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A Pirate Themed Cake! | Cake Boss

    OTX X WAVYСаат мурун

    I would rather live in Africa then be their kid

  2. Sariyah Lloyd-Cargile

    Sariyah Lloyd-CargileСаат мурун

    that house is so big i think this is fake.

  3. Everything Ravin

    Everything RavinСаат мурун

    Tbh I like the farm things but everything else 🤐

  4. brooke

    brookeСаат мурун

    sharon from kath and kim

  5. the sisters

    the sistersСаат мурун

    If I were you I would give it to the homeless shelter

  6. Bre S

    Bre SСаат мурун

    What the fuck...I watch her cleaning channel! I’m shook! I’m actually kind of pissed 😂this is not how I pictured this woman to be in person!

  7. Nisa__

    Nisa__Саат мурун

    What a hard life to live. 😣 but if it works, who are we to judge. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  8. JuiceWRLD237

    JuiceWRLD237Саат мурун

    I don’t think she thought the whole chicken and goat thing through they are going to shit everywhere in her lawn lmao

  9. Shannen Canton

    Shannen CantonСаат мурун

    these guys are legitimately insane, they could be a sitcom

  10. Ramata Camara

    Ramata CamaraСаат мурун

    Weird ASS you tell me you use your pee to water your plants 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  11. Jennie YouTube

    Jennie YouTubeСаат мурун

    I love this family they are always so positive

  12. Coco Rossi

    Coco RossiСаат мурун

    Bruh... what kind of mother rations your food.. she literally calls it rationing...

  13. Boswg TV

    Boswg TVСаат мурун

    Imagine the person behind them when they’re checking out.😂

  14. Kollagedreamz

    KollagedreamzСаат мурун

    Them girls got a Instagram??

  15. Tayen Petoskey

    Tayen PetoskeyСаат мурун

    I don’t see why everyone is complaining in the comments, I think it is a beautiful cake, I personally thought it was better than the last cake he made. I think everyone is less impressed because of the beautiful potential her has.

  16. OCO

    OCOСаат мурун

    Is this woman not feeding her children?

  17. Andre Newton

    Andre NewtonСаат мурун

    I had to look this up... Haha get it?

  18. 99 99

    99 99Саат мурун

    Why didn’t they wash the dishes, then bathe the kids?

  19. Drawing lady1234

    Drawing lady1234Саат мурун

    Alright then

  20. Sadge Mo

    Sadge MoСаат мурун


  21. Stuff

    StuffСаат мурун

    Does he have herpes on his lip...

  22. Nisa__

    Nisa__Саат мурун


  23. Sal Screen

    Sal ScreenСаат мурун

    The shower thing is actually quite smart. But the rest is just know

  24. Brynn

    BrynnСаат мурун

    Too bad y’all forced her to be what she is today.

  25. melissa randazzo

    melissa randazzoСаат мурун


  26. Betsy Mordino

    Betsy MordinoСаат мурун

    Who the hell would buy a house with all this Mickey Mouse crap going on in it. You decrease in the value of your home.

  27. nemo marlen

    nemo marlenСаат мурун

    God bless them

  28. Glaze4K

    Glaze4KСаат мурун

    Should have been a Pepsi

  29. Christian Salazar

    Christian SalazarСаат мурун

    Oh yes please 👍👍

  30. riley.76

    riley.76Саат мурун


  31. Jinx - BikeRace

    Jinx - BikeRaceСаат мурун

    this is basically my mom tbh.

  32. Blatch

    BlatchСаат мурун

    The little girl couldnt even do a pushup what do you mean

  33. Learning 2 Shalom

    Learning 2 ShalomСаат мурун

    For those of you who don’t know. She has her own KGgo channel. It’s called “Jordan Page, Fun Cheap or Free” and she has made a very comfortable life with herself through it.

  34. Melissa Schneider

    Melissa SchneiderСаат мурун

    Well she did something right because they are now super rich and she is expecting twins ... babies 7 and 8 I believe.

