Virtual Reality Pictionary with Claire Danes, Lana Condor and Lil Wayne

Lana Condor and Jimmy team up against Claire Danes and Lil Wayne in a virtual reality version of Pictionary.
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Virtual Reality Pictionary with Claire Danes, Lana Condor and Lil Wayne


  1. PlayListWeezy

    PlayListWeezy11 күн мурун

    “Weezy Fu*kin Baby The MotherFu*kin Carter, Bitches on my Stick like my name is Harry Potter” Lil Wayne - Workin Em

  2. Bella Bella

    Bella Bella11 күн мурун

    Lana looks gorgeous

  3. D P

    D P14 күн мурун

    Lil Wayne acts just like GD!!!

  4. LoSito

    LoSito17 күн мурун

    I miss Lil Wayne

  5. Miguel Alvarado

    Miguel Alvarado18 күн мурун

    Funny Love watching Jimmy Fallon!!!!!!!! Check Mikey’s Pinewood Derby

  6. tanner lokey

    tanner lokey18 күн мурун

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="437">7:17</a> jimmy: QUESTLOVE questlove: hey...

  7. Abhilasha Dey

    Abhilasha Dey21 күн мурун


  8. lovereign

    lovereign22 күн мурун

    Hairy potter lol

  9. Katina Pitts

    Katina Pitts22 күн мурун

    I love lil Wayne I absolutely believe he's a guy with a heart of GOLD

  10. AD0GSW0RLD

    AD0GSW0RLD25 күн мурун

    Lemme make this clear before I write what I wanna write... I’m not tryna be rude in any way, shape or form, however it’s gonna come off looking rude because there’s really no nice way to say it, but please... *PLEASE* don’t ask Lana to do this game again. Just her first round of guesses where Jimmy was drawing made me wanna bang my head against a wall... hard. She’s freaking out for no reason, she says she’s bad at this, but if she’d chill the fuck out for two seconds maybe she wouldn’t be so bad. Jimmy barley even had a line down before she started screaming things & getting herself all worked up, like *CHILL.* I gotta say that I absolutely love these little games y’all do like pictionary, password, family feud, catch phrase, etc. & usually I can tolerate guests that I’m not a fan of because overall the game & the people in it are super funny & entertaining, however I just can’t stand how much Lana freaks out, she’s acting like a toddler who’s had way too much sugar & is bouncing off the walls while simultaneously having a breakdown because her parents won’t buy her more candy & it’s really making my anxiety skyrocket which isn’t cool because I watch these videos to decompress & get away from my anxiety, however Lana’s over here making it worse than I ever thought it could get from a youtube video. I’m sorry Jimmy I just can’t watch this one. Also I truly am sorry if everything I said came off kinda rude, but again I don’t think there’s a nice way of putting it. If you read this far you’re a beautiful human being for putting up with my venting & rambling, I hope you have a wonderful day/night wherever you are. ❤️


    RAIN GANG29 күн мурун

    Shit went over everyone's head!🤣🤣🙄

  12. C S

    C S29 күн мурун

    I wish for more of this ft lil wayne.

  13. Darcy Muhoza

    Darcy Muhoza29 күн мурун

    I'm here for lil wayne

  14. Madd Dogg Reviews

    Madd Dogg ReviewsАй мурун

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="471">7:51</a> when they 3 realized wayne is a genius, i mean this man is responsable for some of the illest punchlines in the game ever.

  15. Angel love

    Angel loveАй мурун

    Trump 😂😂

  16. Jibril Mohamed

    Jibril MohamedАй мурун

    Everyone: lil Wayne is a genius Me: draws face with a lightning scar and glasses Everyone: mind blown 🤯

  17. pdowski1976

    pdowski1976Ай мурун

    What VR set are they using?

