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  1. Damiën Nieborg

    Damiën Nieborg16 саат мурун

    So, of there might be different universes where i make different choices there are also universes where i don’t even exist, where the Earth doesn’t even exist. Might there be a universe where the universe doesn’t exist🧐

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    Neil de Grasse Tyson

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    Twincast17 саат мурун

    11:00 Remember, the term "Big Bang" was first coined to disparage the notion of an expanding universe, and it's been incredibly effective at this as we keep having to explain (like she did here) that the expansion _of_ space itself is in no way equivalent to an explosion/expansion _in(to)_ space. That said, I'm quite disappointed that they didn't realize what his idea was clearly based on, which is a misunderstanding of illustrations of 2D surfaces to explain curvatures of 3D space. People keep getting the idea from them that zero-curvature "sheets" and negative-curvature "saddles" are infinite on two spatial axes with a floor and a roof cutting off the z-axis, while a positive-curvature "sphere" in their minds is either enclosing an area emptied out as we ride on the edge of the "explosion" or filled with 3D space and thus the only model that matches modern-day (non-flatearther) intuition of space.

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    Stephen Corsaro17 саат мурун

    Because evangelicals preach that science is the religious dogma of athiests.. it's in the Bible. The tower of Babel.


    2MANYWWWWWWWWWWWWS4U17 саат мурун

    NDGT rules!!!! :^)

  8. Paweł

    Paweł17 саат мурун

    What if our simulation is made from beginning to fill auto generated statistics? Maybe in our realm time is a fake construct, like in movies when you can skip how much you like? But you know it's still there. Maybe simulation was already done and somehow it's not 23:59 last day of december, but we have to live trough filling this simulation?

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    wish your masterclass ad also aired on other feeds like news or politics to distract everyone from the bs and give some facts and legit hypothesis

  15. Tony Reid

    Tony Reid17 саат мурун

    I’m gonna keep posting this until it gets answered. I’m a physics and aerospace engineering undergrad from Michigan. I’ve had a deep suspicion for a while that the luminal æther, the fabric of space time, and the DeBroglie wavelength could all the same thing through different mathematical interpretations. How likely do think it will be, that understanding the medium in which the universe exists will help us connect the dots between general and special relativity and quantum mechanics?

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    If there was oil inside of Mars, the U.S. would be at war with it right now.

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    Mitch Rapp18 саат мурун

    When they're talking about anecdotal evidence I wonder what they'd say about PTSD.

  22. Özgür KIRDI

    Özgür KIRDI18 саат мурун

    32:50 I swear I heard "Master Mirror" when Chuck said "missed the mirror". Got chills all over.

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    Love these Q & A's and congratz on the 10 to the power of 6 subscribers! Shame about the technical issues but still happy for you guys. Chuck is awesome!

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    DoesNotExist30518 саат мурун

    At the end, he didn’t mention that while the Apollo astronauts who stayed in the command module while the other two walked on the surface of the moon were the loneliest people in human history by distance, they were also radio silent as they went around the dark side of the moon. So while those guys were going around the dark side of the moon, they were the most isolated person to ever live in every sense of the word.

  27. Varun Prasath ,Ph.D.

    Varun Prasath ,Ph.D.18 саат мурун

    It's not spiral it's spinal - Mike Tyson

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    Unfortunate that there are odd jump cuts that completely delete Neil's answers...

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    Everyone seems to be appreciating Neil, But in reality the host is the one who keeps the hook on viewers... Excellent selection of host award goes to Neil :-P

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    Andre Brabham18 саат мурун

    Could it be that the information appears on the surface of a black hole because the black hole is already too dense for anything to sink? Therefore growing larger by adding layers at a time?

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    Awesome as always chuck you need to chill on the hair dye mate Just For Men not to dark check it out buddy

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    Tom Wid19 саат мурун

    I google the phrase "age of the earth radioactive dating" and i only got one hit answers form genesis on a first page. maybe i did it wrong cause i dont get any more resolts, every page is confirming 4.6 b years old.

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    Lol Chuck, the Trump supporters joke was funny because we would be glad if all the Biden voters left Earth for Mars!

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    This is one of the best interview i have seen. Scientist and mother talking about life and experience.

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    Last time I checked, vaccines didn't go through the stringent gold standard of pharmaceutical drugs (double blind placebo tests etc). Even the control testing of new vaccines is to benchmark it against another vaccine, instead of an unvaccinated group.

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    We could siphon off the greenhouse gases from Venus for use on Mars.

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    Neil on Mars gravity is far less than on Earth which means if anyone lived on Mars their bone density ther muscle tissue would be far less than it would be on Earth which means they would be far weaker far more fragile as a people ? chuck is right I think liberals do Belong on Mars 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

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    Ashvin Lakshmikantha20 саат мурун

    Most of the physics discoveries happened in the last 400 years. Among them, the quantum physics discoveries are only 100 years old. This is only an instant in the time scales of the universe. So what confidence do we have on the measurements of "Constants" of physics (G, C, etc)? Does the big bang theory change dramatically if these "constants" change over a longer time scales?

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    The earth moves around the sun. Does the sun move around in our galaxy?

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    "Certainly not Donald Trump" -Stephen Hawking

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