  35. Jack Pozo

    Jack PozoСаат мурун

    Omg I have that jack cup

  36. Dejan AUS

    Dejan AUSСаат мурун


  37. bella boom boom

    bella boom boomСаат мурун

    The added sounds is what makes it disgusting and not the cyst perse.

  38. Kermaryea Simpson

    Kermaryea SimpsonСаат мурун

    They are the incredibles

  39. BuzzBee BeeBuzz

    BuzzBee BeeBuzzСаат мурун

    Yeah let me just carry boiling oil over my kids heads with pliers what could possibly go wrong

  40. Inactive Sub

    Inactive SubСаат мурун

    You know it’s bad when you have roles on your forehead

  41. Candice Parnell

    Candice ParnellСаат мурун

    At 2:22 is when your sibling getting a whooping for something you did

  42. dianne harding

    dianne hardingСаат мурун

    bubba seems embarrsed

  43. Team Blaq

    Team BlaqСаат мурун

    Did he just said "peridot"😭😂😂😂😂😂

  44. Ken Smith

    Ken SmithСаат мурун

    Whooo Chile the ghetto

  45. Everything Ravin

    Everything RavinСаат мурун

    At least there not disgusting

  46. Meme

    MemeСаат мурун

    Feed the children at least lol

  47. GerryBerry♡

    GerryBerry♡Саат мурун

    Let her live her life! Lol

  48. Moira C

    Moira CСаат мурун

    He seems really nice!

  49. Lilly Vang

    Lilly VangСаат мурун


  50. Crystalito Gallo

    Crystalito GalloСаат мурун

    So this is how I'm spending my Saturday night...

  51. Team Blaq

    Team BlaqСаат мурун

    I hope they don't go to public school😔


    TAYYWAYYСаат мурун

    Try getting a 12 hour session 😭 .... Amateurs 🤦🏽‍♂️

  53. AngeLa Marie

    AngeLa MarieСаат мурун

    I'm surprised she doesn't have bedbugs picking all that furniture & mattresses from dumpsters.

  54. Kyla Suttles

    Kyla SuttlesСаат мурун

    this man could steal shit better then he can “haggle”

  55. The Greatest Comforts of Life

    The Greatest Comforts of LifeСаат мурун


  56. Nancy Moses

    Nancy MosesСаат мурун

    They played you boy

  57. Jessy Sanchez

    Jessy SanchezСаат мурун

    She’s a brat

  58. Cynthia Diaz

    Cynthia DiazСаат мурун

    She wanted to hurt him,.and How he reacted, was not what she expected. Evil eyes. Run mike run Run Run 🏃🏼🏃🏼🏃🏼🏃🏼🏃🏼🏃🏼

  59. deathglitterr

    deathglitterrСаат мурун

    Not the toilet paper 😭

  60. Dhivyesh Dahanayake

    Dhivyesh DahanayakeСаат мурун

    Thank god I'm not poor

  61. Jenna Edwards

    Jenna EdwardsСаат мурун

    why does he kinda look like Ian from the movie alvin and the chipmunks

  62. maris haney

    maris haneyСаат мурун

    Wait so is it also Blaykes birthday? do they all have the same birthday?

  63. Sara R

    Sara RСаат мурун

    Day = 24 hours Farmer: One chicken lays 1 egg per 26 hours Her: Oh wow that's almost a dozen for a day!

  64. Olga Rocha

    Olga RochaСаат мурун

    Adorei esse assistir esse episódio eu vi na TV pprimeiroe agora na internete

  65. Nikki K

    Nikki KСаат мурун

    That is so classless.......asking to borrow furniture.

  66. Ok I did

    Ok I didСаат мурун

    “I tape them” this man must be joking...

  67. iEnVy JUICEBOX

    iEnVy JUICEBOXСаат мурун


  68. Ss M

    Ss MСаат мурун

    Hate these fuckn cheapass

  69. It's ya girl Marissa

    It's ya girl MarissaСаат мурун

    12i is literally a normal time to start dating and thinking about boys

  70. George Finch

    George FinchСаат мурун

    This guy reminds me of when peter griffin saw what his life would be like if he quit drinking. And he was watching himself and his pretentious friends tell everyone at the bar to “keep it down” and that they prefer to be called by there full name at all times.