  18. omri cabaza

    omri cabazaАй мурун

    wayne made the harry potter so complicated 2 figure out. i would've drawn a circle with two eyes and a spark in the middle

  19. Eli Dakid

    Eli DakidАй мурун

    Real Fans know why he chose number 5 not tryn be obvious but aye


    NECRO BLAZEАй мурун

    Lol of course lil Wayne would choose number 5 first since he's blood

  21. Harry Walker

    Harry WalkerАй мурун

    She cheated with restaurant

  22. Bull Head

    Bull HeadАй мурун

    little wayne

  23. PAPY SITO Officiel

    PAPY SITO OfficielАй мурун

    Hi it's Luna I would like to twerk in your clip quickly take my number and my address on this link

  24. Freddie Gzus

    Freddie GzusАй мурун

    What is Wayne wearing?? He looks like he went to school in Naruto lol

  25. starkindustries

    starkindustriesАй мурун

    lil wayne come on

  26. KelilGotSauce TV

    KelilGotSauce TVАй мурун

    I only came for Wayne!!

  27. Baqui Denim

    Baqui DenimАй мурун


  28. Ruthless CutThroat

    Ruthless CutThroatАй мурун

    thats a dumb china right there

  29. triosace3

    triosace3Ай мурун

    lil wayne seem coo af but who the fuck draws harry potter that way 🤣

  30. shakib moody

    shakib moodyАй мурун

    Im glad lil wayne is having fun :)

  31. Boud.neaj95

    Boud.neaj95Ай мурун

    I have watch it like 20 times because of wayne ❤️💚

  32. Sevanni Black

    Sevanni BlackАй мурун

    Should have drawn glasses and a lightening bolt. Smh

  33. Arsene Di Nzau Mbudi

    Arsene Di Nzau MbudiАй мурун

    Didnt realise how small lil Wayne is damn

  34. InhaledExhaled

    InhaledExhaledАй мурун

    I don’t live in america and i knew it was taco bell straight away.. theres no way he wasnt faking it

  35. Andrea Flores

    Andrea FloresАй мурун

    This is proof of what he's been saying on every single song. That there isn't and will not be another one like him. Just genuine. Not just because of this, his lyrics are soo metaphorically you have to go back and listen to it to get it.

  36. D- Sean

    D- SeanАй мурун

    Clair can get it

  37. Ruthless CutThroat

    Ruthless CutThroatАй мурун


  38. FraDancer

    FraDancerАй мурун

    Harry Potter was so creative lmao

  39. me too

    me tooАй мурун

    Lil Wayne looks like Beetlejuice

  40. altra lindsey

    altra lindseyАй мурун

    It was a mechanical bull Lil Wayne: THATS EXACTLY WHAT THAT WAS

  41. DON LAI

    DON LAIАй мурун

    Hairy Poter will never be the same after watching this...

  42. Senior Freddy

    Senior FreddyАй мурун

    I don't think we are seeing the same thing. They keep saying *its incredible and or Amazing*

  43. Prod. Adam Boy

    Prod. Adam BoyАй мурун

    Just draw a face with a damn lightning bolt on it damnit 😁😁😁

  44. Daja Marie

    Daja MarieАй мурун

    Lil Wayne is so creative 😂

  45. Rebecca Gonzalez

    Rebecca GonzalezАй мурун

    That’s was good

  46. FLAZiTV HipHopToday

    FLAZiTV HipHopTodayАй мурун

    *The tongue twister pic he drew was phenomenal and they say asians are good at math*

  47. Priyank Patel

    Priyank PatelАй мурун

    Dude why did wayne act like popcorn shrimp was gonna be hard?

  48. Rifky H Pirdaus

    Rifky H PirdausАй мурун

    That's a true artist for you. He can just drew sunglasses and lightning scars everyone will no. That's a regular people will do including me. But lil Wayne does something completely unique and awesome and that's how artists brain works

  49. Hangkiw

    HangkiwАй мурун

    LOL harry potter Good Call tho! cause a face with a Z by side in the forehead will be easy for the other team get it,.. Awesome hahahah

  50. aizat seksembaev

    aizat seksembaevАй мурун

    Harry Potter? 😂😂😂

  51. juvedamexivan 2.0

    juvedamexivan 2.0Ай мурун

    Lil Wayne's a fucking 🐐

  52. lifeforVendetta

    lifeforVendettaАй мурун

    whats wrong with his teeth, seems ike brackits

  53. lifeforVendetta

    lifeforVendettaАй мурун

    @Zachary Spiker looks like diamond shit

  54. Zachary Spiker

    Zachary SpikerАй мурун

    lifeforVendetta he had diamonds surgically implanted into his teeth

  55. Joel Silva

    Joel SilvaАй мурун

    This is proof that this man is a misunderstood genius and we won’t understand him until he’s gone just like every legend.

