound and logical reasoning. If some people don’t like your point of view they don’t have to watch.

  96. Charity Stockstell

    Charity StockstellКүн мурун

    Love your channel

  97. Marchking45

    Marchking45Күн мурун

    To be honest I live in Florida and honestly wearing a mask isn’t bad, your mouth sweats a little but if you’re not doing anything that’s physically demanding( I.e. exercising) then you feel perfectly fine, and to add I live in South Florida!!!! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ It’s really nothing to stress over.

  98. Susan Todd

    Susan ToddКүн мурун

    I love to clean but I have to get a hip replacement and it's driving me nuts.

  99. HiimJess24

    HiimJess24Күн мурун

    The subtitles said "pizza and bananas" instead of "pizza empanadas" and I was like "what.?"

  100. Ashley Timm

    Ashley TimmКүн мурун

    Jens eye lashes look awesome today... eyeliner? Idk. Extra beautiful!!