  71. Maki Mirzoeva

    Maki MirzoevaСаат мурун

    Don’t let my Asian parents see this😳

  72. Burnt chicken nugget

    Burnt chicken nuggetСаат мурун

    This is a big stage in your life. And she’s having her freaking wedding in a gym.....way to go mom😑🤦‍♀️

  73. The Z show

    The Z showСаат мурун

    Would getting gas be an affair?

  74. Krusify

    KrusifyСаат мурун

    Imagine being a " pro " couponer.

  75. The Silent One's

    The Silent One'sСаат мурун

    Why did that lady was talking to the mafia

  76. forkmaster 666

    forkmaster 666Саат мурун

    unsanitary 🤢

  77. Mia Wong

    Mia WongСаат мурун

    "some people might think our behaviour is extreme" last time i checked, this show was called EXTREME cheapskates

  78. K

    KСаат мурун

    But have you tasted goat milk? Yuck! Goat cheese is delicious, but goat yogurt and goat milk, yuck!

  79. AJ

    AJСаат мурун

    Someone call child protective services and either kill the parents or have them kill themselves

  80. Ram Madhav V

    Ram Madhav VСаат мурун

    I'm so cheap that i have a 225000$ house. Lol.

  81. Yaritza Montes

    Yaritza MontesСаат мурун

    I feel bad for the kids..

  82. VB Mora

    VB MoraСаат мурун

    Is it me or did he not stop smiling 😂

  83. Isaac Gibson

    Isaac GibsonСаат мурун

    Counting the childs cereal is extreme

  84. John McCabe

    John McCabeСаат мурун

    Who said "Welcome to the Real Steven!" at 0:45?

  85. Shellie Fleming

    Shellie FlemingСаат мурун

    Who pays $10K for furniture? 🧐

  86. FlamSelk

    FlamSelkСаат мурун

    dude you can literally cash in all those coins for actual paper bills it would make things so much easier

  87. Dhivyesh Dahanayake

    Dhivyesh DahanayakeСаат мурун

    He has got issues even poor people wont live like that

  88. Madelyn Baines

    Madelyn BainesСаат мурун

    she prob got 2 mil in her bank account

  89. Nemanja Draca

    Nemanja DracaСаат мурун

    This show should be named gold diggers or I need a us citizenship

  90. Shadow Slicer_YT

    Shadow Slicer_YTСаат мурун

    What a cheap house

  91. Myh Dee

    Myh DeeСаат мурун


  92. Octopus Taco

    Octopus TacoСаат мурун

    saving money doesn't mean earning money

  93. Ram Madhav V

    Ram Madhav VСаат мурун

    These guys are not poor at all.They have a massive house.They shouldn't be acting as peasants.

  94. Tandy B

    Tandy BСаат мурун

    Hazel is my favorite 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  95. Olivia Hjembo

    Olivia HjemboСаат мурун

    Floss is only like $1 per pack wtf

  96. Naxqe

    NaxqeСаат мурун

    Bro I can’t even weigh 2 ounces

  97. Berserker8585

    Berserker8585Саат мурун

    Boomer parents are the worse. They dont know what parenting is. How can you allow your son to turn into a hippotamus.

  98. Hands0me_Rhys

    Hands0me_RhysСаат мурун

    when my great uncle died the family came together to do this. he was just as bad a hoarder as the woman who died in this clip. in a way, i think i was fortunate to not have known him very well. seeing the house made me sick and made me want to cry just for the fact that he sat in that trash until the day he died.

  99. Hands0me_Rhys

    Hands0me_RhysСаат мурун

    when my great uncle died the family came together to do this. he was just as bad a hoarder as the woman who died in this clip. in a way, i think i was fortunate to not have known him very well. seeing the house made me sick and made me want to cry just for the fact that he sat in that trash until the day he died.

  100. Prince Richardson

    Prince RichardsonСаат мурун

    What if they move