  56. Adlan Doshukaev

    Adlan DoshukaevАй мурун

    Weezy is so nice

  57. Nick Nice

    Nick NiceАй мурун

    This was pretty damn good. Good creativity!

  58. Brandon Ware

    Brandon WareАй мурун

    White folks are so awkward.. & you lil bitches aint slick. 👁 know yall know whats on the back of them cards

  59. Brandon Ware

    Brandon WareАй мурун

    Wayne was trying to say how can he explain the category without giving it away.. White folks aways trying to make someone seem dumb!

  60. Imágenes y Palabras

    Imágenes y PalabrasАй мурун


  61. Justins Girl

    Justins GirlАй мурун

    I love Claire sad about Homeland ending😔

  62. True Lyfe Moments

    True Lyfe MomentsАй мурун

    Anyone notice how the lady didn’t want to put on the headgear after lil Wayne. Am I wrong or right??? 🤔

  63. Gretchen Kim

    Gretchen KimАй мурун

    Wow lil Wayne and Claire were on the same wavelength

  64. Nguzo LoveInLoFi

    Nguzo LoveInLoFiАй мурун

    Why is Lil Wayne turning into short, Black Keith Richards?

  65. Marcelo 12

    Marcelo 12Ай мурун

    Bruh lil Wayne:did I chose it yet Everyone:🤣🤣🤣🤣

  66. Castle

    CastleАй мурун

    *The Hairy Potter was smart*

  67. x BigKamY x

    x BigKamY xАй мурун

    Lil Wayne is gonna come out the closet this year. Hes also the worst rapper ever.

  68. kiraya

    kirayaАй мурун

    Cant stop laughing abt the Harry Potter drawing hahahahahah

  69. Shuvo Speaking

    Shuvo SpeakingАй мурун

    Harry Potter = A person with lots of hair, who smokes pot. 👌😊

  70. Agneta Rupšytė

    Agneta RupšytėАй мурун

    He could of just drawn round glasses and a lighting built for Harry Potter 😂

  71. chance thanglun

    chance thanglunАй мурун

    no one understands how genius lil Wayne is🤣🤣 hairy POTter🤣🤣

  72. natsu dragneel

    natsu dragneelАй мурун

    I would have made a lighting bolt mark on the head 😁

  73. Marce 1601

    Marce 1601Ай мурун

    He gives me Lil Uzi’s father vibes

  74. Dee Jaaay

    Dee JaaayАй мурун

    Thats not a shrimp!! Thats a sperm hahahahahahaha Jimmy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  75. tramymyken

    tramymykenАй мурун

    i died watching this😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Lil Wayne is so hilarious omg.. i can`t ...😂 his Harry Potter 😂😂😂

  76. Mohamed Sylla

    Mohamed SyllaАй мурун

    Lil Wayne 👑🐐🙌🏾

  77. John Doe

    John DoeАй мурун

    Hey jimmy, that’s the dumb ass rapper that stepped on the American Flag while shooting a music video and military bases stopped selling his music because of that, dumbass...unsubscribing.

  78. The Awesome Dude

    The Awesome DudeАй мурун

    Wayne should have just made a stick person and a crack on his forehead. But it wouldn't have been much entertaining though

  79. Raylisa Johnson

    Raylisa JohnsonАй мурун

    Lil Wayne’s “Harry Potter” just made me feel dumb ass hell

  80. Dantavious Johnson

    Dantavious JohnsonАй мурун

    Lil Wayne is the 🐐 real talk

  81. Diego Araujo

    Diego AraujoАй мурун


  82. CA2591

    CA2591Ай мурун

    Eminem or Rob Dyrdek on your games!! Cherades

  83. Namrata Jain

    Namrata JainАй мурун

    lil wayne is way smarter than he let's on